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Seattle PI Says Kid Icarus Uprising Control Scheme Renders It Borderline Unplayable

Today appears to be the day when the North American Kid Icarus Uprising reviews go live, and so far they appear to be a mixed bag of reactions. Seattle PI claims that the game is borderline unplayable when Pit’s feet hit the ground. The review also states that Kid Icarus Uprising is virtually unplayable in 3D without perching the 3DS on the included black plastic stand. The publication awarded the Kid Icarus: Uprising two and a half out of four.

While this fast-paced 3-D adventure is certainly a hearty reintroduction of Pit, unless you already own Nintendo’s latest hand-held gadget or have been anxiously awaiting Pit’s return for the past 20 years, there are fundamentally too many flaws with the game’s handling to make “Uprising” worth sacrificing any money to buy a 3DS.

68 thoughts on “Seattle PI Says Kid Icarus Uprising Control Scheme Renders It Borderline Unplayable”

      1. Oh! I just got it today! I’m glad it lets you change how you wanna play. The controls are very customizable!

    1. It’s everyone’s opinion that you should shut the fuck up with your stupid leave luck to heaven bullshit. We get it – it’s nintendo’s meaning. Great. This website doesn’t have signatures. Let’s keep it that way.

      1. Ahhhhh, not really, don’t make broad assumptions. He can say “Leave luck to heaven” as much as he wants, his right as a human being. You don’t like it, ignore it, its not something so detrimental to your life that it begs a response. Its four words, you waste more time and words profanely responding than reading them or skipping over them entirely. He’s not making ignorant statements or speculations, or going out of his way to inflame the tempers of others, so really why are you going out of yours to attack him. He’s doing no harm, leave it be. And secondly, don’t ever presume to tell me what my opinion is.

        1. It makes no sense when people defend a statement by talking about ‘rights’. Donzaloog has the right to say “leave luck to heaven”, just like Anonymous has the right to say ‘Don’t say that, you’re a fag’.
          What Anon said can’t validly be criticised on the basis of rights. It can be criticised on the basis of it being inflammatory and bigoted. Seriously, he needs to calm down.

          That said, the “leave luck to heaven” thing is bloody pretentious. It makes Donzaloog sound full of himself. I can imagine him ordering a Soy Chai Latte before he goes to study his masters in philosophy.

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  1. You use the stylus to look around/aim and L button to shoot/attack, it actually does seem to be kinda uncomfortable, but I believe it deserves a try-out before being discarded.

    1. then why didn’t people complained about Metroid Prime Hunters?!? That game has IDENTICAL controls as Kid Icarus and it plays both fine and accurate, its like using a Mouse

  2. I know this is one man’s opinion, but with all the praise this game has been getting, I feel like this is one of those times where a reviewer sucks at the game, but instead of realizing that “Oh wait, maybe i’m not that good at this” they just come to the conclusion that this game sucks.

    1. Considering Famitsu’s and others high praises… I’m thinking I’m going to have to agree with you. It seems to be a growing problem of people expressing their personal opinions in reviews.

        1. I thought a review was supposed to be an unbiased look at a games worth, inorder to inform people of wether this game would be to their liking. People do tend to put their opinions in places where it’s not needed, and you know what they say about opinions. “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.”

  3. But famitsu gave this game a perfect score… Pretty sure if it was unplayable they wouldn’t have done that.

  4. I played it at PAX Prime, picked it up and started playing almost instantly. You’d have to be stupid not to understand how it works. This isn’t fucking angry birds.

    1. Yeah i can’t understand what all the fuss is about.It is kind of like Rolling Western everybody said the controls were bad and uninformative, but when i played it i didn’t even need time to get used to it, they were really easy and intuitive.
      And Kid Icarus’s controls seem pretty good too, the only problem i could think of is turning the camera(then again you can do it with the up key on the control pad/cross).
      Reviewers these days they are either stupid or not really good at games.

  5. So, this game makes buying a 3DS a “sacrifice.” I wonder if some of these reviewers even have a 3DS, or are used to playing handheld titles.

  6. Personally I think that the control scheme might look a bit weird according to others, but I think it looks fun.

  7. These are the same controls as dillon’s rolling western. I honestly love this scheme, It’s natural and adds a little more challenge if your not use to holding your 3ds that way. I would assume you rightys might have a time getting use to it but unplayable it is not.

    1. I couldn’t stand the controls on Metroid Prime DS. This sounds like it is very similar. Challenge should come from solving puzzles and fighting enemies, not from fighting the controls.

      Having said that, I still have it preordered and I hope that having an analog stick will help fix some of the problems I had with Metroid. Unfortunately, I am also a lefty so no help until I get the circle pad pro.

  8. Does this game work with the Circle Pad Pro? If it does it’s worth getting, if not it looks way too uncomfortable.

  9. Bollocks to that. I’ve played it and I found it a joy to play and what they are basically saying is that it’s not a system seller. Big deal, who actually cares? Just because you won’t want to part with £160 for it, doesn’t make it “borderline unplayable.”

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  11. A minor clarification: This is an Associated Press review that the PI ran, so it’s probably going to get picked up in a lot more places.

  12. “The game has too many flaws” and yet he mentioned only the controls…duhhh.
    And every reviewer seems to be saying that air sections are great, and ground sections are not, and it makes no sense, the control the same.The only issue could be turning the camera, and the trick to that is to just tap the screen when you want it to stop spinning, it is silly.It’s like the reviewers haven’t played the game for more than an hour.
    Maybe Sora’s mistake was to not include a tutorial in the game to say “yo, tap the screen to make the camera stop you…dude or use the arrow key to center it”.

    Almost every review of the game says it is hard to control the camera because you do not now how much it will spin when you flick the touch scree.JUST TOUCH THE BLOODY SCREEN TO STOP IT.
    Glad i got that out of my system.Gamers today, can’t figure anything out without a tutorial.

  13. Why is people bashing the skin control of the game? It’s the same gameplay from Metroid Prime Hunters, Dementium, and all the FPS on the DS

    1. Because that control scheme can be very uncomfortable and to people used to playing with analog sticks, hard to get used to.

      Personally, I hope they release a 3DS revision with the second analog stick so we can be done with that control scheme once and for all.

  14. The problem seems to be that reviewers can’t understand how turning the camera works, when you spin the camera with the stylus all you need to do is tap the screen to stop it, and you can use the down cross pad key to allighn the camera too.Here ya go problem solved(you seriously could not figure that out on yourself?)

  15. I don’t think the control scheme is odd for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Honestly it makes sense to me after seeing Masahiro Sakurai explain it. And considering his talent as a game designer, I don’t think he would have approved it if he did not think it would work. If someone wants to talk about a crazy control system… I think it is safe to say we should wait and see what game for the Playstation Vita could possibly need not 1, not 2, but 3 analog sticks! Sony has released info saying that are working on an accessory for the Vita that adds the functionality of a third analog stick.

    1. I read about the third analog stick thing in a section in Game Informer. I believe the section is Game INFARCER…

  16. im still getting this game no matter what the reviewers say ive been waiting a year and a half for this game

  17. Gamers now a days makes me sad, they are all Sissy’s. they complain about this and that without even enjoying the games themselves. True Gamers (like me) play Video Games on what they Offer and not on what they dont have.

    Suck it up people, its only a video game.

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