Pachter Talks Wii U Pricing And Says Wii U Online Services Are “Absolutely Essential”

Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter has taken to his podium in the latest episode of Pach Attack to discuss Wii U pricing and online play. Pachter wouldn’t be drawn into what services Nintendo will provide, but he did state that the online service will be absolutely integral to the format success.

Nintendo “have a serious problem” if the Wii U hits retail for any more than $299, and that Nintendo Network will be “absolutely essential” if it is to stand a chance of competing.

“My guess is $299, and I think that if they do charge that then the Xbox 360 is going to instantly get cut to $249. Possibly even cheaper, and the PS3 will also be priced cheaper.“If they charge $249 they have a shot, if they charge more than $299 then I think they have a serious problem”.

“Will Nintendo improve their online service? Well, they’re starting from scratch so any online service at all is an improvement. So that one’s an obvious one to me, they have to”, he begins.

“We have migrated from the days of single player gaming to the days of multiplayer gaming. It is absolutely essential if Nintendo wants to compete with the Wii U that they improve online service. I think Nintendo is focused on it, I just think this is a new thing for them.

“It has not been important to them in the past generation, it better be important to them in the next one. I think in order to compete they have to do it, so they will do”.


      1. guys i think i know what does he mean! he wants nintendo to do not improve their online service so we wont play online and play with the other consoles for example xbox

      2. There you are retarded clone, Who let you out? Well, if you’re here, can’t you at least post something relevant to the article? Such as, “Patcher, stfu and get off the show you idiot. . . . and give me your job”

      1. Yes he is. He said 299$ for wii u and if that price ms and Sony would need to lower the 360/ps3 price to 249 to compete.

      2. “If they charge $249 they have a shot, if they charge more than $299 then I think they have a serious problem.”
        He’s talking about Wii U being $250 to $300.

    1. No he doesn’t.

      Why would Nintendo charge only $50 more than the starting price of the 3DS? That just doesn’t make any sense at all. And why would SONY reduce their PS3, which is more powerful than the Vita, to the price of the Vita?

      What Pachter is doing here is stealth trolling. He’s undermining the capabilities of the WiiU and making it sound like a current-gen system.

      1. Graphics wise it might as well be current-gen. I don’t think the graphics will be THAT much better than PS3 or 360. You have to remember that historically Nintendo goes for gameplay over graphics. This is evident in the Wii and Wii U. They are making strides in gameplay. The controls for the Wii was next gen but the graphics were not. The Wii U is again providing next gen gameplay but the people at Nintendo have realized they can’t leave graphics behind. So this time around they will have a very strong showing in graphics but I don’t expect it to blow away the PS3 in that regard. However it will probably look better and the graphics will be on a competitive level with what Sony and Microsoft will offer. That is certainly an improvement as the Wii currently can’t compete with graphics. Having better graphics to go with its stellar gameplay will be a huge boost and I expect it to be a great combination when I finally get my hands on a Wii U.

      2. The wii was the only console Nintendo had that was weaker than the competition. Though gameplay and innovation is very important to Nintendo so is graphics and power of the console.

      3. Do your really know your Nintendo history or you just what pops in your head? really!really

      4. No he isn’t. It doesn’t make a difference that it’s the next gen system, people will still compare the price and some of those people will buy a PS3 or XBOX over the Wii U if they’re cheaper, regardless of the fact it’s newer.

    1. He made at least one stupid point. He says, “and the PS3 will also be priced cheaper.” Why would SONY reduce the price of their PS3, which is more powerful than the Vita, to the price of the Vita?

      1. lol now i know with “VITA” stands for its not “LIFE” its “Volunteer Income Tax Assistance” xD

  1. Though it kills me to say, but the guys right. Online multiplayer has become so popular to the mindless horde of ‘hardcore’ gamers that they seem to forget that there’s singleplayer. Though this mostly is Call of Duty bashers :P

    1. It’s not even that, pachter seems to think that Nintendo is new to “multiplayer,” when local multiplayer (real mutliplayer) is historically the biggest reason to buy Nintendo.

      1. True, true. But we’re not talking about local. Local is much simpler than say the 360’s multiplayer. Nintendo has done a horrible job with their online service for the Wii. While the PS3’s wasn’t that great, it was leaps and bounds better than the Wii’s. Nintendo really has to step it up, if they want to grab people’s attention with this console. I play on PC primarily, but if the Wiiu has a good online service, I may pick it up.

      2. I wouldn’t say they did a “horrible job.”

        Nintendo did what they did for the Wii’s online multiplayer because they didn’t want swarms of internet douchebags trolling away the newer and/or less internet savvy players, a la Xbox Live.

