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Nintendo Reiterates That Wii U Won’t Play Original Wii Games In High Definition

Ben Kuchera from Wired spoke to a Nintendo representative at this years CES event in Las Vegas who reconfirmed that Wii games played on Wii U won’t be displayed at a higher resolution. Disappointing news for those that wanted to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in 720p on their Wii U console. Still, the console is fully backwards compatible with all Wii games and peripherals.

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Reiterates That Wii U Won’t Play Original Wii Games In High Definition”

          1. Yes it is but by definition that simply means Nintendo owns the format and can display it how they choose. So I still don’t see how that changes the fact that on their own console they can change the way its displayed. If the dolphin emulator tells us anything it is possible to upconvert a standard Wii game to 720p. It may not be true high deff but it deffinitly looks better.

        1. He’s right. DS games ARE blurry on the 3DS. At first it doesn’t seem like it, but compare the look to the 4 other DS’s.

      1. That’s only if you play DS games in widescreen, there’s a cheat code to switch it to full screen… I don’t remember the buttons to press, so look it up!
        None of the Wii games are more than 480p, and if they use a dual layer disk it might work if the dual layer disk was programmed for 720p but nobody made any Wii games with that, Twilight princess is the only gamecube game that’s widescreen & 480p on Wii…

    1. I hope they put their time in games which are new and undeveloped?! Why re-release games which we already had the pleasure of playing…the GEN before. Sorry to say but Zelda SS was awesome and still is, but wont get better by just scaling it to a 1920×1080 resolution….cause that all it will be, nothing more. You have to do a lot more work if you want to add some detail and get the potential of a 1920×1080 resolution…HD gaming for me is still absent. Never seen a game which runs in the 1920×1080 resolution using a HD framerate/bitrate like on bluerays…but maybe its just me….XD

      1. Let’s hope the Wii U does.
        On another note, even though I don’t own a 480i TV anymore, I think Nintendo should support anti-aliasing for people playing on a lower resolution screen.

      1. Well given the fact that a lot of people don’t know that Wii U won’t play original Wii games in HD I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘stupid’ post. But you’re welcome to your opinion!

            1. mate…before you know it my posts will be removed by this stupid site thingie, at least give me the time to slaughter the dim whit of this website before you criticise me for your stupid punctuational shenanigans!

              yours peacefully

              a wise, true nintendo fan ;)

          1. You seem to think that this site is only read by ‘hardcore’ Nintendo fans, it’s not. There’s a lot of people that still don’t even know about the Wii U let alone that it plays Wii games.

            1. ^^ this. Btw sickr, I currently play Skyward Sword in 720p using a component cable. Considering this is the HIGHEST resolution available for Wii, I would urge others to do the same! Don’t you mean that Wii games would NOT be upscaled to 1080i/1080p using the Wii U but will likely take a native resolution of 720p if using HDMI or Component once the console is released?

              1. Sorry to disappoint you, but you don’t. 720p is HD. The Highest resolution you can play on your Wii is 480p using a component cable. Go to settings and see for yourself. =/

                Also, it’s very disappointing news. The post was not stupid though, I was wondering if it would be able to play Wii games in HighDef.

    1. Well there are people dying in wars, that kinda sucks.
      But hey, what can we do….

      Now, in all seriousness, what can we do?
      Say to Nintendo “why not? Dolphin could do it and it was just an emulator!”, they would probably think about it a second time, but who knows.

  1. … this is a bit obvious though.
    You can’t generate higher resolution graphics and models out of nothing.
    the best it /could/ do is scale everything to 720 or 1080 and then smooth them out, but that probably wouldn’t look that good to be honest.

    plus, if you play the wii game on the Wii U on the same monitor as it would be when you play it on the Wii, you shouldn’t be able to see a difference.
    I don’t see why there’s a problem there.

      1. Why is everyone saying that? Just because its possible doesn’t mean its easy and not heavy on the system. Those images themselves are not on 720p, if you expand their size up to that they will still look blurry

        1. No not truely HD but they do have the ability to load more of the environment at once smoothing out the textures etc. It would be taxing on the system however.

