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Check Out This New Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of America has uploaded some fast and frantic new footage of the long-awaited Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is due to release on March 23rd in Europe and North America and comes with a free snazzy Nintendo 3DS stand.

Tip: Jerry R



      1. I want to play a demo before I see if I want this game. I don’t want to make a blind purchase when i’m saving my money for a Wii U.


      2. This is a day one buy for me. I know its gonna be fantastic. Im an !extremely! picker buyer, I only buy games that I know ill like. And youll havw plenty of time to save up for the wii u, it hasn’t even been peices yet. Im not going to start saving up until e3. And if I dont have enough im taking out a loan or something lol.


      3. I’m saving up so early because i’m going to pre-order it the first chance I get, which will probably be sometime right after E3.


  1. Its nice to see Nintendo bringing back old franchises.
    But at the same time, maybe they should give Mario and Zelda a rest for a bit.

    Dont get me wrong though, because i love Nintendo’s “Core franchises” as much as the next guy …. But id like Pikmin 3 or some other totally new IP’s soon.


    1. Except for Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, another Mario Party, and ANOTHER Mario Party …… Then Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympics will come out…. And there will probably be another 100 Mario cameos in other games that dont need him… Then Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Olympics.

      I guess Nintendo’s share-holders will be happy anyway.


  2. Nice to know the game will have an actual story. Also, Pit looks badass at full power! They could use that as his final smash in the next Smash Bros. When Pit is at full power, it looks like he could actually take on and defeat Link!

    Metroids are returning :)! It’s also cool to know that they can only be defeated by melee attacks, not long range.

    Medusa seems like she’ll be a really cool boss and hopefully she’s developed on.

    And what about online? Is it team deathmatch because I’m confused…


  3. Twilight Sparkle as Palutena? My life is almost complete; now I just wait for a game/show starring Both Tara Strong and Emily Blaur (Possibly SSB for the Wii U if Palutena (Tara) and Dawn (Emily) are in it).


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