        Now, they realize it’s just something unavoidable so their solution was to let the game developers handle the bulk of the online system as a proxy to the “Nintendo Network” and give the responsibility to the 3rd parties. This way, the name “Nintendo Network” won’t become directly synonymous with gaggles of prepubescent trolls…. also a la Xbox Live and Nintendo has one less thing to worry about.

      3. Erm no…I’m pretty sure Nintendo just didn’t think they needed an online system, or thought the functionality they had for the Wii was good enough. They definitely didn’t make a conscious decision to not have a system because of “internet douchebags”

  2. I usually don’t care about these so called critics, but this post does make sense. Nintendo def needs to be more engaged with their online system, and needs to choose their pricing competitively.

  3. essential? really? Well no shit. I read through that mans tweets for the last week. So far his about 1 on 1 with me with predicitions and assumptions. Want to start quoting me Sickr? Im doing as well as him and I can induce just as much, if not more rage. I promise you that.

  4. For once he isn’t going out of his way to trash talk Nintendo, he’s saying what they should do in order to have a chance. I actually agree with him, if the console’s more expensive than the 360 and PS3, it’s not going sell as well, and like Pachter said, 360 and PS3 will probably wind up decreasing their prices. And online is really important these days, and admittedly, the Wii’s online always lagged with the exception of Mario Kart Wii in my experience. I hope Nintendo has learned from their past mistakes (especially from the 3DS launch) and makes the Wii U the best console of this new generation.

    1. I agree with this. If this is what it takes to be paid big to be an analyst, where do I sign up?

  5. He said that online was not important for them in the PAST generation and must be in the NEXT. So Pachkter have finally admitted that the wii u is a next gen console.

    1. No, its a nintendo news blog and he talks about nintendo a lot. Any more questions with painfully obvious answers?

  6. Wow… Pachter did not say that… it’s way to normal; First time I’ve ever agreed with him.

  7. hes right im not going to pay 250 for a wii u i just got a ps3 2 months ago and now the next system ill buy is a gameboy advance cause mine broke

    1. 250 is cheep?

      Wow you living on a different planet where everything is cheep.

      PSV was $300 where I live and I’m expecting $350 for the Wii U here.

      The Wii U should be between $275-400 in the States.

      1. 400? That’s suicide dude no one its gonna buy such and expensive console, 350 or higher is already too expensive.

  8. It will be a massive feature yes but people would still buy the system if it didnt have one

    we all know it will though

    I have a ps3 and a Wii and havent played any console games online in near a year


    simply because im sick of playing multiplayer with randoms online

    I prefer haaving my friends come over and play split screen

    If Nintendo incorparate that traditional Multiplayer aswell as online Multiplayer then they will definatly have a much better system on the market

    also make sure Nintendo Network is a free service
    i can guarentie you that most of the people who buy Wii U will not be willing to pay for a online service
    we already have to pay for the system, pay for the games, pay for the internet service provider, pay for the electricity to power the thing, pay for a home to play it in and pay for a tv licence to have something to play it on
    asking for more money is just taking the piss and most will refuse to pay it
    make it free and you have more business
    do not be fooled by xbl success
    they have more xbl accounts than sold consoles and quite a few of those consoles arnt linked online
    Multi accounts and familys with one system shared between several people = multi accounts

    make it free make it modern and oldie multiplayer friendly make sure it has a massive exsclusive line up and listen to what games fans want
    do that and your guarentieed a successful system

    1. The reason I bought a PS3 over the Xbox360 was because the Online on the PS3 was free.

      I play online and paying XBL is just a rip-off.

      I guarantee you Nintendo would make more sales if they made their online free over having to pay.

      1. You’re nuts dude, you pay for better service even though I wish they had a free version and a payable version instead of just pay only. PS3 had horrible online but it was good that it was free. I’m expecting Wii U to blow it away online wise.

      2. Not like anyone cares about what the online part was like expect from the part you can play online and buy DLC’s and some stuff online ;)

        Thats all i really need for online.

    2. Playing online with randoms sucks, but that’s why clans were invented.

      In addition to online, Nintendo needs clan support for most/ all of its games. Well MP games that is.

  9. he said something bad about the PS Vita.

    Oh and lol you should read this about Pachter hating PS3/PC gamers playing Black Ops and calling them crybabies.–192430.phtml

    For a fact even PC/360/PS3/PSP fanboys hate Pachter, so stop complaining Pachter always trolls Nintendo.

    Is this the first time we agree with Pachter?

  10. I’m gonna die today?
    Did you have a brainwash?
    I agree with you you but, the wii u can be priced 275-400 and it’ll be good.

    1. 400 is far too high. i never payed that for ANY of my systems. i waited. i only payed $200 for my Xbox 360, and $250 for my PS3 (i got the Wii at launch)

      1. Wow do you remember the PS3 launch price?

        The PS3 was launched at $600.

