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Black Ops 2 Pre-Orders Beat Modern Warfare 3 And Black Ops

Online retailer Amazon has announced that day one pre-orders for Call of Duty: Black Ops  2 are ten times the pre-order numbers of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops. The retailer has also revealed that pre-orders for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are also 30 percent higher than Modern Warfare 3’s day one pre-order numbers. Black Ops 2 has been confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC and will be released November 13, 2012. A Wii U version has been hinted at by developer Treyarch.

40 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Pre-Orders Beat Modern Warfare 3 And Black Ops”

    1. Why? Nobody knows why you enjoy butt sex, but youre not first until you take my penis out of your butt.

      1. Because Activision are selling pretty much the same crap every year and millions of idiots continue to by it for incredibly stupid prices when its just the exact same thing that they bought last year. Nobody actually plays it for the campaign and the developers of these games dont have to put in any real work to the games because they know people wont give a shit to how different it is and buy it regardless.

      1. its sad, activision just ruins great franchises. first was tony hawk, then guitar hero, now call of duty. whats next?

  1. How odd, I wouldnt have guessed that would happen. regardless, cod is popular for a reason, people enjoy it. Its not the end of the world if gamers like cod ppl.

    1. What is the end of the world is gamers who play CoD only and become ignorant to everything else in the gaming world causing them to do nothing but ramble on about how CoD is the best game in existence because you can shoot stuff.

    2. yep thats true its not how bad the game is if people like it then why not buy it so far i like all cod games and im sure this will be a great game but who knows its not out yet so why is every one so pissed off about this game dont like it dont buy it. end off stop bad mouthing games if you can make better games then go make your own.

  2. People who say that CoD is the same every year don’t play it. Seriously, just stop bitching about a game you don’t even play.

  3. i find it kind of funny how everyone has been complaining about call of duty yet they all run out and preorder it. if you want them to stop making cod games stop buying them. it’s that simple.

  4. I could really care less. I know I’m going to not buy it, due to there being WAY better games (imports anyone?)

    Nintendo fans: don’t get angry, because we have better games than most platforms, those amazing niche games you can’t get on any other console!

    And I own a PC, PSP, 3DS, and all three consoles (plus more)

  5. For me its the fact that they release only a small trailer and people have already started preordering. Da fuck? We hardly know any info on it and people are preordering, already? Why?

  6. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Seriously, the trailer is still better then MW3 but the preorders? wtf, I thought CoD is about to die because of MW3 sales and how bad it was.

    1. It sold a shit ton! just because sales dropped months after doesn’t mean it did bad, it made 3/4 of a BILLION in less than a week. I personally wouldn’t pay full price for another CoD, but the games aren’t bad.

  7. I don’t even understand why people preorder games. I suppose maybe the stupid little DLC code they give you. (So you can get a free character skin or whatever. PLAY SMASH BROTHERS WITH THE EXCLUSIVE MEL GIBSON CHARACTER!!!) I’ve bought plenty of games right when they come out, and not once have I ever gone to get one and it’s been sold out everywhere. If Gamestop doesn’t have it, then Target will. Or Walmart, or Best Buy, etc. etc. So what’s the point in giving them your money early?

    1. Its to have it paid off as soon as possible for me, I tend to spend money on shit I don’t need, and I end up broke. So its reasuring to know that when the game comes out I can just walk in and pick it up, plus free dlc that I would never consider buying idnt to shabby.

      ps: I get paid every 2 weeks, so waiting for my next check at times might be a big excruciating.

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