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Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Without a doubt Resident Evil Revelations is a visual treat, but does it contain the scares and atmosphere of its critically acclaimed predecessors? Read on to find out.

Is this the best looking game on the Nintendo 3DS?

Categorically yes. Resident Evil Revelations is the best looking game on the Nintendo 3DS thus far and it’s a great example of what developers can achieve visually with the system. However, I did find the video cut-scenes slightly pixelated in comparison to the razor-sharp in-game visuals, but this is only a little niggle at a technically excellent game.

How were the 3D effects?

To be honest I had the 3D turned off as soon as I realised I could walk and shoot zombies at the same time using the gyroscope to aim. Sure, I would have liked to play it with the 3D on but I don’t feel as though I missed out too much. Leaving the 3D effects turned on whilst using the gyroscope proved to be a nightmare, as expected.

Does it deliver the scares?

I played the entirety of Resident Evil: Revelations using some reasonably high quality headphones and I’ve got to say that it’s the only way to play this game. There are some cheap scares here and there, but the sound work on the game is pure genius, as pipes crack overhead and the shuffling of zombies will leave you with your finger firmly poised above the shoot button.

Some publications slammed it because of its episodic nature. Were they right to?

I’m actually a fan of splitting the content of the game into episodes and chapters as it adds variety to the game, and works especially well on a hand-held system. Yes, you’ll find yourself slipping from one scenario to the next but this spices things up and assures you that you’ll never become bored with the overall story mode.

Sound and dialogue:

The music and the sound effects combined create an unparalleled suspenseful and eerie atmosphere, though some of the dialogue, particularly that which comes from third-party characters, is immensely cheesy and is bound to make you cringe once or twice. The dialogue could have done with some work, but the gameplay will keep you hooked.

Uh-oh, slow down.

Another thing that you’ll come across is slow-down which seems to plague the game when the next part of the level is loading. You’ll notice this when you’re stepping into a lift for instance and it can detract from the overall quality of the game. There’s nothing worse than seeing your character jerking uncontrollably, especially for a game of this calibre.

To sum up

The game is no Resident Evil 4, but I found it vastly more enjoyable than Resident Evil 5. This is one of those games that I felt compelled to continue, due in part to its episodic nature which, as I mentioned previously, works exceptionally well on a handheld. Capcom has not only produced one of the most spectacular games on the Nintendo 3DS, but also one of the best.


61 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations Review”

    1. It’s more like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 rather than previous entries in the series as it’s more action orientated. I know the developers said they were trying to make it a survival horror game in the vein of the originals but to me it felt eerily similar to 4 and 5. You will sometimes find yourself ruthlessly hunting for ammo though.

      1. I personally thought Revelations felt like it was intended solely to be a middle finger to the face of everyone that said Dead Space “out-Resident Evil-ed” Resident Evil.

    2. The level design is more like the original. It’s not as linear as 4 or 5, you have to sometimes backtrack with keys you picked up along the way and surprise, surprise, enemies come back after you get them. The controls are a vast improvement, though. They do to 4 what 4 did to the originals.

    3. Yes, Jill still moves like a tank and the boat resembles a haunted house, complete with “look for the crests that open the mysterious doors”. Ammo is scarse and the handgun still doesnt kill things quickly. RE4-ish, but slower paced.

      The reviewer didnt mention raid mode, which is online multiplayer, RE5 style.

      1. I thought RAID was better than RE5, I pretty much hated what they did with RE5 and have blocked it from my mind. *humming and blocking re5 out*

  1. Got the game also and I like it more than most of my other 3ds games. I really can’t wait to see what else can be done with graphics on the system.

  2. I personally think the game is overall better than RE4 and RE5, those games whilst adding something new took the series in the wrong direction in my opinion.

  3. I’ve been playing the hell out of this and I actually think it’s amazing. Definitely worth buying the circle pad for. Having the extra shoulder buttons and control stick makes it worlds easier to control, and you can put on the beautiful 3D, which does add an element of depth when you’re trying to space yourself out from enemies. The plot is meh, as has been the case for RE in the past couple years, and yes, the dialogue can be God-awful. I think 9/10 is very fair.

  4. I remember playing the demo in high volume on my headphones and the 3D on…

    One part scared the crap out of me when an enemy fell out of the ceiling. 0_0

    Demo available at Eshop.

