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Namco Bandai Announces Pokemon Arcade Game

Namco Bandai has announced that it plans to release a medal based arcade game based on the Pokemon franchise throughout Japan. The game is titled Pokemon Medal World, according to the blurb the game comprises of simple and basic medal-based gameplay. Each of the arcade units feature large benches, allowing four people to sit together and play. Pokemon fans will also find original video footage playing on the machine’s monitors.

17 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Announces Pokemon Arcade Game”

  1. Sigh.
    Will they please just make another main series RPG on a home console already?
    Pokémon on the Wii U could be really awesome, with menus, options and such being on the controller, the TV would display all the action.
    Seems like an obvious step I’m hoping they take.

      1. They’ve stated, many many many times before that they will never make a main series game on a Home console. Taking away the portability of the main series games would take away the entire point (ie: meeting REAL people and battling/trading with them.) The closest thing you’ll find to what you want is Gale of Darkness and Colosseum.
        Or Pokémon Indigo if you want to play a “main series” styled game online unofficially

    1. Nintendo and Gamefreak have nothing to do with this, so if they are working on something this won’t affect it at all.

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