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Disney Reveals The Cute Epic Mickey 2 Box-Art

Disney has unveiled the super-cute Epic Mickey: the Power of Two box-art for the Xbox 360. I’m guessing it will feature exactly the same artwork on the forthcoming Wii version. Epic Mickey: The Power of Two was revealed yesterday by producer Warren Spector, and there should be a first-look trailer airing later tonight on GTTV.

57 thoughts on “Disney Reveals The Cute Epic Mickey 2 Box-Art”

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  1. You can use Oswald? Oh, crap. My Fiance’s gonna tear into me to get this game. She loved the first epic mickey game and she loves Oswald. Guess I better pre-order

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  2. think about wiiu and the next xbox! 720 will have better online,graphics,features,games and wiiu will have nothing except from toys

  3. There have been a few games before that were released on both a previous system and the new system (Twilight Princess anyone?) whose to say this game isn’t also coming to Wii U and Nintendo just didn’t want to release that info before E3? I’m not going to get too excited thinking about that possibility but it’s still there.

  4. You know thinking about the title it sounds a little redundant tacking on a 2 (obviously to denote the sequel status) but then putting “two” in the subtitle :/ But that’s just my opinion lol

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