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It Looks Like Sony’s Smash Bros Clone Will Be Called “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”

Rumours that Sony were working on their own Super Smash Bros clone surfaced way back in November last year but it’s only now that Sony has registered the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale domain. The project was originally referred to internally as Title Fight but it seems as though the long-winded PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is the official name for the free-for-all beat em up.

195 thoughts on “It Looks Like Sony’s Smash Bros Clone Will Be Called “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale””

        1. full smash 64 roster
          mario, donkey_kong, link, samus, yoshi, fox, kirby, pikachu
          luigi, captain_falcon, ness, jigglypuff

          i miss old-school smash… hopefully SSB4 will go back to its roots when it was good and balanced

          1. Lol, I love Smash 64, but it was anything BUT balanced. Kirby and Captain Falcon were right-out broken. Every game has had that one character or two that is absolute top-tier, really.

            1. Heck, Melee had more unbalanced characters than any other game. The only reason people hit on Brawl so much is because pro-SSB gamers weren’t as big then as they are now.

            2. *cough* Pikachu *cough* Really, Pikachu was the most broken because they didn’t have mid air dodge, so pika could just juggle the opponents with Thunder..

      1. @Venom Jamaica: That game looks gorgeous. This may be screenshots from the Wii U version of this game. One of the cars in the screenshots has the Nintendo logo on it.

    1. speaking of fan boys i know by a fact that sony fans will say “this is better that smash bros” etc, omg all hell will break losed.

    2. Lies, its gonna have 22 characters in all. So dont try to go around the internet sayin that stuff when its not even true k? so do us all a favor and keep your fanboyness to yourself and face the facts. Its gonna have 22 characters and i know you mad cuz thats even less than melee so yeah and sony just cant make up a new ip for a fighting game even 5 for that matter dont be ridiculous seriously? Where’s your source!

      1. It was a joke about how Sony has almost no own characters that are famous enough for a game like this to be good, k?

    3. As a Smash Bros. fan who owns a PS3, I’m actually pretty excited for this game. I hope it’s really good, but how bad can Kratos, Cole, Ratchet and Sackboy nuking it off at Nürburgring Nordschleife be?

    1. Everyone who bitches about “Nintendo news” is or isn’t can take a dive. This IS Nintendo news, first of all, and I’m oh so sorry that Sickr isn’t posting news specifically for your twisted perception of what is.

        1. you could have completely ignored the story, it would have been just the same as the story never being posted, only people who want to read it can

          1. I did ignore the story. But read the header so I knew the story already. Its just posts like this just shows the influence of fanboyism.

        2. this is nintendo related as it is possible copying of a nintendo game. Your only looking on the surface of the situation.

          1. What I really see is just fanoboyism. Look I don’t care that Sickr posts thing unrelated to Nintendo. But I feel like this was posted just to spark some more fire.

            1. There actually are people who can think… I want to thank you, chipotechingon.
              By calling it a ‘clone’ of SSB, Sickr’s reason of posting this is more than obvious. I personally find it just ridiculous to call it a clone of SSB when there’s no single video or even picture of the game. Sick fanboys, that’s what you all are.

              1. Heck, it could very well have a Mortal Kombat system, or a Street Fighter one, or (most likely) something entirely new.

      1. umm no this is not nintendo news it has nothing to do with nintendo or isnt even related to nintendo its sony news

                1. Problem is that Sony fanboys then say “Sony did it first!!11oneoneone1!!” or “Sony waz bettah!!” or some crap like that and no credit is given to Nintendo

          1. What I find pretty fucking sad is the fact that you all don’t seem to enjoy video games but taking sides.
            Plus, copying means recreating the exact same replica of something. You didn’t see any footage of Sony’s game, so you don’t know if there are any similarities to Super Smash Bros. . And I guess that it’s to be expected that Sony is not going to use Mario, Link etc. as their characters. Therefore: No, Sony did not copy Nintendo. Not every fighting game which was created after SSB is a copy of it, means Sony’s game is not a copy of it as well. Sony is being inspired by Nintendo, if you want to call it like that, and implements their ideas in a whole different way. That’s the way it is.

          2. No proof, Sony has yet to show anything. it could just end up beign a clone of Powerstone or even Street Fighter

            this just shows Sickrs a huge fanboys who caters to Fantards and feeds trolls.

        1. Could u tell me some SSB styled games? i would like to play them. i also would like to play PSALBR. that’s a good thig, instead of havin 1 SSB avary 5 year we can have more good games.

          1. Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL
            Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up
            Jump Ultimate Stars (Import)
            Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii Only)
            Digimon Arena Rumble 1 and 2
            Small Arms

    2. Exactly my point, is called “My Nintendo” for a reason, not “Nintendo”

      If I see more shitty stories like this I’m just gonna stop coming to this site. There are plenty of other sites I can go to that I can get ACTUAL Nintendo News.

