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Nintendo 3DS Blows Away Competition, And Kingdom Hearts 3D Number One (Japanese Charts)

This weeks Enterbrain and Media Create sales data is in from Japan and it once again shows that the Nintendo 3DS is currently an unbeatable format. The Nintendo 3DS decimated the competition this week selling an impressive 121,921 units. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was the best-selling piece of software, easily nabbing the number one position. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts:

  1. [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D – Dream Drop Distance
  2. [PS3] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012
  3. [PSP] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012
  4. [3DS] Kid Icarus: Uprising
  5. [NDS] Pokemon Conquest
  6. [PSP] Black Panther 2: Yakuza Ashura Chapter
  7. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  8. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  9. [PSV] Pro Baseball Spirits 2012
  10. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  • 3DS – 121,921
  • PS3 – 23,771
  • PSP – 18,356
  • Vita – 12,105
  • Wii – 9,292
  • PS2 – 1,374
  • Xbox 360 – 1,317
  • DSi LL – 941
  • DSi – 771

32 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Blows Away Competition, And Kingdom Hearts 3D Number One (Japanese Charts)”

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  1. vita never had the chance… bad move Sony now you will lose even more money. Imagine when monster hunter pokemon and smash bros come out….. YEP! Nintendo might need to ring the funeral directors and pass it on to sONY


      1. let see melee successor rumored 2005
        brawl trailer 2006
        brawl more info 2007
        brawl release 2008

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        brawl successor release either late 2013 or early 14.

  2. Anyone notice how the PS2 did better than the XBox 360? I’m not knocking MS. I’m just pointing a fact out.

    1. Xbox 360 is not popular at all in Japan.

      It’s primarily the Playstation consoles and Nintendo consoles doing best.

      Microsoft is an american company and they market better and to best there. 360 dominates over PS3 in USA.

  3. Kingdom hearts Sold 213,579 units. Better than everything else (in Japan) but still not even close to a “great” release. I mean for Japan cool, but you need at least a million to be considered good in the US.

    1. Jaded -> (Soon to be DryBones)

      I know. I LOVE Kid Icarus. I liked the gameplay, the new controls, the conversations during the levels were funny as hell (only rarely were they corny), and the graphics were beautiful.

      Maybe the multiplayer wasn’t as deep as some would like, but the game was truely amazing.

  4. Wow Vita… You are disappointing me right now. Come on, it can’t be that bad. My 3ds is great but its missing that other competition from the the other handhelds,, and even consoles. Vita you are slaking like a sloth and pathetic.

  5. the 3DS outsold the vita by nearly 110,000 just in japan this week (which means that in japan, the 3DS outsold the vita by a ratio of over 10:1). the difference for global sales is bound to be bigger (i’m thinking 140k difference)….. and it’s april, so nintendo should be making profit off of each 3DS sold soon if not now! good times all around for nintendo right now

    1. Different regions different dates sales figure announcements fucktard, lol.
      3DS sales are burying Vita sales worldwide BTW from what I’ve read, lol.

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