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Worldwide Shipment Figures For Super Mario, Zelda And Mario Kart

Data has become available showing worldwide shipment figures for Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart from Nintendo Japan. The shipment figures for each of Nintendo’s key franchises span across multiple Nintendo systems from the NES to the Nintendo 3DS. Just remember these are shipment figures, rather than sales figures.

54 thoughts on “Worldwide Shipment Figures For Super Mario, Zelda And Mario Kart”

    1. They are doing really well actually. I think they may get the 3rd spot as far as games sold if they continue at this rate.

    1. MK7 and SM3DL are both new games on a platform with a small user base. Give it time and they’ll both sell well like most other Nintendo games

  1. Well that is surprising apart from NES SMB. Not sure why Twilight Princess is shipped the second most.

    So these are shipments and not sales correct? So they don’t actually reflect how well the game sold just how much Nintendo shipped to retailers. For all we know there could be a warehouse somewhere with 3/4 of the shipped copies of Twilight Princess. :P

    1. Twilight Princess sold about 7.1(only about 1 million under OoT) million copies Combined for gamecube and Wii, which isnt suprsing It’s an amazing game(better than OoT in my personal opinion)

      1. I agree. Even though OoT had great dungeon design to it, Twilight Princess had variety, a great story, epic boss battles, and amazing cutscenes.

      2. I honestly respect everones opinion, but I can’t agree with this comment. I thought Twilight Princess wasthe worst Zelda ever only beaten by the DS versions (those were the worst in the franchise to me). TP was good, not great, and definitely failed to live up to the hype. In ALL Zelda games, a key feature is the story, which TP had up until after you beat Arbiter’s Grounds. After that, the story made zero sense, as you would go to the bar in Hyrule Castle town and be told where the next dungeon was rather than the story unfolding it. Also, I found it to be extremely easy. In every Zelda game, the difficulty increases with the progress the player has made, such as the 1st dungeon being easier than the second, the Second easier than the third, etc. However, in TP, the game never got harder. It felt as if all the dungeons were about the same difficulty wise, and because of this the game is the only Zelda I got bored playing. One good thing I will say about it is the length. Sure, it was a long game, but the road wasn’t bumpy. On OoT, MM, SS, and even WW, there were parts I had to look up because I got confused as to where to go next. TP lacked this, and that feeling of uncertainty was what I coveted most about the game, I suppose.


      Twilight sold about 7.1 million worldwide(only about 1.5 under OoT) which isn’t suprsing it’s an amazing game(I personally perfer it over Oot, A-lot better overall game-play and presentation)

    3. It was a launch title on a Nintendo console with no Mario, Starfox or Metroid to speak of. The Wii sold incredibly well at launch and Twilight Princess was really the only “hardcore” game on the console at the time with brand recognition. Also the Wii was kinda built for Zelda games despite Twilight Princess’ controls now paling in comparison with Skyward Sword’s, whose sales BTW are picking up as we speak too, so we’ll see how that goes down.

      1. Well, Twilight princess was made for the GameCube. They really didn’t put much effort into the Wii version, all they did was add widescreen, mirrored the game, and remapped the controls.

    1. I know, I was kinda shocked too. IMO, they should have included SMG2 in their new Wiis rather than NSMBW. :/

      1. But NSMBW have 4 players, and since Nintendo wants the Family to play with the Wii, that is to expect.

  2. Skyward Sword came out late, that’s why lot’s of people never got to try the game. And some didn’t come with a Motion+ controller :(

      1. Some of those are Capcom games….. I never felt they should be considered Cannon anyway… As for four swords..I dont know :/

        1. I find MC and OoX to be very entertaining games, so I don’t quite understand why you find them unworthy. They’re better than several other additions to the series. As for FS and FSA, not as much, but should be included even so.
          They are all Capcom (except from FSA), and unless I’ve been misinformed they were all made in tandem with Nintendo. I really don’t see how they differ from the usual Zelda games.

          1. Agreed. They should all be considered. We need a new twin game style system in the Legend of Zelda series. It would be amazing, especially in 3D.

  3. Wow it’s amazing how high the numbers are for the 3DS games while they have nearly been out for a few moths!

  4. After seeing how well the 2d Mario games sell in comparison to the 3d ones, it’s no wonder whythe wiiu’s first Mario game is going to be a 2d game.

  5. I see the least sold Zelda game was Spirit Tracks. I love Zelda with a passion, but I totally understand why. To me, the DS versions of Zelda were embarrassing. I tried PH and felt as if I was ripped off. Playing it with the touch screen only was my turn off. I thought it would have the option to use buttons, but it did not. That is where I can see the point of fans calling Zelda not hardcore. Now before I get flamed, I loves SS. I thought the use of motion controls was amazing. It wasn’t overused or gimmicky. However, in the DS versions, the stylus being used for the entire game just felt crampy and tacked on. I hated it, and never gave ST a chance because I hated the touch control spec much on PH that it ruined the whole experience for me. I love Zelda, I just hope we never see a game like the DS versions again.

  6. Ugh, I love NSMB Wii but it’s killing me to see it outselling both Galaxy games by so much. :( The Galaxy games are two of the best games ever made, imo.

    1. I know dude I feel your pain. The thing that sucks is the more NSMB outsells Galaxy, the more Nintendo will make of NSMB rather than a 3D true Mario experience. Making a NSMB game seems like a safe easy way out for Nintendo as a launch title on Wii U. I’d be much more satisfied with Galaxy 3. That would be an easy and safe way too without being chastised by fans. The character models are already there. Just make new galaxies, add HD input, and there you go. We all know its 2+ years till we see a true HD Mario experience, so while not give fans a taste with Galaxy III? Or, have a Galaxy 1 and 2 HD pack as a launch title. Id be pleased. Either way, I don’t want the first Wii U Mario game to be NSMB.

      1. I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long. Nintendo EAD has three separate Mario teams: one that makes 2D Mario titles (the team that developed NSMBW has been working on Pikmin 3 lately), and the new 2D Mario for Wii U hasn’t been shown yet, so maybe we can expect something fresh considering NSMB2 will have just launched. EAD Tokyo has two 3D Mario teams. Group 2 developed Galaxy 2 and SM3DL. Group 1 developed the first Galaxy and haven’t shown anything Mario since 2007, so there is a good chance a new 3D Mario will could be revealed at E3 for a release next year. Also, Nintendo’s games are already developed in HD then down-ported to Wii. What I would like to see is an improved graphics style.

  7. Everyone talks about how sad they are to see SMG2 do so poor, but it still shipped more than most of the Zelda games.

    It makes me sad to see Zelda get crapped on by Mario.

  8. wooaahh!! NES beats out all the new systems? I thought i’d never see the day! Well this is quite inrteresting eh?

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