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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is $19.99 At K-Mart

US retail emporium K-Mart is selling the fantastic The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the ridiculously cheap price of $19.99. Gamers will be able to purchase the game at the discounted price from the 6th May until May 12th.

47 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is $19.99 At K-Mart”

    1. actually I don’t because I missed the one with the free motion plus controller and won’t pay 40 bucks just for a controller maybe now I will

        1. “fucking spastic”, said the guy typing in all caps and 25 exclamation marks.

          The point is its a waste of money.

          1. Wow. The game with the controller costed 69.99 iirc, and it came with the game (49.99 value) the controller (44.99 value ignoring the fact its a special edition) and a music CD (9.99 value). 40 bucks just for a Wii Remote Plus alone? That’s a steal. And the special bundle gave you a limited edition controller for FREE. Maybe your poorness has warped your sense of value and costs, but you’re retarded.

  1. i live in the usa not the uk so i cant get it… im borrowing from a friend i really like it and i was planning on getting it. then i read this news that its only in the uk. that sucks for me.

      1. every comment on this article has no meaningful point. even mine. you, me, and everyone else commenting is an attention seeker simply for commenting.

        brb killing myself.

      1. Further pushing the stereotype that old people use wii’s lol

        seriously though, I get em at bestbuy/amazon/gamestop cheaper. Pokemon SS & HG are still 39.99 at the target & Kmart close to me smh.

  2. aw what! I shelled out over $50 for that game! this is why I always regret buying games. nintendo is lucky I respect the zelda series too much to pirate zelda games.

    1. I paid 150$ for mine because I wanted the controller and the fucktard place where I PRE-ORDERED the game didn’t even call me to tell they didn’t even get one copy. So I knew about this when it was already too late to get one in any store. So I bought one from someone on ebay because I’m stupid and had to have the controller.
      Still, I love it.

      1. Ugh, its only $39.99! It may seem trite or stingy to say but I can’t afford that right now. Maybe next time

        1. If you can retreive the ad (google image search “kmart ad skyward sword $20” and it comes up on save the picture and best buy will price match, they did it for me. Kmart is really stingy about actually giving it to people from what I hear.

        2. Me too, went best buy and price match by showed them the online “store ads” and not the online price. Got it for $20, awesome!

  3. No excuse to not get it now. It usually takes longer for first party Nintendo games to drop in price. Leave luck to heaven.

  4. How can anyone got have this piece of gaming goodness already? Easily one of Nintendo’s best games, despite the constant haters.

  5. wtf only in US ?? thats bullshit …Australia needs the price drop more than the US ..over here we have to pay 90 to 100 dollars ?? and over there its only 40 to 50 …SERIOUSSLY NINTENDO GIVE US A PRICE DROP FOR ONCE …I havnt got the game yet coz of the price ….and the wii U would be MIGHT BE 599 ? OMG WHY ARE STUFF SO EXPENSIVE HERE EVEN THOUGH ARE AUSIE DOLLAR IS MORE HIGHER THAN US DOLLAR ???? wtf is this shit ….btw australia has Kmart too :(

    1. Quite your whinning, Gaming is a luxury, not a right, if you can’t afford it, then maybe you need a diffrent hobby.

      1. Well i can afford it ..but since their is way more games coming out … I don’t think it’s worth buying anymore … I could buy it of the price lowers


    1. It is in the US. It was a typo in their ad, but you can probably get them to change the price for you in stores. That’s what I did.

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  8. the price is a typo. k-mart is selling it for 39.99. if you guys can get your hands on the weekly circular with the mistake then wal-mart or targey should price match no question.

        1. I went into Kmart, picked up an ad from the front, then got them to change the price to $19.99 and bought the game.

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