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Kingdom Hearts 3D English Recording Underway, Some Is Already Complete

Several key Western voice actors for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance are reporting that they’re finished doing their parts. Vincent Corazza, who reprises his role as Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 3D has already said he’s wrapped up recording and Jesse David Corti, the voice-actor who played Neku in The World Ends With You, has said he’s “about finished.” Kingdom Hearts 3D comes out March 29th in Japan, and later this year in the West.

31 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D English Recording Underway, Some Is Already Complete”

  1. Good to hear news about games we are waiting for. The only kingdom hearts I’ve never played was the games for celphones. the others I finished a lot of times.

  2. If anyone is interested, I found this yesterday about that video game Disney movie from a few posts ago “Wreck-it Ralph”. It describes the first 4 minutes of the movie that was shown at a special Disney event “D23” last year I posted this in the already in the old post, but i thought it would get more attention if I put it again in a newer post.

      1. But I thought it was coming in march, now im sorta bummed. What am I suppose to play until then? I can’t crush that many people in mario kart, ill get bored :).

  3. I hope they use Mandy Moore for the part of Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough again… Her voice suits the character perfectly and of all the people that have voiced Aerith (Aeris) over the years, Mandy Moore has always sounded the best (though the odds are in my favour- Mandy Moore has voice Aerith (Aeris) in a tonne of games!).

  4. He might be returning as Ienzo since the trailers have shown that Lea and Braig are in the game, and all Org 13 members are meant to be appearing as thier sombodies, and Yen Sid appears trying to gather them so they can help fight Xehanort.

  5. *facepalm*

    People need to realize that the original beings that some of the organization XIII members came from are back.

    This means:
    No Zexion. Ienzo is back.
    No Xemnas. Xehanort is back.
    No Axel. Lea is back.
    And so on and so forth. BUT, seeing as how this IS Kingdom Hearts and Tetsuya likes to throw a monkey wrench into his own logic, we’ll have to wait and see if the aforementioned facts change.

  6. \>_</
    I am SO happy they are sticking with established voice actors. Haley Joel Osment is still doing Sora and Vanitas, I hope?

  7. This is good news for us in the west. Hopefully they will release to the game to us soon enough. Man there is just too many good games this year between Resident Evil: Revelations, Tales of the Abyss, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, and Kid Icarus:Uprising just to name a few.

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