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Kid Icarus Uprising Will Be Bundled With A Stylish Stand, Pics Included

Project Sora head Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS will come bundled with a stand to keep your Nintendo 3DS nice and steady. The stand can be used with all Nintendo 3DS games. Will you be using it?


75 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Uprising Will Be Bundled With A Stylish Stand, Pics Included”

        1. HAHA Good question. In fact, trying to be the “first” poster, is it really considered as a troll? I don’t think so ’cause he’s not arguing foolishness, just trying to be “””””cool”””” HAHA

  1. Yeaah it’d be nice! I don’t care what others say I think it’ll be good! But I really don’t want anymore accessories I also want more and better games! I WANT MOTHER 3 they need to seriously fix their crap…..

    1. Mother series = Copyright Nightmare for nintendo of america. D= Just sayin’. Mother is my favorite franchise ever, but with how bad the sales were for EarthBound and how sue happy people are these days, I don’t think Nintendo is willing to take the risk. Just buy Japanese cart or better yet, the deluxe box. =P

      1. There is a ROM with a fan translation. It is really professional and it doesn’t feel like you are playing a fan translation. Just Google it :D

  2. No….why do people have a hard time using the stylus and using one hand on the system? You can put your stylus pinky behind the top screen next to the l or r button. It keeps the system really steady and nothing is in the way.

    1. I love using the stylus for first person games and any game where it should be used for precise aim. What I was arguing against was people who I see complain about stylus control, and they have their whole hand holding the stylus on on top of the system. They are holding the ds or 3ds with one hand. No other support. I can’t play games like that. I have to have 1-2 fingers from my stylus hand behind the system so only 3finger are holding the stylus. It gives it support. And I can play like that forever. (figuratively)

  3. Damn, Nintendo. Coming up with a solution for every major complaint. Good job.

    Two questions: Will it cost more?And can I buy both of them separately?

  4. If it all comes in the standard price of the game then I’m okay with this. More 3ds plastic to add to my collection. :D “with a racing wheel”

  5. Here’s the problem: I use my 3DS on the go. You know, one the train and stuff. It’s not something that stands would be good for ya know?

    1. Get a table seat? Just sayin.. Also, you wouldn’t have to use it every time you play mind, probs just reduces cramp above all else.

      1. I can’t use the stand either. Always on the go, rarely near anything suitable as a desk.

        It’s all good. It’s not necessary to play the game!

    1. Well, considering that only the 3DS is offering this experience, I wouldn’t have thought it mattered! It is still a handheld device, regardless what you play, or how you decide to use it..?

  6. Personally, I’ll be using the stand when at home but, on the road this isn’t doesn’t look very useful does it? I think the fact that this is needed proves that they should at least offer the option to use teh frankenstick for dual analog input. Obviously as “well” as stylus control might work it may not be comfortable. I didn’t mind on my ds lite playing hunters but the 3DS is a new buklier beast. We’ll see how this plays out I guess.

    1. Good point, Hunters HURT. Am sure the game is very playable however you decide to go about it. Look forward to finding out anyway, the stand won’t put the price above the RRP, they will have manufactured them in the millions, cost will surely be kept down. I think personally that it is a great idea, its not that the game is broken, it is likely to be just aid to gamers who take the experience seriously, or want the most out of gameplay. Good stuff really!

    2. It’s not a fact, and is NOT needed.

      People need to take a deep breath. The stand is OPTIONAL.

      I won’t be using it, others may. It’s preference.

  7. I supose it’s easier to play with stylus when the console is on a table, especially if it has 45º angle. I used to put my DSlite on table to play games like Animal crossing and picross when I was at home. =)

  8. Dumbest idea ever
    I most always play my 3ds in my car or in my bed and places you can’t place that it makes no sense

    1. BUT these accessories aren’t VITAL to use (except for the additional circle pad) as in Mario Kart Wii where the wheel wasn’t needed absolutely and completely! You can play MKWii without it ;) as with this new accesory

    2. Tell me about it. There’s the Circle Pad Pro, the Steering Wheel, and now this stand thing, not to mention all the battery packs and 3DS armor…

    3. It’s all optional.

      I rock at Mario Kart without the wheel. (3DS or wii)
      I won’t be getting the circle pad pro, and I won’t be using this stand.

      Just drop all the dead weight and play without the added plastic. If we stop using it, they will stop making it.

  9. What so you HAVE to buy the game just to get this? Are they worried it won’t sell?? Well either way this stand looks rather pointless. Looks like it’ll make gaming more uncomfortable if anything.

    1. Oh please, everyone knows that if we even get the bundle, the two will also be sold separately. Don’t be stupid.

  10. Considering the slightly-awkward control scheme for Icarus, maybe this will help avoid hand cramps. Of course, that’s if the game is good enough for the controls to not doom it (and I really hope it’s good! ^_^)

  11. The stand is a waste of money, despite the fact that it may be a bundle. Really, who’s going to use that to play their 3DS?

    1. Some people will, apparently, or else they wouldn’t have created the fucking thing. They don’t pull stuff out of their ass just to please YOU, they do it because people have said something about needing/wanting such a thing in the past.

      I can think of many stylus-based games that would benefit from this. WarioWare Touched! is one of ’em.

        1. I plan on using it. I rarely use my ds on the go. I have a job so video games are mostly for home. The world doesn’t revolve around you and neither does nintendo.

          1. You make him sound as if he was being selfish..I’m sure not going to buy it. Kid Icarus, maybe, but this thing is a joke. lol.

  12. That’s such a random thing to make. I don’t know anything about the control scheme of it though, so I don’t know how much use it is, but it looks kinda snazzy. I plan to get Kid Icarus, so I suppose it’s worth trying anyways!

  13. Im surprised no one has brought up the potential of this being used with the cards. Possibly a full card game through the 3DS? stand it in front of you and intialize the attack as you watch the cards battle??? just a theory though

  14. can’t be used with the right circle pad. I was really excited about this game until i knew that you had to use the circle pad thingy. now it gets worst and worst.

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  16. at least it comes with a game we have waited 2 fucking years for. so yeah, it’s gonna be worth it…excluding the stand. XD but in some cases i might use the stand for stop-motion. that’s probably a good use for the stand: video.

  17. Also, when I imagined the stand in my head, all i saw was an angelic statue with wings, and plateuna holding her hands in the air at just the right pose to hold a 3ds…..that and just a regular angelic stand. WHY NINTENDO? WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE THE STAND MORE HEAVEN-LIKE! (just my opinion)

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