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Check Out This Super-Fun Mario Tennis Open Video From GDC

Gametrailers has managed to nab some footage of the forthcoming Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS. The video footage shows how the game plays – utilising the touch-screen for various special moves, as well as the traditional face buttons. Mario Tennis Open is due for release May 20th in North America, and May 25th for Europe.

28 thoughts on “Check Out This Super-Fun Mario Tennis Open Video From GDC”

      1. No really I’m just joking incase you start hating me and everyone else. This first thing is getting older then Skyrim jokes now.

  1. Touch screen controls look disappointing, not much innovation. Though to be fair I’ve always preferred standard buttons but it would be nice to have some kind of swipe option, who knows though maybe there is.

    1. Just clarify what Innovation means because i’ve heard it countless times recently and don’t know what it means.

      1. It means coming up with unique ideas, doing things that you can’t do on other consoles. Admittedly you can use touch controls on a lot of devices now, however here it just seems a waste to just use the touch screen for button type controls.

  2. I always use the stylus on the touch screen – never my fingers…
    Might have to start if I end up getting this game…

    1. I don’t see why you’d need to, if you don’t use the buttons for anything, you can hold a stylus pretty comfortably.

      I use my fingers when I have to use the ABXY buttons as well, like in Ocarina of Time

      1. If you have large hands, holding the stylus and pressing buttons is comfortable. So start hammering those hands….


  3. I love Mario Tennis, and will be getting this day one, however what I don’t understand is: Why make “touch” controls seemingly designed for fingers, for a screen that is designed for a stylus? I don’t want to touch my bottom screen because it gets so dirty, I also don’t want scratch it with the stylus. I geuss a screen cover would work.

  4. everything you can do with the touchscreen can be done with the circle pad + buttons and that’s the way it should be played

    the touch screen is just there to help newcomers, they even show the combos on the touchscreen

  5. I never played mario tennis on the GCN But I did play it on the N64. What are the major differences between all three games? Should I pick this one up? I feel like I should since I missed out on the GCN version

  6. Me wish dis has Caroline wozniaki in it so me cud jerk off to it. I’ll hav to do with roselina I spose.

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  9. I’m so excited for this game, but what I am wondering is whether or not you can use the circle pad. In this video, whoever was playing used only the D pad, and I think the D pad is slightly uncomfortable to use on the 3DS. I prefer the circle pad, and I hope we can use it. It would make gameplay sooo much smoother.

  10. The touch controls could have been good if they were “slashing” motions to swing in certain directions, but the buttons are totally pointless. They would be much harder than buttons anyway, so are they doing this for the kids who don’t like buttons? Seems pointless. Not to mention that a fast paced game like tennis doesn’t let you look anywhere else for more than a tenth of a second.

    But all this aside, IT HAS ONLINE MODE! Day one buy for me right there ;)

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