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Metroid Wii U Running On Unreal Engine 3? Wii U Running Android?

French Nintendo site NintendoTown has posted a batch of hot new Wii U rumours. First up is Metroid is currently in development and is being built using the Unreal Engine 3. A tech demo of Metroid Wii U has been shown to a few select people and the game is a joint venture between Nintendo and Retro Studios.

Another rumour, which was previously posted on AdWeek a few months back, is that Nintendo is in talks with various media companies in an effort to secure Video on Demand titles. The rumour itself implies that there will be a built-in application on the console’s dashboard similar to those on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The last rumour, which is possibly the hardest to believe, is Nintendo has Google Android running as the operating system for Wii U. This clearly sounds far-fetched but stranger things have happened. We should find out for sure about all these rumours at E3.

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147 thoughts on “Metroid Wii U Running On Unreal Engine 3? Wii U Running Android?”

        1. It will be Metroid Prime. Same gameplay, but it won’t be called Metroid Prime, because, you know, Metroid Prime is dead. It would be called Metroid: Hunt or something like that.

          1. Rumors are kind of out of hand on various sites websites are posting rumors for hits. This use to be one of few sites that rarely posted rumors and now rumors are being posted more frequently here….. please don’t go down that route :)

      1. Man I forgot about that. I think it looks even better than many games on the other systems. Now, maybe they’ll make bolder moves but nothing that will hold back gameplay.

        1. LOL, given up on Nintendo for using a Linux based OS that far surpasses that of crApple in freedom, development, features, and operations? Sir you fail at life with your iphone/

        1. I beg to differ, other M was the best Metroid game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all of them. It made you look into Samus’s past and made you see how she gained her badass ways, she was “human” before, and like all of us, had feelings which she unprofessionally showed, made mistakes, and all led her to become who she is in the rest of the games. It gave a set story, a cast of characters, and still maintained the sense of solitude, the “must explore to 100%”, 2D/3D gameplay to please all fans, one of the Wii’s most graphically appealing looks, and an accurate yet simple controls that the most skilled of players could go a whole game like a badass, and the latter could still enjoy. Everyone that says the game sucked and not even admit that it was an excellent addition to the franchise, are just close minded retards who are stuck in the past. I enjoyed Other M more than any other metroid game since Super Metroid. And given how the story directly, and most significantly gets influenced by the SNES title, it’s become my favorite.

      1. haha i think Metroid prime and Super metroid is one of the greatest games ever made. But when i played Other M i literary broke i hated it.
        It has nothing to do with metroid i terms of gameplay no music, no puzzles, no adventure, no items to find(exept missiles) etc

    1. yeah halo 3 was suppose to be the last halo some how there has been 4 more games to come out since than


    Holy crap, Android on Wii U? I have an Android phone and it’s better than iPhone so I’m thrilled if it’s true.

  2. I’m not so sure about that rumor… but the Wii U’s gotta be running off of something similar to that of UNIX, take a look at the Wii for example, it’s similar to that of a Linux, but runs on formatted FAT32. Runs .dol and .elf type files.

    1. True. I had a OS based on Linux running on the Wii. I think we called Wiinux, just for fun, even if that was the real name i don’t remember, but hey it’s possible. Android is getting pretty hard into games, I would love if my WiiU runs that kind of operative system. Think on the possibilities! The files sync:With another devices, our android phones for example, to have acces to music, or videos through Google Drive. Or to take advantage of the great and growing list of Apps that Android has.

      Nintendo Games on HD + Android benefits = Sounds legit.

      It has pros and contras, but i see more pros at this point.

      ¡Suena genial, y si lo logran será genial, he dicho!

  3. Metroid on Unreal Engine 3?!

    Take my money!

    Anyway, for the next Metroid game, I hope that they don’t concentrate on any filler (M:OM). I want Metroid V! It should take place after Fusion and should deal with what happens to Samus after she disobeyed a direct order from the Galactic Federation. Maybe the new enemies would be the Galactic Federation army themselves, but if it’s in First-Person, then it may be too similar to a CoD game.

    Also, I want a story. Not as in your face as Other M, but story-telling like Fusion and Super Metroid or the Prime games.

    1. False: Metroid, or any Nintendo game, could never be like CoD. Because it’d have to suck.

      I think the idea of Galactic federation getting involved is an important point to make, but having a common goal is a much stronger story. Echoes, Corruption and Other M have very good stories, even of they aren’t played out too much. As long as Samus doesn’t get so distracted by them like she does in Other M.

  4. Don’t see Nintendo leaving the OS up to a third party. Especially if they want to be able to sync with the 3DS and have complete control over it.
    Only about 40 days until we get concrete details of Wii U

    1. But it obviously not gonna be modified the wiiu is too good for unreal engine 3 but their just doing that for now because since the wiiu can also support unreal engine 4 they dont want Ultra realism for their firstparty games most likely

      1. It’s not ‘Google’s take on Apple’s iOS’ in the slightest. The only significant similarities are multi-touch and multiple home screens. Other than that, Android was bought by Google in 2005 (having already been in development since 2003), long before the iPhone existed and in fact 3 years before the iPod Touch. For Android to be Google’s ‘take’ on iOS, the iOS used on the iPod Touch and above would have had to have existed before Android. It didn’t.

