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Wii U To Be Priced At $299 In North America And 20,000 Yen In Japan?

An unnamed source at Wii U Daily has told the publication that Wii U will retail for $299.99 when it arrives in North America sometime after E3 this year. Nintendo will apparently price the Wii U at $299 in the US, 299 Euro’s in Europe, and 20,000 Yen in Japan. Nintendo has previously stated that they will try to keep the pricing in-line with both the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

176 thoughts on “Wii U To Be Priced At $299 In North America And 20,000 Yen In Japan?”

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  1. That’s low, Seems so oddly low that I don’t think someone would even make a rumour like that since loads of people won’t believe it. Weird.

    1. Exactly my reaction. $300 is too low. That’s only $50 more what a Wii & 3DS was at launch. I think $350 is the sweet spot. Not too much but not too low either.

      1. Would you rather pay 50 more bucks? For what we’ve seen at E3, this is really reasonable. It’s gonna be like the Wii’s launch. Not too expensive so they sell more.

    2. The price is just about right. $299 for two reasons: 1. They are Nintendo and always try to provide a cheaper price to sell more. 2. They just overpriced the 3DS and now they’re afraid of ruining the Wii U’s launch by overpricing it.

      1. I don’t think 299.99 is too low, either. Reguardless of what anyone has speculated about concerning the Wii U technical specification’s and hardware, that’s all we have. Speculation. Until someone cracks open a Wii U console, we just don’t have any solid evidence on what kind of power the Wii U will have. My bet for sake of humor? 360/PS3 x 1.5 power-wise, $299.99. For a general market view, it would be advantagous of Nintendo to not exceed the 299.99 price point, unless the Wii U is actually packing heat. That *may* be justifiable (in my book).

        1. Respect your opinions but @Anon this is a HD console we are taking about not a handheld. And if rumors are true (there’s been many) that’s it’s more powerful than both the PS3 and XBox AND the tablet, then $300 is a steal for me. Only Nintendo knows but if they do indeed price it @ $300 then I’ll smiling my way out the store knowing I got a deal. Like I said $350 sounds reasonable.

      1. Na! Xbox is Better I think :) But the Wii U looks AWESOME!!! I haven’t seen enough of it though

        1. Well I won’t hate your opinion….unless you’re talking about the 360 Xbox, because that is single handedly the worst system I’ve ever owned, regular Xbox was awesome, 360 is horrible.

    1. Just because something is cheaper it doesn’t mean it’s worser… Just compare PS3 and Wii for example.

      1. Bad / worse / worst
        not worser

        and the PS3 can play nicer games, but that is just the hardware.

      1. Well the value changes a lot so we can’t really know. but still, it’s around 398$ and that’s not fair !

  2. $299 is a good price in my opinion, a very good price for a new console.

    599 us dollars 599 us dollars 599 us dollars 599 us dollars

  3. Here in mex it’s already priced for per order at 5000$ (local money) with a conversion ratio of 1 dollar = 20$ here so that would mean wii u could be priced in us at 250 dollars. That sounds really reasonable considering here the ps3 was launched at a price of 10000$ mexican pesos.

    But since price is marked as no confirmed it could go straight up to 300$ dollars (and 6000$ pesos) so I woul consider the wii u pricing between 250-300 dollars

    1. It’s not already priced here in mexico. All the stores that have it for pre order have stated that the final price is not confirmed and the only ask you for $500mx. It doesn’t mean anything, they could put a price of $7,000mx as they did with the 3DS, it was $250 US at launch here it was $6,000mx. So my guess is that the Wii U price will be around $6,000 – $7,000mx if it is priced $300 US on North America. So sad :(

  4. $300? Not bad! I’m still getting it no matter what. Least I’ll have money to purchase games at launch.

  5. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata stated that the Wii U is likely to be priced over 20,000 yen (roughly $250). This was revealed a recent interview with the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, where he stated that the cost of the new console is unlikely to sell for the same price as the Wii .

    The Wii currently retails for 20,000 yen in Japan and originally launched for 25,000 yen.

    1. This sounds about right. UK always gets saddled with rest of EU foreigners translation costs. Meaning a disproportionate £ for $ rate.

      Works out at £187 and £155 respectively.

      I bet us mugs in UK will be extorted £250

      These pricing rip offs are one many reasons we want OUT of the EU. Otherwise we’d be paying same as Americans -an actual fair price for once!

      1. Thats one of the reasons living here sucks.

        We have to pay the equivalent of $310 US for a PSV… Everything in the UK is a rip-off, PS3 games typically launch at £50 equivalent to $80 US, amazon is not really any cheeper to.

  6. if its at that price than nintendo must be the most nice and generous company ever because this obvious that this cost way more to make then a ps3 or xbox and they sell it at lowest price they can

  7. As customary, the profit lies in the games and accessories. My guess is controller pad at $99 and games at $60. You can expect Nintendo to make their profit here. I’ll still be getting one.

