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Shaun The Sheep Makes His Way Onto Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK has announced that it has partnered with the revered Aardman Animations, who’re the critically acclaimed creators behind Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit, to deliver brand new 3D SpotPass content for the Nintendo 3DS. Starting from March 7th Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to watch 15 exclusive 3D clips of Shaun The Sheep.

“We are proud to be working with Aardman Animations to launch Shaun the Sheep’s first 3D adventures via SpotPass on Nintendo 3DS. Make sure you keep checking Nintendo Video on your Nintendo 3DS for regularly updated content for you to enjoy.”

– Laurent Fischer, Managing Director, Marketing and PR, Nintendo of Europe


58 thoughts on “Shaun The Sheep Makes His Way Onto Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Only took 3 comments down to get some sense. My sister had a Shaun backpack for years, which was really cool.

      If we’re going to complain about anything, it’s these episodes not being localized for North America. I haven’t checked my 3DS since last night when playing the MGS3 demo, so if this changed I withdraw my complaint.

    1. Oh fuck off. You probably don’t even know who he is. Stop being such an ass kisser and get some standards, you whore.

      1. I watched wallace and gromit as a kid, and chicken run for that matter. The newest thing ive heard from them is some tv show on the bbc. I forget the name of it but it has animals voiced over by ppl. It’s in the same animation style and everthing. Now then! You can eat peanuts from my ass hole.

        1. Creature Comforts. It was originally an animated short that took place in a zoo. I have a VHS with a few other Aardman shorts. I always loved the one about the dead mother and her handbag.

  1. My Little brother loves that show (along with me, my dad, and my sister, and my 2 other brothers hahaha) Hopefully it comes to the US!

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  3. I thought they were making a new game for Shaun The Sheep, then I was like, “Oh shit, no.” Then, I read the article so now I’m like, “Meh, would have cared more if it was 3D Pixar shorts.” Still interesting news though…

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  6. Here in america, we watch shaun the sheep on our televisions on disney channel. they are sweet! i have directTV, so it’s channel 290.

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