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Here’s The Most Wanted Games Of 2012 In Japan

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has published its readers most wanted video games of 2012. Heading up the list is Dragon Quest X which is due for release on both Wii and Wii U sometime later this year. Overall there’s an impressive eight games featured in the overall chart on Nintendo platforms. What do you think to the choices?

1. Dragon Quest X (Wii)
2. Dragon’s Dogma (PS3)
3. Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)
4. One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (PS3)
5. Persona 4: The Golden (Vita)
6. Fotokano: Picture Girlfriend (PSP)
7. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
8. Animal Crossing (3DS)
9. Asura’s Wrath (PS3)
10. Tales of Innocence-R (Vita)
11. New Love Plus (3DS)
12. Resident Evil Revelations (3DS)
13. Shining Blade (PSP)
14. Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS)
15. God Eater 2 (PSP)
16. The Last Guardian (PS3)
17. Binary Domain (PS3)
18. Armored Core V (PS3)
19. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PS3)
20. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3)
21. Super Robot Wars OG 2 (PS3)
22. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)
23. Fantasy Life (3DS)
24. Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave (PSP)
25. Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (PSP)

75 thoughts on “Here’s The Most Wanted Games Of 2012 In Japan”

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          1. Same dude ^. Sounds like you have nintendo products. You also know alot about Nintendo and it sounds like you like to jump on the bandwagon. And finally what the fuck is SOPA?

              1. This thread is win. Never seen so many trolls all at once.

                Oh, and I’m not being sarcastic, it was some good old-fashioned obvious trolling.

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  1. if nintendo bring back rare and both chris and tim stamper i am telling u that nintendo games wont be casual anymore and easy some of them and nintendo will kick sonys and microsofts asses!!

    1. Chris Seavor would do more than the Stamper brothers combined.

      And sadly, Rare is completely fucked up now. All their talented people (except Robin Beinland) have either left or been fired :(

      1. Four of the main ones started Starfire Studios (UK) based. They are the ones that started RARE. They wanted creative freedom and Microsoft wanted them to make bullshit games for Kinect so they left the company and made STARFIRE Studios. Look them up on Facebook/twitter

    2. Nintendo games have always been the same, when it comes to difficulty and what they offer most; fun. RARE wouldn’t have made a difference at all to Nintendo’s game except for certain ones that they worked on.

      1. And Retro hired a designer from Naughty Dog who worked on uncharted series and one from vigil games top of the line designers from the artwork they have on their resume/portfolio. I bet they are creating the legend of Zelda hd for WiiU or maybe a new Metroid as we speak. Whatever it is it’s gonna be beast!

      1. Wii U isn’t out and the Wii is dying. The Vita is a new handheld that’s out and Wii U has no announced games besides Pikmin 3 rumors and NSMBMII.

    1. And how there’s 5 PSP games and 10 PS3 games… Not to mention the 2 Vita games you so conveniently brought up, and the fact that there’s zero DS games…

      Please, next time realize when there’s only 8 Nintendo-platform games on a chart and zero Microsoft games, the rest are obviously Sony-platform games… this chart is actually a bad thing for Nintendo.

        1. @Abujaffer Probably because the DS is no longer being supported with strong first party titles anymore. Most stores dont even sell regular DS’s anymore so your arguement is invalid.

          1. That’s not a good argument when the 3DS has just as many games on that list as the PSP, an old system. Also, most Vita games are targeted at Western audiences.

            1. But you’re forgetting one thing, the PSP is still being supported with strong titles, while the DS, on the other hand, is not. Not to mention, the VITA just came out so there should be a decent amount of games that people want that will be released on the system.

              1. The top comment explains why. Most games on the Vita, now and future, appeal to western audiences. Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, Motorstorm, Dust 514, WipEout 2048, etc.

    2. Oh you ppl stop arguing about nintendo this Sony that it’s stupid and annoying. They will both have good games and there is games from each I’m interested in and you people should be interested in both as well if you only play games that are exclusive on sonys consoles or only play nintendo exclusives I feel sorry for you either way because you are missing out on great games either way. Sales and most wanted lists to not equal good games. I personally am most excited about nintendo this year with a new console coming out and the strong lineup for the 3ds. For the first quarter of 2012 I will be buying kid Icarus uprising and kingdoms of amalur the reckoning on the ps3 and maybe RE revelations which gamespot awarded a
      9 by the way.

  2. animal crossing! peteriuss buddy you gotta try it so we can visit each others towns!!!!!! trust me your gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice one. I dunno what I’m most looking forward too… probably One Piece Pirates Musou on PS3. Luigi’s Mansion 2 aswell.

    1. exact same thoughts. but the one i really like is dragon dogma, weird to see capcom making a western RPG. cant wait for this game and reckoning.

      1. dragons dogma looks AWESOME! and kingdoms of amalur jesus ever since i got skyrim i have been fiending for more games like these! anyone got any good suggestions for a big skyrim fan? (sorry to just talk skyrim on a nintendo site, not usually like me)

        1. Dragon age origins not dragon age 2 that game was terrible compared to the first one although the combat was improved. But yea play origins it is an awesome game.

  4. Japan, much higher class than Americans. If this was North America’s top 20 most wanted games, it would go: generic FPS, generic FPS, generic FPS, etc.

  5. I wonder how many people wish to be Japanese now…. wow so jealous. Very surprised that Dragon’s Dogma is that high up, I can only think that the popularity is because it looks similar to Monster Hunter (despite it not being like it at all).

  6. The number one spot for an American release would be, Call of Duty: Same shit as last time, then they will release the “Give us your money” expansion pack. People will go CRAZY for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Here’s hoping One Piece Pirates Mosou gets localized here in the U.S.*Fingers Crossed* They owe us that much since namco bandai didn’t bring over Unlimited cruise 1 and 2 =\

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