        1. Its a fact that google was helping apple develop an OS for phones then bought android and left apple with alot of ideas and made their own OS which is why jobs felt betrayed by google

      1. yeah but you people need to realize that it wont be modded this time wiiu can fully run unreal engine 3.4 and more! in fact nintendo’s making sure it runs unreal engine 4 that way when the nexbox and ps4 comes out theywont be left out in the cold with third party support again like the wii

        1. the wii was just a disaster for third party development was easy but the power was just bad and i think nintendo knew this all along but failed to act on it. im a huge nintendo fan but i do love graphics since n64 and gamecube and personally gamecube has better graphics than the wii hell 3ds has better graphics than wii

  5. I hope to hell they are developing a Metroid title. More so if it done in partnership with Retro!
    Not sure what I think about it running Android though. I think I’ll reserve judgement until I actually see what it is like.

  6. *grunts* I just jizzed in my pants. And that was just from the Metroid rumour. If Retro was good enough to make Metroid Prime on the Gamecube the best looking console game of that generation, imagine what they can do with the Wii U’s power and Unreal Engine 3.

    It’s a very smart move for Nintendo to be reaching out to these media companies to beef up the multimedia capabilities of Wii U. As for Andoid, I’ve never used an Andoid device myself, but I’ve only heard good things. Which one will it be? Ice Cream Sandwich, or is that only for mobile phones. It’s a good idea if they want people to be making video calls like they show in the video last year. I need to change my pants.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. The OS rumor is try… I would hope its a modified version of Android latest OS (ICS). If the rumor is false, we at least know the Wii U OS will be based of some sort of Unix based platform.

  7. Rumors are not true. Retro has all but admitted they’re working on Starfox, and Android is NOT a good system for a gaming console. It’s meant for portables and portables only.

    1. I certainly hope they’re working on Star Fox. Honestly, as much as I like Metroid, I’m sick and tired of people begging for another Metroid Prime. That story is done and should stay done.

      If Retro really does take up Metroid again, hopefully it will be something new and hopefully NOT FIRST-PERSON!! Sorry for the caps but the Prime games embody my hatred for first-person games.

      1. Exactly! Metroid is great, can’t wait to see it, but it has had TONS of attention these past 2 generations. Can they give something else a chance?

    2. Please do explain why Android is ‘meant for portables and portables only’, seeing as it has been successfully ported to laptops and desktop PCs.

      1. “Successfully”? Not exactly. You don’t go into a store and see a desktop running Android. That’s not what I call successful.

        1. A basic OP is generally what a console needs…..would you rather put windows on it to hog all the resources?

    3. I’m sorry but I have heard no such rumors please provide evidence please about star fox. And don’t stretch the “something everyone wants us to do” quote that far. Because them hiring the darksiders artist means either another metroid a darker Zelda or an original IP.

      1. They said words to the effect of “with DKCR, we had a blast, but now we’re looking at doing a barrel roll of a different kind” it should be on this site somewhere…

    1. Nah. I like both Cryengine and Unreal 3 better than Frostbite. Frostbite has this weird look to it that I don’t like.

      1. Video chat, Music, Videos.. All the files storaged on Google Drive and Dropbox for example. All the Google services and, if it fits well, the portablity… Maybe using your phone ( a powerful one) to get your games out of home, just like the Vita claims to do if i’m not wrong… God when I think on the possibilities, the list never ends *-*

  8. It won’t be a Prime game, even if it is a first person style game. Prime referred to Metroid Prime, which is dead. They can do a game in the same style without it being a sequel, or prequel. This is probably just a random rumour, since we always get loads of these around E3 time, but I hope to god that its real. Metroid! :ffffffffff

  9. I don’t know anything about Android, but for some reason, using something that a phone runs off of to make a console better just doesn’t seem to make sense to me.
    I’m happy that the Wii U is confirmed to use the Unreal Engine 3.9, though.

  10. If the rumors about a Metriod game running on Unreal Engine 3 on Nintendo’s new console is true… it would be more than just a dream come true. And if that rumor about the Google Android app for the U is true, I’m gonna empty up my wallet and purchase the Big N’s new console!!!!!!!

  11. I would actually be Siked to hear Wii u is running Android. Think about it: apps for the tablet and its easy to develop for. Plus the system itself can run big budget titles.

  12. HOLY FUCK SHIT YES! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! METROID RUNNING UNREAL 3! AND RETRO FRICKIN STUDIOS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. Conveniently, I recently bought an Android device. If true, then maybe some nice console-phone syncing in order, hehe.

    As for the Metroid Unreal Engine 3 demo, this is probably the most likely rumor. It’s disappointing that it’s not rumored as Unreal Engine 4, but Unreal Engine 3 is good enough for now, for the Metroid game.

    1. Samaritan is running unreal 3 and unreal 4 is said to only be possible on really advanced computers so no. It will possiblly run on a modified version later on just like 3 now a days but right now the tech is new. And with Samaritan demo you can see that devs still have a long way to go with unreal 3 and that’s exciting.

