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Here’s The European Wii Box-Art For Epic Mickey 2

Disney has revealed the official European Wii box-art for Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. Epic Mickey 2 is due for release sometime later this year in North America and Europe, but developer Warren Spector wouldn’t be drawn on revealing an exact date for the game. We should hear plenty more about the game at this years E3 event which takes place in June.

22 thoughts on “Here’s The European Wii Box-Art For Epic Mickey 2”

    1. looks like a total fake cover to me. To early in production to have a final cover. Cover the news better brah.

        1. no fail your wrong, its a fake youll see when the game releases its a totally different cover. mickey told me himself ;D

    1. Hey Peteriuss, Sickr sent me an email saying that we should be amicable to each other, that means friendly.

      Lets stop all this war and lets get PEACE ;)

      1. if u want PEACE then dont pay attention to me anymore.just imagine that i dont exist and dont comment with my name .
        the peace begins now…

  1. Now might be a good time to check out the first one…if it sold millions, and spawned a sequel, how bad could it be? :P

    1. The only complaint is the camera at certain points, but I honestly didn’t think it was that problematic. I won the game just fine.

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  3. I understand Mickey’s face is supposed to be representative of his earliest cartoons; but he looks like a grotesque thug at this angle.

  4. Hey, paTROLLeum, I’ll bet your entire shitload of money that this won’t be the cover for the Wii version of Epic Mickey 2. If it turns out to be the cover, then you can give all your money to charity and have an emotional moment with yourself. If it turns out not to be the Wii cover, then you can have sex with Zelda for all I care.

  5. Plus, I am excited for both the Wii AND 3DS versions. why? BECAUSE I CAN! (i love mickey, but not in a gay way :3)

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