  11. File this under the “No shit, Sherlock” category. What he said was very obvious to everyone, but he made a good point and for once didn’t troll Nintendo. Keep this up Pachter, and you may get to “respectable human” levels in a few years.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. i want to kick you in the head every time i see that you’ve commented. all because of your gay little “leave luck to heaven” crap.

      1. You do know that Nintendo is roughly translated to leave luck to heaven, the reason their name means that is because they started out as a card company

      2. Hey buddy. “Leave luck to heaven” Is the english translation of the japanese word “Nintendo.” So show him some respect. Nintendo’s gay huh?

    2. I agree. This time he wasn’t a troll. But as you said he only stated the obvious. all we know how important price and online services are, and nintendo does as well.

      I disagree with him, when he says Internet services are a new thing for Nintendo. It’s not anymore. if we compare the PSVita with the 3DS, I’d say the 3DS has a better conectivity system, with all details like Spotpass, aplications, swap-note, e-Shop. it’s also faster, funnier and easier. and i’m not being a fanboy here, cause I own both systems.

      1. Well said, my friend. Nintendo will get it right. I think they will hire outside parties to get them up to speed on the things they are not accustomed to.

        We can only hope they take our advice and make it a free service.

  12. As much as i hate admitting when Pachter is right, this time, he is 100% right. goddammit.

  13. Even though it’s obvious and I enjoy single player games way more than multiplayer the online needs to be awesome and free.

  14. the ps3 was 700 in the begining so why patcher didnt say anything about sony huh? wiiu will be priced over 175-400 so we will waite for the price cut as ps fanboys did with the ps3.also nintendo wiiu must have better online service because the curent online service the nintendo wi-fi is not good and the most important is that I LAG!

  15. A new thing to Nintendo? Does this PChater knows something about the Satella View, I know it iwasn’t an online gaming experience, but it was a somewhat online thing. Nintendo has stated that they weren’t hapoy the way Online Gaming was: A price to the consumer to actually play that way, a lot of confusing rules ans stuff like that, so they started with Wi-Fi because is FREE… so, Nintendo started late, but did it In a way nice way, it still has some issues to solve though

  16. Does Michael “jizzface” Patcher realize the Wii U is a next gen console and not just an add on to the Wii. I will be happy to pay premium price for a next gen console on release just as I will for a ps4 and a Xbox 720.

  17. Other than the price thing, I agree with Pachter.

    It’s weird. Most of the time he bashes Nintendo, then all of a sudden, he makes a post that makes sense with no troll logic, then goes back into his “bash-tendo-athon!”

  18. He makes a good point, for a change! But points we can be sure are at the forefront of Nintendos mind. Add to this the fact Nintendo have not forgotton what a console is supposed to be…Namely no nonsense gaming. This persistance and avoidign turning their consoles into a poor mans PC. Many of us are glad not to endure the 360 or ps3 experience of constant updates, game installation, patches pay for extra content and the simple fact that you seem to have to go through silly rituals just to start up a game. This is probably why people think the console is dying, because Sony and microsoft don’t really make consoles, it’s a multimedia device with extra beef for gaming. Wii sales say everything else i need to say. Clearly people still like the no nonsense approach.

  19. Wait.
    Did Pachter just say something that wasn’t predicting Nintendo’s downfall, but instead explaining what he thinks Wii U would need to succeed?
    Well done, Pachter. Well done.

  20. the first post i see from pachter of him not trolling around.. he has point.. nintendo really needs to improve their online

  21. yeah i can agree for once 350 is the most ill go for a wii u thin a game but thin again i already have 200 saved up in my savings so maybe there games will still cost 50 bucks but a extra 10 wont hurt ok it will but yeah lol and nintendo needs to really work on there online service

  22. This is the one time I actually think he’s being logical. Yes, Wii-U will have to keep competitive prices. The huge mistake the PS3 had at first was its extreme pricing at 600 dollars. Same problems happened for the 3DO and NeoGeo in the past, and many companies aren’t learning from it.

    As for online, they did care about it. It wasn’t the BEST online, but games that did have multiplayer didn’t need extremely good speed or anything to run well. I’m looking forward to higher quality in the Nintendo Network, however. It’s going to be essential given the huge jump in graphics and speed.

  23. Wait a second here! Did Pacher just say something that didn’t sound like his body was confusing his mouth for his butt? Skynet going online in 5….4….3….

  24. the wiiu will be at 400 dolars? haha i told ya nintendo steals your money

    400 dolars for a failure console with no power,no games,no graphics and girlish games just like mario

    1. Wow with Ubisoft releasing Ghost Recon and Killer freaks and all these game companys releasing games for Wii U means there will be games.

      Also you can’t compare Ghost Recon to Mario.

