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Major UK Retailer GAME Isn’t Stocking Tekken 3D

Eurogamer has discovered that the popular UK video game retailer GAME won’t be stocking Tekken 3D Prime Edition. The source told the publication that Tekken was delayed because Nintendo had not sent the stock to GAME’s warehouse in time for launch. However, we already know that the retailer is currently suffering from financial troubles and wasn’t able to stock new titles a few weeks ago.

49 thoughts on “Major UK Retailer GAME Isn’t Stocking Tekken 3D”

    1. Well I don’t know about in the UK, but in Australia, the staff just don’t have a clue… Customer service is almost non-existent and the staff walk around the store like they just don’t want to be there!

  1. GAME are is such trouble that they dont even send in many of the new releases they send in just enough to cover the pre-orders…all my collegues think the vompany won’t go under but I think it will…

    1. All I know is that locally – in Australia – both their stores and their Web site frequently do not have much stock, and often “key” titles are missing from their shelves (or digital shelves).

      Only last week I was trying to buy Super Mario 3D, Dead or Alive Dimensions or Mario Kart 7 from their online store and not one of those titles was in-stock…

      It gets better though – I went to buy a Nintendo 3DS in a physical store at the same time and the store had hardly any of the color variations in-stock, plus they did not have ANY of the included games in-stock, nor did they have any of the above titles in-stock AND they were unable to offer an alternative game in the “bundles” because head office had forbidden it!

      As I type this the GAME Web site has Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 in-stock, as does a local store (after a complaint through the Web site about the lack of stock!), but Dead or Alive Dimensions is still missing from the Web site and the local GAME store (which is why I was forced to buy it elsewhere)…

  2. Game & Gamestation(Same company) take deposits for new games now so if you want the game you have to pay £2 or to reserve a game as they don’t want to order loads of stock it but it also depends if they are gonna stock it i the first place..So this must be a sign that they are currently suffering from financial troubles?? Also Blockbusters UK are also not getting selected new games in stock including Tekken 3D…. I think the future is buying online as they always under cut the retail stores..

  3. Good. Last year Game said they would not stock Space Marine or Saints Row 3 if they went up on Steam, so UK couldn’t get those games on Steam. Serves them right.

  4. The game i go to only get 3 copies of Resident evil revelations in and haven’t got anymore in since… I LOVE GAME D’: They’re nice to me :’c

  5. Omg now if only gamestop here in the us would go out of business maybe we could finally gets some good specialty gsmes stores. I loath gamestop more than anything. It’s like they only give jobs to the dumbest, most annoying, socially unskilled, idiot nerds they can find.

      1. Also, I really don’t understand the Gamestop hate. The only thing that kinda pisses me off is how they sell used copies of Twilight Princess (GC) and Wind Waker for $30, the same price as a used Gamecube. It’s the main reason that puts me off from getting those games and playing them, I’m just waiting to see if they put those games on the Wii U Virtual Console. Other than that, there’s no reason for me to outright hate them.

  6. Just use Amazon like everyone else. Most of the people who shop at Game nowadays are chavs who are too dumb to use online shopping and only buy shitty fifa, call of duty and xbox 360

    1. I only buy games from gamestation if they have a game that I can’t find cheap online (I did it this month actually) or if I have traded in games there to get something else with the in-store credit, which is how I will be getting my PS Vita on Wednesday.

      “Most of the people who shop at Game nowadays are chavs who are too dumb to use online shopping and only buy shitty fifa, call of duty and xbox 360”.

      That’s like me saying that most people called “Tom” are just pathetic idiots :)

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  8. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

    im from the us but i can see why there in trouble there not stocking the game so best of luck to them

  9. Major publishers would not send any more games to that retailer because of their credit report. It’s a common issue among companies and stores. If they go out of business, it’s the publishers who will lose a ton of money on this.


    Sickr! I’m wondering is MGS being stocked?

    I know theres been problems but this is madness… all the tech shops in my town closed down also.

            1. Yeah got that. I was gonna go with a few references by saying you know this is madness from the house in the middle of the street where they have all the fun in their baggy trousers. And if you look closely at the mouth of madness, you can see Sam Neill

  11. I have a £130 credit note for GAME since i traded in my PS3 last October…

    I guess id better hurry-up and use it before GAME go bankrupt! XD

  12. SICKR!!

    there taking in preorders for Tekken 3D…. im not saying i’ve preordered it but i’ve been there today and it says preorder today. D: weird isn’t.

  13. They didn’t stock Tales of the Abyss, Cave Story 3D or One Piece Unlimited Cruise 3DS either. Nor did they stock the likes of Catherine for PS3 and won’t be stocking Last Story.

    So if it’s a slightly obscure Game they won’t stock it.

    Don’t worry tho. I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of copies of Horrid Henry 3DS on their shelves however.

    1. It’s stupid isn’t it?

      Video games and movies would be dead in the future because all they put their audience to these days are kids. Yesh…

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  15. Some day GameStop will take over and become the top game shop around the world! I buy the majority of my games in GameStop because of the freebies depending like. I’m from Ireland and we get some great Freebies! :D

  16. I had the same problem myself last week, Sickr, when I went to get a copy of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for 3DS. Walked into GAME and Gamestation, only to be met with utter confusion when I asked if they had the game.

    “Nintendo haven’t sent it in time to us” – a valid excuse were it not for the fact that the HMV in the same shopping centre had a copy. Getting quite frustrating lately, especially because I actually quite like shopping in Gamestation now and again!

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