    1. Sickr is a fanboy, what does this have to do with Nintendo? Sickr doesn’t post “MARVEL VS CAPCOM IS A SUPER SMASH BROS KNOCKOFF” or stuff like that.

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        1. Well then you can just learn how to spell right now, because we here are playing the best games in the world.

    1. It looks like you are in dire need of this. It might be able to help when you decide to realize that trolling on a site and arguing about any console is totally pointless and should not be any form in the video game industry as it does not aid the companies, nor does it aid in the enjoyment of the actual playing of the games. Now then, immature troll, you can take your l33t speak and go to the farthest reaches of the interwebs where no one can hear you whine and complain.

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    1. It probably won’t be better. But I don’t think you can say Move is better than Wiimote for this. After all, Super Smash Bros. didn’t use motion controls.

    2. Move > Wiimote is correct, but since Sony released it far later than Wii it better be or there wouldn’t be a point.

      As for This > SSB I’d highly doubt it, there are other clones of Smash and none of them touch even close to the franchise, it might be good, but it probably won’t be better, hell I don’t think any clone or SSB game will be better than SSBM.

    3. The Move > Wiimote may be true – Sony had about 4 more years to work on it. This game > SSB is also in the same context, seeing as Sony are making this game in 2012, while Nintendo made the original Super Smash Bros in 1999. Not exactly a fair comparison.

    4. Actually Wiimote plus= Move (to be fair)
      And this game>smash is just ridiculous. Just like Crash was better than Mario just because it came out later (this last part is sarcasm for all the Sheldons out there).

      1. Completely off topic:
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    5. No one will care about it. Mostly because there will be nothing about it to care about. The idea behind this just doesn’t present itself as well as Smash Bros did.

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  2. I will say that, in my opinion, Sony are the leaders in exclusive titles out of the main competing companies at the moment. Although, Nintendo’s games all seem to (somewhat) relate to a single universe. We find it to make sense when we see Samus beating the ever-loving hell out of Peach.

    I think it will be slightly awkward witnessing a fight between Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, and Resistance’s Joseph Capelli.

    That said, they have a lot of potential with this title. It’ll appeal to die-hard PS3 owners who wouldn’t care two cents about Microsoft or the new Wii-U, but the game might also grab the attention of a few of the littered “omni-gamers”. Gamers who are open to new ideas and don’t necessarily conform to one system or company.

    Myself, for example, will be riveted by the game’s release, albeit being a childhood Nintendo fanboy who bought a 360 years before his PS3.

    1. “I think it will be slightly awkward witnessing a fight between Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, and Resistance’s Joseph Capelli.”

      Don’t think that’s the major issue here, its more like Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, and Resistance’s Joseph Capelli vs sackboy

  3. Since I recently got a PS3, I might check this out. But I will not buy new, I would rather pay the £10 online pass and a used copy for £25, than buy a new one for £30. I want to support Sony copying Nintendo as little as possible, even if that means paying more for the full experience.

  4. should be an interesting game. kratos better be a playable character. my only gripe is that expect a lot of bullshit paid dlc for characters and stages that should be unlockables in the damn game.

  5. Old news and not Nintendo related. People call it a Smash Bros clone, but you might as well report about Little Big Planet Karting or Modnation Racer since those are considered Mario Kart clones.

    Seriously, is it me or has every Nintendo-focused sites/blogs started to post news on more general stuff? They post info on GTA, the next CoD, etc. While it’s highly likely that those games will show up on Wii U, they have not confirmed anything yet, which renders all of those news useless to Nintendo fans, at least for now. Now they’re posting on what MS might show or a Sony game.

      1. IF it does indeed come to Nintendo systems, then yes, by all means post them here. However, when you post news of games that haven’t been confirmed yet, no matter how logical a port may be, then that is non-Nintendo news. The same goes for the “power” of PS4 or Nextbox or news like this Smash Bros clone.

    1. Other than the fact that CoD has always come to the Wii, you’re correct, sort of. GTA has been rumored to come to the Wii U and that is the only reason that it is posted.

  6. how do they expect this game to be any fucking good?

    i mean as soon as you put kratos in there all the other chars will be useless POS unless they make him a weak ass idiot

    1. Yes because Samus is as weak as mario. Pichus as strong as ganon, and every character on smash can land a punch on sonic…. :l

      its just a game.

  7. zant's faithful servant

    Honestly this just doesn’t sound like it’ll work well. after all, there are extremely few ps exclusives worth playing. so who will they use besides kratos and cole mcgrath? the man-woman-it-person-thing from journey? and this just proves, once again, that sony is not any more innovative than nintendo.

  8. I might just check this out just to see how much they stole from Nintendo this time. I’m getting sick of Sony’s sudden lack of originality lately. They took the wireless controllers from the Wii, they stole Trophies from the 360, and now they took the plot from one of Nintendo’s best selling video game series. Now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have good, sometimes even great ideas (Little Big Planet and Infamous just to name a couple), they just seem to come once in a blue moon nowadays.

    Just because I prefer Nintendo over Sony and Microsoft doesn’t mean I automatically hate the PS3 and 360.