      Also it will be priced between $275-375. We need to wait until E3 to see the real price. It could be way less then we expect or way more.

  25. I’m so sick of seeing these Pachter ‘news’ posts. He’s not that famous, you’re just making him famous by posting more of his criticism. I don’t really care what he has to say at all.

  26. I mean, it’s true. It’s 2012. Online is something people are expecting. And so far, Nintendo has failed at online. Mario Kart wasn’t too bad but then you’ve got things like Star Fox, who didn’t have online at all, despite being built for online play. Nintendo needs to start taking that extra step.

    I also think online accounts are a must. It makes it so much easier and it’d give players a sense of identity. Not just with online play but when tracking purchases. My one hesitance about buying things from the eShop is knowing I may lose EVERYTHING at some point. That needs to be fixed. And online accounts are the way to do it, preferably connected to Club Nintendo. It’s just pure convenience, and that what people want. Convenience and security. If I have to replace my Wii U or 3DS, I’d like to be able to keep my purchases and online profile.

  27. Um nintendo already has an awesome nonlinear service its just people are sticking with ps3 and 360 more than wii so there isn’t as much people to play awesome games like conduit against.

  28. If the 3DS launched @ $250, I fully expect the wiiU to be 350+. Nintendo has MUCH more to show us this year. We know so little and what we’ve seen so far wasn’t final. We know nothing of 1st party games, online, hell theres a possibilty of the name being changed! Im waiting for my mind to be blown at Nintendos e3 conference!

  29. He took the words right out of my mouth.
    But in the end, I think kids would rather get the Wii U for Mario than get a console $50 cheaper that a lot of them probably have now.

  30. Based on tech alone, you are going to pay $379.99, at that price Nintendo will loose 60 cents to the dollar between bulk deals, product manufactoring, distribution cost, and giving away the controller for free on every system. Online will NOT be free but will not cost XBL redick price, expect $5-10 a month for network maintenance and price correction from mobleclip contract. At that stand point Nintendo will be in the hole for 3 years given ~20million units sold every year, after 60 million units every system will be prophet. Lisencing games gets them 40 cents to the dollar for first party games, and 3rd party gets them about 15 cents to the dollar. That reduces prophet margins to 2 years at a loss and the more games that come out faster, the faster they regain prophets.

    Now there is more variations to how long they will be in the hole but I’m not writing an essay.

  31. For all the idiotic things Pachter has said, it’s refreshing to see him state the obvious. Granted it’s not “a keen prediction,” but it’s something. :P

  32. What he is saying makes sense. He’s not trying to undercut Nintendo. He’s stating the very real fact that even as a next gen system, it will be competing directly with the 360 and ps3 for at least a year.

    The Wii did not compete with the ps3 the way that the 360 does. Most gamers have both a Wii and their 360/ps3. However Nintendo is going head to head with these systems with the Wii u.

    Is it next gen technology? Absolutely but your typical consumer wants value, not just the latest and greatest.

  33. You know what? I’m tired of these “Patcher Reports.” I’m tired of this site posting this stupid troll’s opinions, even though it is proven that he doesn’t know a damn thing. You guys went a while without posting his bullshit, but here we are once again. I’m deleting this from my bookmarks and never coming back.

  34. I think WiiU will Launch at $299 – $399.
    1.) Mobile game streaming via touch pad game system (must cost $100 by itself)
    2.) Updated Graphics so people stop bitching about poor edges, shading, texture…
    3.) New processing to allow several touchscreen controllers to interact with the core system in “real-time” and without lag.

    We’re talking about a fucking Next-Gen console folks. (Graphics DO NOT make a console current or next gen) Nintendo already said it won’t be cheap, and N also is fully supporting the Wii. I don’t think the Wii will be COMPLETELY dead for another 2 years.

    I’m saving my Rupies.

    KEEP THIS IN MIND: Even if you pay $399 for the system, all your Wii controllers are compatible. You won’t need to shell out $150 for 3 more controllers!! You will already own them. That’s HUGE my friend. Seriously.

    It’s going to be priced fair. The games and controllers will be backwards compatible, and it will launch soon… A few more months.

    Nintendo is about to take console gaming to the next level, and frankly, I’m very excited.

    – Jaded_HM

  35. Oh seriously guys shut up, most of the stuff Patcher says is true, or makes sense. Some of you just refuse to listen as soon as he says anything negative about Nintendo…

  36. Yes indeed. Pachter is often right and have a good point… Unless when he talks about Nintendo, then his inner hater appears. I think the Wii U could easly cost 400$ and still sucess seing how the PS3 launched at a higher price and still… well… umm… huh… Oh goddamit xD Well, my point is that consoles becomes more expencive each gen and it will not really have a problem outsell 360 and PS3 when it comes out even if it cost 100$ more than those…

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