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GAME Is Up For Sale

GAME, the popular but troubled UK retailer, has put itself up for sale in an effort to avoid administration. GAME has put itself up for sale, as it desperately tries to raise cash to pay a quarterly rent bill which is due in a fortnight, according to the Sunday Times. As I reported earlier in the week GAME is currently having a huge fire sale to get rid of stock, and there’s apparently quite a few bargains to be had.

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        1. +1

          If they accept monopoly money I will beat you to it.

          Just need to go and buy more monopoly boards now before you buy GAME out!!!

  1. In some ways, I’m sad because now we won’t have a proper video games shop. There was one 4 week period in November where i went every Friday to get a new game that was released that day.

    In others, I’m damn glad. They were overpriced. >.>
    Maybe if they lowered their prices a bit, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

  2. This news scared the c**p out of me… When i read the title for this article, I thought it ment it’s closed for business.

    1. if reading this scared the carp out of you, then maybe it’s because it was undercooked. salmonella’s a real thing, you know!

    1. It’s a popular retailer.

      Biggest game retailer in the UK.

      GAME and Gamestation are the two main game retailers and GAME is the owner of both.

      The only place left for me to preorder a Wii U is HMV now :(

      1. Graingers games is still around though, and their prices where a lot lower than games, as far as i can remember. I think Xenoblade was around £2 cheaper.

        1. Theres no Graingers games anywhere near me.

          im sure its more northen UK.

          The only game retails there are is GAME and Gamestation. HMV is going to be the only digital store left here.

          Theres a store called entertainment here, but they do only Pre-owned movies and games so you cant go there and expect to buy a game that just got released.

          1. Have you got a Game Centre where you are?

            btw Game and Gamestation merged as one 4 years ago to answer an earlier question.

            1. No game center here.

              HMV is an media store here, GAME and GS are game retailers, Entertainment is a Pre-owned Games and movies store also some hardware.

              1. Man, that sucks, although, my brother queued outside gamestation for halo (I know, he sucks ass) and they just let 50 people at the front of the line come in and look at the game and sent them outside, so we walked him to HMV and he had the game before there was a dent in the queue and GS

      2. Yeah, I’m just going to suggest you read a few articles and their respective comment sections about Game’s woes on British gaming sites.

        They are not popular with gamers by any stretch of imagination.

        Why would they be when online prices are a hell of a lot cheaper every single time?

        Why don’t you pre-order a Wii U online at Amazon, Play, Shop-to, etc, etc?

  3. speaking of gameshop i wonder if this is a good time for it to get GAME therefore keeping a game shop in town?

  4. I bought Metal Gear Solid for the 3DS yesterday from a supermarket retailer so i might go to a local Game store tomorrow to pick up some bargains,any ideas of what games i should look for?

    1. Depends on what you own.

      Advance Wars Dark Days or whatever it’s called is like 99p. I got Batallion Wars for 1.99 too (Also so metroid prime 3 for this price and other M for 4.99) also picked up Solatorobo for £9.99 and the two castlevania DS games for £2.99

      It’s pretty good although a lot of the good deals were gone yesterday so be quick lol

  5. it is going to get worse for Game and other game retailers,if the new consoles planned move towards disc less consoles and only run downloaded content,this will kill the game resale market and high street game sellers.

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  7. I went into Game today to look for the deals, and saw that preowned 80GB fat PS3s were being advertised for £100. I’ve always wanted a PS3, so I decided to buy it with Arkham City and Assassins Creed 2.

    Me: Hi, can I have these please?
    Cashier: Ok, I just need to go and check in the back.
    *5 minutes later*
    Cashier: Sorry, we don’t have any 80GB PS3’s.
    Me: Ok, how about the 120GB slim preowned ones?
    Cashier: No, sorry.
    Me: How about the 240GB slim preowned ones?
    Cashier: We do not have any preowned PS3 in stock, sorry.
    Me: I’m sorry, but why are they up on the board if you haven’t got them in stock?
    Cashier: It’s for advertisment.
    Me: But why are you advertising something that you don’t even have in stock!?
    Cashier: It’s our policy.
    Me: I’m sorry, this is ridiculous. You are not even going to have any ever in stock because you’re is going under in 2 weeks anyway. *walks out*

    I know it’s the employee’s last weeks, but that was stupid and their was no excuse for it. What a way to end my relationship with my once favourite shop…

    1. Some games in GAME are quite cheep here.

      Launch games for 3DS were only £12 after a few months after launch.

      But some are expensive.

      1. I went to a GAME store earlier in the day and it was selling MGS for £39.99,too expensive for a 3DS game so i waited later on and went to my local Tesco and got it for under £30.

        1. Tesco tends to sell cheeper at launch.

          GAME is usually cheeper for me a few months.

          GAME also has a much wider range of games.

          1. Thats the thing i’m gonna miss about having a GAME retailer,the wider range of games you cant get anywhere else:(

            There’s a store in town where i live called G-Force which sells a lot of stuff including imported games,etc,have you not got anywhere other than GAME/GAMESTATION?

            I live in the UK btw.

    1. Heres the way to get youtube links on this page.

      Remember to leave a free line with no words on the line

        1. My phone kept screwing up embeding, or many it was me but, thanks for the look lol, it was the first thought that popped in my head. And my apologies on last post in the unreal post.

    1. Also I already got most of the reduced games lol. Think I’ll have to preorder wiiu on amazon now or possibly Tesco.

    2. Metroid Prime 3 was there for £1.

      There are quite a few good games there. You must be at the wrong GAME store ;)

    1. Theres a store called GAME.

      and a company called game which owns GAME and GAMEstation.

      That is what is called confusion.

  8. GAME could turn into an online thing if it’s stores go down.

    Just like woolworfs here in the UK.

    I just don’t want GAME’s stores to go bust because theres no other stores expect HMV now.

    1. You could also go to Asda,Tesco,Morrisons who also sell games and hardware much cheaper than GAME!

      Its not the same as having a retailer that only sells that kinda stuff though:(

      1. It’s so much diffrent going to tescos.

        You get people who nothing at all about games in Tesco kind of places. :/

  9. in my country there is only one store and it sucks because they are bitches with their prices 60$ for one game and brawl cost 100$ so i biy in amazon i think you should do the same british fellows

    1. I prefer shopping in a CITY, in which you ENTER a STORE which sells GAMES, and you BUY the GAMES in it. And you WALK out with a GAME in your POCKET or BAG.

  10. This is just sad for the Europeans… my god… and all this mess was started from them canceling preorders of The Last Story and annoucning that they will not be selling Mario Party 9.

  11. So how much is it gonna be pre-owned? I hope for once it’ll be cheaper than buying GAME brand new elsewhere.

  12. Shame Game will go, last time I checked I didn’t see any good game bargins, but I’m sure there will be some, I liked the experience of shop browsing for games, even if I knew what I was going to buy first, shame as there are 4 where I live :D

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