  9. Sounds like a new burger from McDonalds…. without the Mc bit. Still I’m excited. I’m a fanboy of both Nintendo & Sony and Love exclusives on both consoles. Seeing as we have no idea how the game will play yet (it hasn’t even been officially announced!) I think it’s too soon to judge it as a “rip off”. Sure Sony has copied in the past and by making a fighting game with all their exclusives, it is no doubt inspired by Smash Bros. However the game play could be very different.

  10. You guys act like only Nintendo has a great lineup of first party characters. God damn fucking Nintendrones… ~_~ Sackboy, Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot, Drake, need I go on or you need some more?

    1. Asides from Kratos and Drake, the other games you mention are pretty much dead and they hold no iconic relevance. They were good, but Sony didn’t know how to handle them well, Even Sackboy is going in that direction, and the new GoD Ascension announcement hasn’t really put the gaming community on fire.

      Sony’s characters are not iconic enough not because they are bad games, but because they didn’t take good care of them, so they relied on creating new IPs to gain new fan, but now they lack the characters to do a decent crossover game.

      Let’s say Kratos is in it, GoW fans will want him tearing his enemies apart, but then that would not look appealing if you have someone like Drake as his opponent, or Sackboy, or Crash. They would have to tone it down to make the game more enjoyable for fans of the games. However, if they do tone it down like that, then what about the fans that want to see blood and gore? And will it be more like Mortal Kombat 9 or Marvel vs Capcom 3? Because I’m sure Sony is too hardcore for something like Smash Bros, though I’m positive they can’t use that fighting system on their games since Nintendo would sue them.

    2. Actually LIVING Nintendo first party franchises:

      Mario, Kirby, Link, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kid Icarus (newly revived), Pokémon, Starfox, Animal Crossing… Notice: Many of these have more games than every single one of the above…

    3. crash bandicoot is actually third party now since it has appeared on the Gamecube and GBA…. guess what they all have in common? pretty much losers with a gun or gadgets… YAWN

  11. Sony can clone if they want. But no matter how good it is, it won’t cut into SSB’s sales. It’s those characters that people know that are in the game that makes it sell.

    1. Son, if I told you EVERYTHING Sony had stolen from Nintendo you would not know what’s true or fiction anymore…

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  14. The game is gonna be shit becoz sony characters are lame and are not that iconic ,the game wouldnt be balanced becoz if u pick kratos he would just rip the enemy apart and its just a shitty clone …Sony always steals from Nintendo ..Nintendo should sue those bastards …..

    1. I think you might be trolling, if you do it’s a fail because you actually speaks the words of truth… It CAN’T be as good as SSB because Sony does not simply have as iconic first party characters because they focus more about third party developers..

  15. So many fanboys. . .

    I have an idea. . . look up a title called Fighters Megamix, it was for the Sega Saturn. . .

    Then come back here and tell me that Sony is ripping Nintendo off. . .

      1. you missed my point. The fact here is everyone is stating that Sony is ripping off Nintendo, yet the very concept you claim Sony are ripping off didn’t originate from Nintendo, but from Sega.

      1. Yes, but let me ask you. Does anyone know what the gameplay is going to be like in this upcoming Sony title? Has Sony come out and said bluntly, the gameplay in this upcoming title is going to be exactly like Super Smash Bros? If not (and I assume they haven’t) then the only reason people are claiming that Sony is ripping off Nintendo here is because the main concept here (a cross-IP battle) is similar, and once again I claim, a concept Nintendo did not originate

  16. It was only a matter of time before Sony or MS decided to copy the Amash bros formula. I don’t think they have what it takes to make it as goood as the original, but their fanboys will flock to it quickly, hoping to proclaim it better than Smash Bros.

    Leave luck to heaven

  17. Leave luck to heaven that this game fails. Sony’s always trying to get better than Nintendo by copying their Wiimotes and turning them into PSM remotes. Sony, when will you learn? XD

  18. Hahahah this is ridiculous! If Sony is gonna be that desperate for ideas then they might as well just go out of business,this will NEVER EVER come as close to how great and awesome SSB is…

  19. Sony, after PlayStation Move, I lost half of my respect for you. This just made me lose another ten percent.

    Now my Xbox 360 gets the right to sit next to the Wii on the TV stand. The PS3 will be moved to the floor.

  20. i am willing to bet that a lot of PS3 owners will be ignorant and when the next super smash bros game comes in (whenever that may be) they will complain about how Nintendo copied them

    1. Actually, Nintendo did copy Sony. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been in development for 200 years, before Nintendo even existed as a card company. Spies from Nintendo got a look at the plans and used them to make Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64.

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  22. Well… I’m a little late for this convo but it’s definitely a copy of SSB. Sadly, it’s game play sucks and graphics aren’t superior at all.

    Nintendo > Sony. Gl next time

    1. So you played it then?
      I’m not saying it isn’t, but it’s better to try it before you make that decision.

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