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Fire Emblem 3DS And Mario Tennis Open Coming To Europe This Year

Nintendo has confirmed that the highly anticipated Fire Emblem and Mario Tennis Open will be coming to Europe this year. Nintendo declined to give an actual date as to when we can expect these games, but they did confirm that the games will be coming this year. Fire Emblem 3DS will be released April 19th in Japan and Mario Open Tennis is set to be released May 24th.

Update: Mario Tennis is coming May 25th in Europe.


  1. A new Fire Emblem is always welcome… but im getting REALLY sick of Mario games being released every 2 minutes!

    Every other game seems to be Mario this or Mario that, and i wish Nintendo would focus on new stuff instead of the same old crap time and time again!


    1. Blah blah blah. Whatever man…As long as they keep being innovative and fun, I don’t really care. The day Nintendo falls into the Call of Duty Syndrome (Which I hope never happens) then I will raise my voice against them =)


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