A patent has been uncovered via Engadget that shows the Wii U Zapper that was featured in the Wii U unveiling video at last years E3. We should see the final form of both the Wii U Zapper and the Wii U console at E3 which takes place in LA next month.



  1. I wish they scrap all the Wii type stuff, like the zapper thing looks kinda cool. But they should try to not mention it so much


  2. As long as they make games that utilize this like Call of honor or whatever 100% optional… for people that want to use this can but people who just want to use the dual analog controller can… so everyone gets what they want


    • I’m not to sure of if it would be better to put analogue sticks or keep the circle pads. I like the 3ds circle pads but the analogue sticks may give better feed back. can’t say until I use the ones on the Wii U


    • What’s so bad about Circle Pads in comparison to analog sticks? Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D controlled fine with Circle Pads.


      • I’m just saying that analog sticks are pretty solid as it is. The 3ds uses circle pads instead so it can easily close itself. I don’t see why the Wii U needs them unless it gives a better response than analog sticks which i do not know since i have not used them


    • Looks like all 3 controllers to me. Interesting. Nunchuck for movement, Wii U for scope, and Wii remote for aim. Interesting


  3. I looked a the zapper controls in some Wii games, I don’t want to use a Zapper because of those mixed up motion+button controls.


  4. It LOOKS dumb. But, for an first-person shooter game for example, if you could move/point it in any direction and the gun/sniper sights (on the tablet screen) moved with you, that would be freakin’ PIMP.

    Imagine sitting in a swivel chair, spinning around to snipe someone on a balcony or something. Fun. But as an optional feature, just in case it gets too confusing


  5. Charger: cool. Zapper attachment… I have visions of the touchscreen controller not being secured properly and soaring across the room.


  6. *Shakes head* No, we’re not doing this. No matter how light that tablet may be, having yet another zapper just because people might have issues with its gyroscopic aiming is overkill.


  7. We had the NES Zapper.

    Then the SNES super scope

    Then the Wii Zapper.

    And this.

    Someday, there will be over 10 Nintendo Zappers.


  8. I own the zapper for the Wii….It’s still in it’s box and never been used. Sadly it’s the only Zelda game I never played either.


  9. Sorry, but that thing looks awkward as hell to use. Seriously, the Zapper worked for a Wii accessory because the original controller wasn’t so… bulky and was shaped in a way that made sense. This looks like someone’s stuck a TV screen on a machine gun.


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