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Nintendo 3DS And Wii 80’s Virtual Console Retro Gaming Extravaganza

Retro gaming fans are in for a treat this Thursday when two classic 80’s games come to the Virtual Console.

The first retro offering is Game & Watch Gallery 2, the Game Boy Color classic, which features a collection of five vintage handheld games including Parachute, Helmet and the original Donkey Kong. Each game is playable in their original 80s version and also in a remastered version featuring enhanced graphics, sound and new gameplay, giving you two different gaming experiences.

Also on offer is one for cat lovers as Cat Frenzy makes its way onto Nintendo DSiWare. In order to save the kittens that are trapped in the well, you will have to Slide rows or columns of cute, cuddly cats to create chains to pull them out of the well. With over 100 levels across two game modes, there is plenty of feline fun to keep you engaged!

Coming to Virtual Console on Wii this week is Super Hang-On, the hit arcade racing sequel to the SEGA classic “Hang-On”. Originally appearing in European arcades in 1987, it will put your street bike skills well and truly to the test through 48 challenging tracks set across four continents. Super Hang-On is retro arcade racing at its very best.

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