Here’s The Official Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art

Square Enix has revealed the official box-art for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Square Enix has yet to announce a Western release date for the game, but says it’s coming this year. Kingdom Hearts 3D is released in Japan March 29th.





  1. Nice box art shame it will probably not be released in europe till september, but hopefully it will be released earlier, KH1, 2, days and BBS were all released september – november time.


  2. Like
    i LOVE THE BOX ART as well as the game,and Im getting the Wiiu.(I’m getting it out of sheer luck ,my sister and I were fighting about a computer and my father said he’d get me a computer and I said HOW ‘BOUT A WII U and he said yes!)


  3. I am psyched for this, but something about this box art is jarring – something about the drawing of Riku looks off. Mwybe it is his shoulders or back but it just looks like it has his muscles and face of adult him with the height of teenage him and the angle of view on him makes it look even more off – it is such a minor thing that I don’t really care; but when specifically looking at it, it is quite noticable to me.


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