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Is This The Wii U Controller Charging Dock?

A patent uncovered by a member of Neogaf shows what appears to be a charging dock for the Wii U controller. The charging dock would work in a similar manner to the charging dock which comes bundled with the Nintendo 3DS.

51 thoughts on “Is This The Wii U Controller Charging Dock?”

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                  1. I hope it will be like the 3DS charging station as a multiple charging device

                    basicly when not in use plonk it on the charger but when you are using it then simply unplug the charging station cable and plug it directly into the Controller to charge and play like the 3Ds is able to do

                2. I would hope so! Still can’t believe Nintendo expected us to buy batteries for our Wii Remotes. I just hope that thing has decent battery life.

                  1. Well since you probably also can recharge the controller via usb the battery life doesn’t really matter to much like it does for a handheld.

                3. I saw it on another site too, but nothing has been confirmed, however I seriously do not want the WiiU to use AA batteries, that would be awful…

                  1. Thats gotta be the charger. If it is itll come with the system. And I won’t need batteries yay.

                  2. Maybe it could also be used to support the controller during play, similar to Icarus’s stand.

                    1. This and the controller would be perfect for a Wii U sequel. Those who felt the 3DS was too small for it now have plenty of real estate, and since you wouldn’t play with this abroad more people are likely to use it as a stand.

                  3. That’s definitely looks like a charging dock…

                    ….AND/OR a little controller stand so you can play using the Wiimote and have the U-mote sitting on a table in front of you to display UI and stuff.

                    I’m gonna guess it’s both.

                  4. Super Smash Bros. Universe MUST have a 3D mode similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising… It just HAS to!

                  5. The technology used in the charge dock seems to be the same as the 3DS’ charge dock, so it’s a rumor that’s seems more true than false.

                  6. are you guys really that suprised that it’s going to have a charging dock? alrighty then….

                  7. I don’t care what it is, as long as Nintendo changes the console name! Just glad it’s not called the ‘Ner’, if you know what I mean.

                  8. still hoping for a more traditional controller to play next ssb with along with the many fighters that will come out for wiiu.

                    1. I Hate Net Explorer

                      For Fighting Games the Classic Controller Pro has you covered if you’re a pad player. If Stick then there’s the TvC FightStick by Madcatz . Although if you’re talking about non-fighters (like those Anime ones) then I guess if you want the left analog on top of the D-Pad.

                  9. Hopefully this turns out to be true so we don’t have to waste money on batteries cause that sucks. Leave luck to heaven.

                  10. I really want this to be true. This is one thing the Wii Remotes seriously needed. If it is true than it just goes to show Nintendo learns from it’s mistakes. Please make this charging dock Nintendo!

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                  12. Is that even a question? The patent clearly shows a wireframe of the WiiU’s legendary and awesome tablet controller sitting on a dock – it is a charger. No question about it! :)

                  13. Excellent. Probably the best purchase (more than any game) for the Wii was buying a charging dock for the console. Well. A USB one. Which meant I could charge while the Wii was shut off at night

                  14. Gotta feeling that this is the part of the “Wii u zapper” where the Wii u controller would sit.A charger for a controller like that would be way bigger or just a cord connecting to the system like PS3.

                  15. i have 3 questions Nintendo does the charger need battery’s I’m kidding :). Does it need to be plugged in or does the system charge it? Can u play wile it is in the charger?

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