The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Is Coming, But It’s By Activision?

Information leaked during this years Toy Fair points towards a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from Activision. The previous rumour stated that Batman Arkham City developer Rocksteady were behind the video game reboot, but it turns out it will be Activision who have their hands on the lucrative franchise. The publisher has yet to confirm the game, as well as the platforms it will be appearing on.


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        I once saw a comment under his name that was actually level-headed and fair. I think all the trolls using his name are trolling him specifically.

    1. No one mentioned TMNT is going into the Wii U yet, idiot. If it did, it wouldn’t be an exclusive, it would be available to Sony and Microsoft fans too. Goodbye! :D

      1. it will be released for both microsoft and sony and not for nintendo. nintendo fangirl haha girlish game good games,zeldas suck and super mario are for olds

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        Also, you forgot about Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online which is not coming on PS3 or 360. GRO is PC and Wii U only while Killer Freaks is Wii U only… their both M rated games.

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        Then why is Rare now making Kids games like Kinect sports which is a Wii Sports ripoff?

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    2. Tell me 4 good mature Kinect games that has been released.

    1. XD

      Really Activision is one of the largest publishers, they don’t develop video games, they just own it.

      IW makes MW but Activision owns series.

      Fact: Activision don’t develop games, they publish it.

      1. I know now. Thank Airbuz. But, if Treyarch makes it, or Infinity Ward, then, you could play CoD also.

  2. Good news… we want to know who will develop it. Activisin is just a massive publisher that owns the games not develelups it.


    Activision don’t create games, they publish it. Activision didn’t create Modern Warfare, IW did.

    Activision is one of the largest video game publishers in the world.

    You need to know that Activision is a publisher so they don’t create games. IW is a developer, they create games. Know the difference between Publisher and Developer everyone!

      1. Konami developed and published the very old games.

        Ubisoft Developed some and published the rest.

        Activision has never published a TMNT game.

  4. It does not matter who publishes the game, we want to know who will develop it, that matters most.

    1. You fail.

      Xbox kinect sucks cuz theres only one Mature game on it. Rest are for kids and they suck.

      Nintendo has other M, Dead or alive dimensions, Killer Freaks which is a mature Wii U only game, Ghost recon which is a wii u and PC exclusive, Extra exclusive features on Aliens.

      You fail at trolling cuz this news is a game coming on all consoles also.

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      4. Nintendo has always made an affordable, quality product, that is easy to use. Nintendo’s controllers have had great, comfortable and well made buttons, sticks, and directional pads. I can barely use the d-pad on my xbox :(

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    2. Nintendo makes best first party out of all companies. Sony is 2nd but Microsoft sucks at 1st.


      Star Fox.

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  9. we’ll see how this pans out. The old arcade style games on the NES were really fun, maybe it will be something like that.

  10. I think that troll is gone now after all this time.

    Or… is he having lunch to launch another attack?

    Anyway i hope sickr bans him


    Good news, i want to know what the developer is cuz what the publisher is has nothing to do about how good the game is.

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  12. I know this is off topic i just came from lamestop with the upcoming releases list for all 3 systems and i notice almost all the ps3 and 360 are the same except for 9 games on each list for the 2 systems.Why i say this is i hope Nintendo Wii u games will not be a ton of ports.I want the Wii u to set itself part from the rest of the consoles next gen. We all know they’er gonig to do the controller thing next gen

      1. I dont hate Gstop LOL just that i know the guys that works there .I go in and say hows lamestop doing today to them just messing with em.Been doing it so long now it just came out that way sry lol

  13. Although I’m not a fan of the CoD series, a TMNT game by Activision might turn out okay…I mean, they’ve been making other games too. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was extremely fun and Prototype was above average, both games are getting sequels. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD looks really promising too. I’d prefer Rocksteady, but I’d give this a chance too.

    1. ACTIVISION ARE THE LARGEST GAME PUBLISHERS! Not developers, understand that :P

      Do you know how many games Activision has published?

      IW = Creators (Developers)

      Activision = Owners (Publishers

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