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Animal Crossing 3D Will Be “Richer” Than Previous Games

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that Animal Crossing: Jump Out will take full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’ unique capabilities to deliver a much “richer” experience than those found in previous Animal Crossing titles. The game is currently scheduled for a Fall release in Japan, but we should be given a Western release date at E3 next month.

“When the company can finalize the development of the software which takes full advantage of these unique functions, for example, if we can do so with the new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS, our consumers will be able to feel and realise that the new Animal Crossing is not only a richer version of its predecessors but also how positively such functions can affect their play experiences.”

71 thoughts on “Animal Crossing 3D Will Be “Richer” Than Previous Games”

    1. Feel the same, but my little sister loves and is still playing the one on the Wii. I’ll probably give it a shot and hand it off to my sister afterwards.

      1. Strange, I thought about doing the exact same thing. Only she doesn’t have her own 3DS, so she’ll always be on mine.

    2. Never played it, but I somehow imagine it being similar to Harvest Moon in terms of day by day boredom. I love this sort of thing, it helps me learn patience lol. I might finally give it a try. I might have to try an older version first just so I know what “richer” experience I’m getting.

      1. dude trust me its nothing like Harvest Moon….its very hard to explain the simpe joys of animal crossing. the thing u are basically doing little chores like planting and fishing and decorating you house and basically taking care of your town….i know that sounds very simplistic but trust me its amazing how fulfilling these little things are. the game also corrisponds with real world time so when its night in real world its night in the game and it also corrispunds with real world date. u can play this game for months and still havent done everything……when i first got animal crossing on the DS it consumed my life

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  1. With features such as Spot Pass and Street Pass, I believe the concepts and philosophies behind Animal Crossing will finally be completely realized. It will be super easy to visit towns and exchange items now. I loved the Wii game, but connecting with friends was way too arduous to be fun.

    1. I keep forgetting about the new 3ds features that all the games have now. seeing other towns and housed should be way easier now. I very excited about Street pass. i street pass ppl all the time at the mall.

        1. Not in the Philippines either, but there’s one specific mall in which I ALWAYS get Streetpasses. O_O And if you go to a convention, you’re sure to get some, too.

    2. This. But…I still doubt I’ll be getting it. I can’t pirate anymore, and I’m not exactly rich enough to buy every 3DS game I want. ;v;

    3. exactly… and now that its a much more powerful system all the little things that held back the DS version will be gone and i expect the developers to do much more than the wii version….things like having all the animals of your town going indoors when you have visitors….i expect us to be able to have a massive amount of friends in our town at once this time around….the town should be much bigger too

    1. they better put nes games like they did on the gamecube version with at leas 3 snes games and 3 arcade, then it will be a master piece!!! can’t wait!

      1. shut up. Why the fuck do you want the same roms on animal crossing? get a frigging emulator!!!!!!!!!

          1. ERRRR SO DO I!? Why would you wanna buy a full priced game just to play NES OR SNES games? I would rather prefer more furniture sets…

          2. thank you! is good to see some people with a brain here! wanna exchange friend codes on the 3ds? n_n

  2. Ah, Animal Crossing. I’ve been playing the original Gamecube title recently, and I can safely say that I am really looking forward to this one. I actually haven’t bought a 3DS yet, but I’ll be sure to get one this summer when I can afford it.

    1. Actually the original was the Japanese Animal Forest for N64. The GC version is a slightly updated port

  3. will probably be the same game as the last 3 games. Prob change the idea of working for Tm Nook and add some swimming to the gameplay. I will still get it but the first one is the best one hands down

    1. Actually, this one looks a lot different than the previous titles. The previous practically played the same, but this seems like an actual upgrade with a more progressive them.

    2. Being the mayor, having a mall, having the map bigger than all other previous game’s maps combined, the ability to explore caves, streetpass, spotpass, DLC, the ability to wear pants and shoes!, being able to put places in your town (like cafes!), having a secretary, and much more is still to be revealed! This is the change we’ve been starving for!

    3. it does seem a lot different this time around, first off you are the mayor this time, you can also decorate the town it self and not just your house, you can now put benches and lamp post and stuff like that in your town and just with the massive hardware upgrade over the DS i expect the developers to be able to do a whole lot more and it sounds like they are doing just

  4. Now if only they’d stop ignoring the pink elephant in the room… The release date. Saving the announcement of said release date for E3 is a foolish move on Nintendo’s part. It will surely just be overshadowed by all the Wii U news.

  5. This better be better than the Wii version! I want to be able to say this game is as good as the GameCube version! Can’t wait for this game or Luigi’s Mansion 2!

  6. This is going to be the best AC ever! There’s so much going into this game. With all the new content and features it’s gonna be like a new game.

    1. You will always have to!! Because AC is gay! And a reppetitive game! Sony sucks and so does microsoft but ohhh this game sucks bawls!

        1. Lol UMADBRO? I was kidding I love nintendo!! Seriously I was testing to see if some idiot could get angry. Lol!!

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  8. Better have Majora’s Mask like in the Wii version, that was so awesome and I would love to gloat to my friends that I have it….yeah my friends and I play Animal Crossing, what of it?

    1. nothing wrong, i think is really cool, i play AC myself and trying to get some new people to expand my friends list, so wanna share friends codes?

  9. I might get it, depending on if I have anything to play when it comes out, and if my friends get it. Since Animal Crossing is pretty much a social game, it would be a lot better if my friends had it. But only 2 of my friends have a 3DS as of now. ^ ^U

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