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Sega, Capcom And Namco Bandai Team Up For Mystery Nintendo Project

Nintendo has announced that Sega, Capcom and Namco will be teaming up together to create a brand new mystery project for the Nintendo 3DS. Obviously details are scarce regarding what these huge development studios and publishers are actually up to, but it definitely sounds like something to get excited about.

61 thoughts on “Sega, Capcom And Namco Bandai Team Up For Mystery Nintendo Project”

  1. Nintendo is really bringing out the big guns. They want to dominate even more than usual with their 2 new projects, 3DS and Wii U.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Probably not, they know that we know about Smash Bros., so technically it isn’t secret. I couldn’t see Dig Dug and Pacman in SSB4 Lmao

  2. I’m thinking it could possibly be the new Smash Bros., I recently read a report that Sakurai JUST STARTED on it. He is currently taking reference from Smash Dojo.

  3. I’m thinking they may be in the new Smash Bros. Imagine Megaman, maybe some Tales of characters, Ryu and others SF, more Sonic chars, Shinobi and more in the new Smash! :D

    1. Sakurai-san has already said if there are any guest characters it will be one per company. It is a Nintendo series, remember. I’d say Sonic and Snake will be back plus a Namco or Capcom character, maybe a Team Ninja one as they’re quite pally with Nintendo at the moment and finally Professor Layton as 3DS-only fighter.

      However how cool would a Nintendo vs. Sega Smash Bros. game be?

      1. >if there are any guest characters it will be one per company

        Son of a bitch. I guess I can cross Simon Belmont of my wishlist. Oh well, I never grew up with Castlevania games anyway.

  4. Nothing to do with the screenshots the other day with Dr eggman and zangief then? I know that’s a Disney thing but anything is possible.

      1. Wait a minute… on the reflection of the key pad on the Handle, it’s * 0 1 If it were a real reflection, it’d be * 0 #

  5. You know, this could suspiciously hint the 3DS version of SSB in which we will have one rep for each of those three third-party companies. Imagine: Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man vs. Pac-Man!

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  8. when i hear namco bandai, i redirect to some tales of characters… so… idk… if it is related to smash 3ds… then no konami means no snake?

  9. I went on the website and by the feel of it ….. Another Zombie game. Don’t know what Namco would be doing. Since it is Sega and Capcom also it could be a House of the Dead/Resi Crossover (Don’t know what the point would be). Anyway what i have said sounds useless but who knows what game it could be.

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  11. No doubt this is gonna be another slap to the face, but I’m hoping it involves Megaman and Sonic. Megaman getting his revenge on Sonic for stealing his spot in Smash bros until his inevitable debut.

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