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New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screens

Shiggy from the Neogaf forums has uncovered a batch of never seen before screenshots of the elusive Beyond Good & Evil 2. The developers have hinted that the game is being moved from current-gen platforms to the forthcoming next-gen platforms, which will hopefully include Wii U. Let’s hope we hear more about the game at E3 next month.

21 thoughts on “New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screens”

  1. This is off topic but can someone answer these 2 questions 4 me? I really don’t want 2 miss E3
    1. Where can I watch it can I watch it online? If so is there a specific website?
    2. I know that Nintendo’s conference will be on Tuesday June 5th at 9 am. But wat time zone is that? I live in Delaware, (EST) at what time will I be able 2 watch E3?
    If someone can answer my questions, I would really appreciate it.:) Thank u.

    1. Nintendo will provide a live stream for their E3 press conference. They will provide a URL nearer the time. You will also be able to watch E3 coverage on Game Trailers/Spike and probably Youtube again. I’ll be Tweeting throughout the conference for those that can’t watch the stream @MyNintendoNews. The Nintendo conference will begin at 9am Pacific Time which is 12 midday EST :-)

      1. If its like last year, g4 will also have recorded and posted videos of each press conference on their website as well if you cant find the time to watch it live

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