    1. I think that scares the crap out of everyone. =w= I had my friend play the demo this morning, and that was the only part she audibly screamed. =w= I hate the ceiling-falling ones. =_=

  5. This is a great 3DS exclusive and one to highlight the systems capability to your IOS or android buddies. Truely, didicated handheld videogame machines still have life in them. With games like these coming to the 3DS; I find it less and less meaningful to buy/own the more powerful and less innovative Vita.

    1. While you may find it less meaningful, I can still find multiple reasons to get the Vita to go along perfectly with my 3DS. But I disagree with the PS Vita being less innovative than the 3DS. They both are just as innovative, 3DS: glasses free 3D, PS Vita: 2 analogue sticks, 2 touch screens, play against PS3 players. They are both just as amazing, much better than stupid android/iPhone games.

          1. W..T…F….I hate how I’m always called a troll, by these “Nintendo is my god” fanboys, just because I have the ability to like other systems, other than the ones made by the “holy” nintendo…

      1. I guess the PSV isn’t without some innovations (back touch panel) but it still totally ripped Spot, Street pass from the 3DS as well as AR games. Well if it works why not? Though both handhelds will be really underpowered within two years by the upcoming smart-devices (3DS>Wii, PSVX360,PS3 in two years)

        1. I meant , X360>PSV>3DS>Wii graphics wise, and Smart-Devices >PS3 within two years.
          @powerman, maybe so, but in terms of value 3DS wins being half the cost of the Vita. Besides, I only have room for one dedicated handheld in my pocket since owning the other smart-devices (android, IOS etc).

            1. Jio,
              what I am saying or what analyst are saying smart-devices (smartphones, tablets etc) will surpass what PS3 is able to do in 2-3 years. In terms of Wii comment I put it in this pecking order Wii<3DS<Vita<X360. In two years, X360&PS3<iPad4-5!!!

              1. Blame the casuals who’d rather game on a touchscreen than buttons, and rather play 99cent games rather than full 40dollar games

    1. Im just glad i got to blast a zombie-fied version of that blonde added bimbo from the mecenaries demo! Damn she was annoying with that hair!

  6. Sickr, I noticed you didn’t touch on RAID mode.

    I thought your review was spot on, but personally, after I unlocked Raid Mode 1 – 7 (after episode 3) – RAID had me Hooked!

    Raid Mode for Revelations is like RE Mercenaries on Steroids. The gun variety and ability to customize left me spending large chunks of time burning play-coins as I tweaked my inventory.

    I loved RAID mode and thought it pretty much stood on it’s own as a multiplayer marvel, but I am a little bias towards Resident Evil.

    I was curious what your thoughts were?

    – Heath Miller

    PS: thanks for continuing posting the content you do and the quality reviews / interpretations of how Nintendo impacts and is impacted by the gaming world.

  7. I liked the review, but I always feel that the score should be completely removed (from any review site), so gamers decide for themselves whether or not they like the game instead of passing it off, just because it got a ‘7’. /endrandomtangent

    I love RE:R
    A great addition to the series. It’s no RE4, but it sits close by it.
    I also think the co-op is great! Its really fun leveling up and getting to use more powerful weapons and such. Although I would have liked voice chat to communicate with the other player better, its still a great experience.
    The plot had some interesting twists too. Enjoyable it was.

  8. crappy subjective review as usual. 3d is a huge selling point in this game and makes it more immersive 10 fold. also, even if the main game were a 7/8 outta 10, raid mode pushes it up to a 9. and you are all dreaming if you believe this wont come out on vita with better frame rate.

  9. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Just bought the game and….woah! So awesome! Gamestop was outta the CPP abd I hope to get it soon. But it is awesome so far

  10. Ahhh this is like a breath of fresh air. I love revelations best hand held game ever. If you are a true fan to the series you will love this game. The story line is a little wierd but overall i love how they brought in some of the features from the earlier days of the series. Dont think twice to get this game it is worth it.

  11. Ahh this is like a breath of fresh air i waiting for them to wow us with another entry to the series. And this by far is awesome. Even for it to be on a handheld this game is sick. I love how they incorporates features from the earlier parts of the series. The story line is a little wierd if you have followed RE from Zero. But overall its well worth buying.

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