          1. Geez, you people really don’t seem to know that the disc is made with a 480p resolution. Only on the app store would you be albe to make them HD or by rereleasing it as a HD version. You can’t upscale the resolution out of nothing. Dolphin emulator has the files and stuff and is then able to change the resolution and the WiiU can’t be able to do that.

  2. As long as it actually IS backwards compatible that’s all that matters to me. I could care less about any bonuses. One of the things that put me right off the PS3 was the inability to play PS2 games (unless you bought VERY limited and expensive early versions).

  3. At the time of the Wii’s launch not a lot of people had HD TVs so Nintendo decided not to include it. But who cares anyway, I know I don’t play games for graphics.

    1. *that

      And unless there is an update for Super Mario Galaxy 2, it won’t utilize the tablet controller. The Wii U uses the 100% exact same Wiimote, Nunchuck and “Classic” gamepad as the Wii.

    2. Yes. It’s true. playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii U will be the same as playing it on Wii. But hey, the next Mario game for Wii U, could be even better than Galaxy 2 and take full advantage of the U controller.

  4. there seems to be a lot of consfusion on what Upscaling and what Up Res is… Upscale would make it blurry and dumb… Up res would make it SUPER nice and pixel for pixel on your TV… I am still retaining a hope that one day this does happen…

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  7. Yeah thing about it for one moment? PS3 and Xbox 360…did they play old PS2 or Xbox1 in HD? Nope. Heck even Sony remove it back in 2007 models onward. Xbox 360 have support but not for all games.

    And what the trend right now on those console?

    Yes…port in glorious HD. A pack compilation on 1 disk with added trophies and achievements.

    It is all about making money, easy money.

    I wouldn’t mind paying a DLC version of Gamecube and or Wii games with or sans HD upgrade for 10-20$.

    Going digital is the future, easy money.

    Much like how we finally was able to get a hand on Sin & Punishment here!

    Or able to buy rare old game like FF3 (6) on SNES and Ogre Battle.

    This is how we would down the road been able to purchase Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora Tower via Nintendo Wii U ware channel in the near future if from what we heard, Nintendo will “improve” their online structure and strategy.

    Nintendo, we got the $$$, we want your game. Simple. Release them, we “buy” them guys! No downloading for free!

  8. Etecoons and Dachoras

    This doesn’t bother me at all. I’m still planning on buying the Wii U day one. My main concern is what the launch games are going to be.

  9. Dumbest thing ever.

    The Wii U can play Wii games, which means they have either the same or similar architecture, which means they’re just lazy.

    This annoys me incredibly.

    The only reason I think they would do this is because they’ll release popular Wii games in HD as retail games (Similar to MGS HD collection) so they can make as much money as possible.

    1. I seriously doubt it. Besides, just because the Wii-U can play Wii games doesn’t mean they have the same or similar architecture, extra hardware is/will be used for the Wii-U to run Wii games.

  10. I personally do not care. I have been playing my games on Standard Definition for a long time and I am fine with it. High Definition is nice, but it is not necessary to enjoy a game. I play Xbox 360 on Standard Definition on my HDTV (that’s only because I have it hooked up to my Dazzle DVD Recorder to record videos for Youtube).

    Still looking into the Wii U, though. :)

  11. Same quality or better is find as long as Wii U can play Wii games.
    Best with region free, but :( no gamecube games X(
    Graphics doesn’t decide quality of gameplay anyway.

  12. :( Oh this could of been a good idea the no more heroes 1 & 2 would of look good and red steel 2! Any cartoony game I suppose they should give you the option when the game boots up to choose between 480p and 1080p. Be good for the new Nintendo customers that wont to play a few of the wii essentials…

  13. I wonder if you play Wii games on the Wii U via HDMI or Component Cables on a 720p or 1080p HDTV, what if you can press and hold start and select (+ and -) upon startup like the Nintendo 3DS? just saying, not confirmed.

  14. I guess we’ll have to hope that the WiiU is as hackable as the Wii was, and that the hackers will port the ability over via emulator. Sad that Nintendo can’t include something as simple as increasing output resolution. Here’s hoping for a port of Dolphin to WiiU!

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