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Enjoy This Brand New Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer

Capcom has released an action-packed trailer for the forthcoming Resident Evil 6 at this years Captivate event. The company has already announced that the game is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. A Wii U version of Resident Evil 6 hasn’t been confirmed, but seems fairly likely given the support Capcom has given the Nintendo 3DS and previous Nintendo consoles. We should find out for sure at this years E3 event in June.

25 thoughts on “Enjoy This Brand New Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer”

  1. A lot of spoilers in this one. Leon’s weave is really shiny and voluptuous. I hope Chris rips it out during their tussle.

  2. This better comes for the wii u. ANd I know it’s not a stupid shoot them up. I need this game like how i need pussy.!!!!1

    Get N or Get OUT!!!!

  3. release date change!!! from 11/20 to 10/02. either didn’t want to compete w/ BlackOps2 or the WiiU comes out Sunday Sept 30th and RE6 is a ‘launch’ title. either way, expect Halloween DLC :)

  4. Looks pretty cool. Love Leon. He kicked ass in RE4. That woman looks like Ada. What the fuck is she up to this time. If she wasn’t so hot Leon would have put a bullet in her head already. Hot Asian chicks FTW.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  5. WOW that was AMAZING! Wesker Jr, Chris and Leon havong a fight, SHERRY! (I heard that name in the video… the young Sherry in the RE2??) This game is absolutely amazing.

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