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Operation Rainfall Is Looking To Pitch Pandora’s Tower To American Publishers

Nintendo of America has already released the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles, and is looking to release The Last Story during the Summer, but what about Pandora’s Tower? Well, Operation Rainfall is looking to take things into their own hands and pitch the game to publishers in a desperate effort to bring the game to North America.

With the recent revelation that XSEED Games approached Nintendo of America to publish The Last Story in North America and the fact that GameStop may have played a large role in the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles, the staff of Operation Rainfall have decided to try a different approach regarding a North America release of Pandora’s Tower. Our previous campaigns involved a lot of messaging Nintendo of America – on Facebook and Twitter, through email and over the phone, and even via physical mail.

This time, rather than asking Nintendo for Pandora’s Tower directly (which we have already been doing for the past 9 months, alongside Xenoblade Chroniclesand The Last Story), instead we would like to pitch Pandora’s Tower to the publishers themselves. This does not involve any spamming or harassing of the various publishers, but instead we plan on sending a special promotional kit to each of the publishers we have selected.

13 thoughts on “Operation Rainfall Is Looking To Pitch Pandora’s Tower To American Publishers”

  1. Hope this works out. I pre-ordered it for it’s UK release, though I’ve yet to play it. I must say though, it’s story looks like the most interesting out of the three games, looking forward to when I get the time to play it.

  2. I hope it comes out, of the three (Xeno, Story, Tower) this is the one I want the most. I do plan to get all three eventually. The Last Story looks incredible too.

  3. I really hope this succeeds. It could be the last great game for the Wii before Wii U is launched.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. Good luck to America. I bought it last week and….I don’t care much for it. But you guys might like it

  5. I hope that you guys don’t get the game because frankly I am getting sick and tired of you whining.

    Face it Nintendo hates you.

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