    1. If you’re talking about US dollars then $599 would be downright outrageous. Nintendo would never price something that high. $299 will most likely be the price.

  8. Thieving bastards charging so much more for Europe. If this is the case if could be the first Nintendo console I don’t preorder and I’ve had em all on release date since gba sp.

      1. I honestly don’t mind paying £30 for the added EU foreign languages, but you and I both know full well it’ll be the £250 “because we can” charge, and they’ll use the same “language cost” excuse every other platform also uses to extort the UK.

        The major irony is that most Non-English EU countries speak brilliant English!. So why are companies like Nintendo even bothering with the cost, then forcing it onto UK consumers? Laziness & neglect.

      2. its not 188gbp though its 299euro = 248gbp. meaning 60pounds more for uk and 75euros more. theiving fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The price seems to be just right in my perspective… however, I was thinking that Nintendo’s newest system will price somewhere between $349.99 and $399.99 US. I’m sure Iwata-san and The Reg-inator will make an epic impact once the new system drops the A-Bomb and release titles from Nintendo and their 3rd party publishers.

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  10. So that’ll be the price for it without the new controller? I bet the dition with the new controller will cost atleast 100$ more. And it will be worth it!

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  11. That is really the perfect price point – the sweet spot. If they do in fact release it at that price, it’s guaranteed to sell like crack in Detroit.

  12. reasonable to say the least. very reasonable considering the economy we live in these days $300 ain’t that bad to drop on a console. i’m still anticipating the game prices, will Nintendo follow suit an raise the game price $60 or stay to their usual $50 price tags. yea its a $10 difference but with (what i’m probally guessing) 10-20 games at launch it adds up

  13. This rumor comes from the same people who made a big deal out of the specs rumor of having 768mb of eRAM and made it look like it was too little. They didn’t know what that meant, so I wouldn’t really trust them at all if I were you.

      1. It’s funny to me. When I see something like “20,000 Yen”, I’m like, “YOU NEED TO BE RICH TO BUY THAT!” Only to remember just how much a Yen is…….

  14. I always believed this would be the price. Nintendo never wants to overprice their consoles and that’s why sometimes they lack some features, to provide a better price for the consumer. There is just no way that Nintendo making it more that $299 since they just recently noticed what happened with the $249 price on the 3DS. This time around they are very cautious to not any mistakes for the Wii U’s launch.

  15. If this price is real then we Jamaicans can get the wii after re stock. Cause we all know that it is gonna be sold out in the first week of release.

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    1. damn it all to hell theiving ninty charging 75 more euros than those lucky as ever americans. dont they know about the eurozone crisis here in dah greece. me gets old skool xbox 360 nows.

  17. $299? There is simply no way this is true. That is simply too good to be true. It would be F**KING AWESOME if it WAS true….but I don’t believe it for a minute.

    A reasonable price? This is a GODLY price guys.

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  19. Damn, Nintendo. You’re practically giving everyone in the US a Wii-U. I mean, just $300? I guess when you take out multimedia stuff like DVDs and Blu-Ray it should cost a lot less, but still.

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  21. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I wish people would stop taking this as fact. It’s still a rumor. We won’t know the official price until E3, maybe even after that.

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  23. I expect $299 for console for sure, maybe $349 but no more than that. And I also expect a second controller to cost somewhere between $79 and $99. That’s my prediction, mark my words for when it happens!

    1. I’d expect the controller to cost around $50 to $75 instead. Gotta keep in mind that the console will be doing most of the work like processing so the controller won’t have much to do.

  24. I just don’t understand how there is people in the comments complaining that it isn’t so expensive. Nintendo is pricing it like that to get MORE profit.

  25. Higher Price Sell Less and Lower Price Sells more.
    This is what we want. We want to spend less for our products.


    Sounds to cheep and $50 more then pachters bulls**t. I believe its going to be $329

  27. RandomTechUniversity

    I personally think that price is too low, considering the fact that Nintendo has made it clear that the Wii U will be priced way higher than the Wii. But still, I hope it’s true, so I doesn’t a huge whole in my wallet.

  28. A lot of people would be ecstatic if this were the real price. I think $299 is a steal for this next gen console. We can only hope it’s true.

  29. Oh I so hope this is true! If it is than Nintendo will own the next generation again. This is a great price for the casual family of gamers to pick it up which was the backbone of the Wii’s sales. I will instantly pre-order this once it becomes official.

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  32. I doubt that is true, if it is then the only chance we will have one on launch day is if Pikmin is a launch game, saying that were in the same mind regardless of the price, not getting another Nintendo console with no games…but at 299 there’s a high chance we simly will wait it out for a year or so.

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  39. Having the Wii U at $299.99 isn’t unreasonable because: 1. Nintendo dosen’t want to overprice it because of the 3DS’s price failure. 2. Xbox and Playstation are on a similar level of the Wii U and are around $300 as well, so they would be at around the same price level for a similar ranging audience. 3. Nintendo is known to make consoles for a cheap price (except for the 3DS, obviously).

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