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Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Won’t Feature 3D In Multiplayer Mode

Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada has revealed via the latest Iwata Asks segment that Tekken 3D: Prime Edition won’t feature 3D in wireless multiplayer matches in an effort to retain a steady 60 frames per second.

“In Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, the game supports 60 frames per second during wireless play, but stereoscopic 3D display is not supported.”

43 thoughts on “Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Won’t Feature 3D In Multiplayer Mode”

  1. Am I right in saying this is the first 3DS title to do that? I wonder how it improves as a result of not using the 3D…

    1. street fighter had an option to play at 60fps instead of 3D… and Dead or alive would auto adjust to 60fps when you turned 3D off

    1. But when playing online, one person could have 3D while the other’s in 2D; the latter has an unseen (you don’t know whether or not the other guy has 3D or not) advantage.

    1. OK… framerate is the only thing in graphics you CAN’T ignore… Nintendo 64 graphics may not be a problem to someone, but FPS’s under 20 are a problem no matter what the graphics look like.

      Humans can tell the difference between say, 20 FPS and 30 FPS, but as you go up the difference needed for the change to be discernible goes up. So 30 FPS to 60 FPS and 60 FPS to 120 FPS are the discernible differences for those ranges; anything larger than 120 FPS is very hard to see a difference in unless the two screens are side-by-side, like 120 FPS vs 240 FPS.

  2. i guessed this might happen, im glad this developer is using his brain though and not just saying, oh its not powerful enough so im not gonna support it

  3. That is probably the right thing to do. Using 3D will need more processing power and potentially more bandwidth. 3DS battery life isn’t amazing right now, and having the Wi-Fi and the 3D effect being used, the battery life will be pummeled to a pulp.

    A game can be enjoyed without the 3D, hence why Nintendo put the 3D slider on it, otherwise they’d have no choice…

  4. That’s why I still prefer and think DOA as the better fighting game for the 3DS. Besides it has *ahem* realistic physics if you know what I mean. ;P

  5. doesn’t bother me none. rather have smoother gameplay than 3D for a fighting game. for those asking if it has ONLINE, in the japanese trailer, it shows a map of the world and a few 3DS playing against each other. so i guess it does. There’s also no story, but it does have 26 Tag Tournaments. I’m not buying day 1. gonna wait for a sale like Buy1Get1HalfOff or Buy2Get1Free so i can get Tekken, Metal Gear, and another game. maybe Tales of the Abyss.

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  7. DAMN IT! And I was really hoping it would support in in multiplayer. Well look on the bright side! At least the game includes the movie: Tekken: Blood Vengence! !SEY

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