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Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Details From Nintendo Power

The latest issue of Nintendo Power contains a plethora of new information for Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U. Ubisoft have been rather quiet about the Wii U version of the game, so it’s encouraging to hear some concrete details from the company. Assassin’s Creed 3 is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 30th in North America,

  • Wii U tablet controller can act as some form of link to the Assassin’s Creed “Animus”
  • Wii U tablet Animus can be used as a persistent on-screen map and navigation tool.
  • Animus Database entries that may pop up from time to time, could be displayed on the touchscreen instead and not interrupt the flow of the game.
  • The Animus can also act as an encyclopedia of information. Character biographies and bits of information that  would normally be cast aside could be displayed on the touchscreen (take a break and read up on the side story & character history while eating dinner?).
  • Easy touchscreen weapon selection during combat. Quick change from dual-wield combat to single with a simple touch.
  • Using the touchscreen as an alternate view for Eagle Vision. Using the built-in accelerometer to control the camera view while in Eagle Vision.

68 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Details From Nintendo Power”

  1. That sounds really cool actually. It will make the flow of the game a bit more intuitive and realistic. Like you have a smaller real Animus in your hands. A more hands-on, on the fly approach to Assassin’s Creed.

  2. The Wii U version of Creed III is gonna change the system in an epic fashion unlike any other. Using the touch sceen on the uPad is very intuitive and revolutionary. Although UbiSoft is releasing AC3 on PS3 and X360, I’m sure they’re gonna save the very best for last. My body is ready… ready to kick ass and take names!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for quoting my site, but just a small correction: It was Nintendo Gamer magazine and not Nintendo Power :)

  4. Too bad this game is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. ‘Cause I only buy exclusives. If Ubisoft takes this game of the Xbitch and GayStation 3, I would buy ten copies of it in joy.

    1. No worries hoodie. With the Wii U version of ACIII, they’ll have exclusive features that both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles don’t have.

      1. Yes you guys get a map. Like my ps3/vita combo better. Can play the game on my vita, get home play on my ps3, and my vita converts to the Second screen.

        So yes Sony already is doing this idea better.

        1. You’ve come to the wrong place troll. The PSVita is the mother of all fails. Too bad it can’t stop over 10 million Nintendo 3DS. In conclusion, GTFO and suck on Jack Tretton’s pecker, Woody!

    2. wow, your such a fag. you know before the wii there was something called the gamecube. and like its competitors (ps2 and xbox) it almost always got the same third party game. aka, non-exclusive. back then ppl wouldnt bitch like you, especially nintendo fans. now that the wii u is getting great third party games you have to act like an elitist and say you dont want it because its not only made for the wii/u. grow up.

      1. Yo! You tryin’ to diss me? The GameCube got all dhat good third-party exclusives. The Xbitch and GayStation suck. I will just play on my PC with better graphics, bitch. I don’t want good game like AC3 on those consoles, ’cause they got nothing but Call of Duty fags. @uPadWatcher: Yeah, ya be right. ‘Cause Wii U a next gen console with tons of better graphics and features, despite what you be hearin’ from the fags makin’ Darksiders 2.

        1. Your grammar and your avatar name goes together perfectly. just saying

          Average reader: wth kind of sentencing is he putting together. Supzdahood……Ooooh I see

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  6. I expected controls like this to arrive in a Nintendo game early, It’s actually good to know other devs got it right (I have little doubt this will have serious problems. Nothing worse than trying to use an Xbox or PS controller.) After this I really can’t wait for Arkham Asylum, which I basically passed on to wait for Wii U. If great ideas like this continue, I know we’ll get the great games.
    And once more, Metroid will be amazing.

  7. Sounds great. This is just the first step in showing how the Wii U’s tablet controller can be used to improve gameplay. I want to see how other multi-platform games will use the controller, If used correctly it could move a lot of unit for Nintendo. The real system seller will be how the first party games use the controller to create an experience that can’t be emulated anywhere else.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Holy crap, the persistent map is enough to warrant investing in the Wii U version. I’ve been replaying through the series these past few months and having to pause and wait for that map to load is one of the most frustrating aspects of the AC series.

  9. i wonder if the graphics of the wii u will amaze me as a kid i grew up with nintendo 64 and gamecube i never bought wii u because the gameplay did not amaze me it looked like virtual reality stuff without 3d and the graphics made me doubt to buy it… now i looked @ the tech demo of the wii u of last years e3 and it looked verry impressive however over the months the gamers say its only 2 times what the xbox 360 can handle or perhaps similiar well if thats the case i rather keep enjoying my ps3 and xbox 360 and wait for something more powerfull or if they can make a zelda like they shown on e3 would change my mind but it takes nintendo years to develop sutch a game whyl sony and microsoft bring blockbusters every year a couple of times… so my conclusion is i have to wait and see first some gameplay footage like 8 or 9 minutes

  10. This is just cool.

    I also loved last E3 when Ubisoft were showing what you can do on the touch screen on the games Ghost Recon and Killer Freaks.

    Also Gearbox said they can do ‘something cool’ on the Wii U controller.

    Get ready for the greatist E3 ever when the Wii U falls out of the sky and lands on the Xbox convention ;)

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  12. Sounds like all of the good stuff the Wii U is capable of, this should inspire other developers as well, which is a very good thing :)

  13. They might as well launch all 3 at once. The Wii U launches November 11th or 18th. Might as well make a big collectors boxed edition while they’re at it. $99.99 (if the extras are worth it)

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