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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Environment Video

You’ve already seen the Beyond Good & Evil 2 screens that leaked, but now Unseen 64 has unearthed some new footage which shows off the incredible game engine. The footage is from 2009 and the game has reportedly been moved to next generation consoles. Who knows, we may just see something of the game at E3 next month.

14 thoughts on “Beyond Good & Evil 2 Environment Video”

  1. Looks better than Uncharted 3… but we must consider that there is nothing moving or no action… still looks great, hope to see this on the WiiU

    1. Well there were birds moving and I noticed an impressive scene with a Photo-realistic room with a ceiling fan, but I did notice the cows and dogs were rather stay in placy…

    2. Have you seen the gameplay video of the game? It’s moving fast and has a lot of stuff like cars and people. And from the looks of it, it was running at 60FPS.

      As for your Uncharted comment, Uncharted 2 looks better than 3. Just saying.

      1. Well, we don’t know if this is running from a Wii U or a high-end computer, so don’t expect the graphics to be this great if it’s for the PC as well.

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    Overboard much?

    Have been waiting for this game for nearly 10 years, seeing the progress and how amazing it looks I can happily wait another 10!!!

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