    1. Tell ya what, I would. I wouldnt even care if they brought back the Other M gameplay, just only somehow make the aiming harder to aim (no autoaim lol) and no first person view. And to tell Samus to cut the crap. but knowing retro, samus (and all of us) will be speechless. :D

      1. They should have at least put the lock-on thing from Metroid Prime into Other M. Oh wait, that’s right, we were playing on only the damn remote sideways, well that sucks.

  14. 1. Unreal engine 3 is so limited. One of the fails for dust 514. Sure it’s easier to use, but you just don’t get to have awesomeness that you get from using a newer engine.

    2. Video on demand makes sense. Easy to implement and is great competition wise with the other systems.

    3. Android is in bed with Sony and Microsoft, why not Nintendo? Although with Playstation suite coming out, would be expected that Nintendo release a non-console device like a phone to run droid on too. Or else what would be the point?

    Overall positive rumors. A lot better than the “OMG ITS GOING TO FAIL” stuff that most rumors are.

      1. Imagine what Nintendo’s new console would like like… and I don’t care if either a bird or Samaritan demo… it’s gonna be a freakin’ BEAST of a system!!!!!!!

        Now you’re playing with power!

      2. There’s no guarantee that 3.5 will be any more valuable later on when the Wii U is out. And all you loogeys out there posting this damn demo every time you try to prove UE3 has life in it, just stop. You’re not proving anything more or less.

        1. I mean, at least post the bird demo instead (allegedly also done with Unreal Engine 3). I’d rather watch that than the same beat-em-up crap.

          1. I would post the Japanese garden but it’s not quite confirmed to be UE3. Japanese garden looks just as good as samaritan in certain places though so its basically the same thing…

            1. In actuality, Rein (Epic Games) have already confirmed that the Japanese Garden demo was indeed powered by Unreal Engine 3. Not to mention the fact that most of the in-game demos were also powered by UE3.

    1. If by bed with Microsoft you mean Microsoft making 15 bucks on every android phone sold because of a lawsuit they yes Microsoft screwing android over is bed. Smh they’re competitors in the OS game

  15. Android as an OS (but with a Nintendo overhaul to most of the interface) would actually be pretty awesome. Think of all the games and apps that would be compatible right out of the box. Makes some sense, if you think about it.


    1. Specially drawing and design apps. I’m architecture student + a gamer, so I’d be pretty glad if a can use Autodesk on my WiiU! This will make it a pro tool at some point… Ultra Graphics Process on House-Android-based device…
      Don’t know if that’s the correct traduction but it seems to get the idea.. fuck yeah

      1. Hehe, I’m a computer science student, so the fun part for me would be being able to develop my own apps (since I know a thing or two about Android code). That would be really cool. Just goes to show how this idea would make quite a few people interested.

  16. I just had my first ever NERDGASM… OMG… Metroid and Android… OMG… this is absolutely the best ever news….

  17. No pricing or launch date for the Wii U to be expected at E3.

    That must be some awesome show they’ve got if they don’t even need to say those details.

  18. alright, talking about Epic Games… WHERE THE HELL IS JAZZ JACKRABBIT 3D? They should make it on their engine. The forgotten are still there Epic…

  19. As much as I loved the Metroid Prime Trilogy, I want them to work on something else. Do you know why? Because I want to see them do other things. DKCR was awesome, Rumors of the next Star Fox sounds legit and I’m stoked for that, BUT what I really want to see is what they would do if they worked on their own IP.

    1. Whatever their own IP is, is pretty much whatever Nintendo wants. Even before Nintendo acquired Retro a few years back, Retro was already formed under an alliance with Nintendo from the very beginning. They were born Nintendo.

  20. I was hoping for it to run on the new CryEngine 3.4 -_- that would’ve been a LOT more better… Well… I can still dream :(

  21. Just saw footage of that Playstation All Star Battle Royale PASBR thing. It is definitely very Smash Bros-y. I would have been more impressed if the fights had played out in a Dissidia fashion, but oh well.

  22. this actually made me giggle with glee. nintendo have the right idea going back to retro with metroid the prime games were just epic. then combined with unreal 3 even better! please let these rumors be true!

  23. Maybe the tablet controller will run on Android? Its not a bad idea though, but it really is far-fetched.

  24. Sweet rumors if true. As for the android one I doubt its true but in fairness I don’t see how it doesn’t make sense or is terrible like others have stated. Android has a movie and music service which we know is coming to Wii U its a simple operating system and its open source allowing Nintendo the ability to change it as they choose. Google has tried to get in the set top box realm with googletv so I could see that also.

  25. While it’d be really great to see the Wii U running an OS as great as Android, it won’t happen because Nintendo don’t like mods! And we all know what Android users do to their phones…

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  28. i want to buy it so bad plus that it has nintendo land and miiverse i want to play so baddly the legend of zelda battle quest it is the only multiplayer zelda game besides 4 swords and mii verse will help a lot to grab new friends and metroid+android+wii u +better graphics= sky rocking awesome

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