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FLCL Game In Development For Wii U?

Namco Bandai is apparently busy developing a game based on the Fooly Cooly franchise  for Wii U. The information stemmed from a the 2001 series’s IMDB page message boards, which isn’t exactly the most reliable place on the internet. VG247 contacted a Namco Bandai representative to see if there was any truth to the rumour, but as expected they refused to comment.

59 thoughts on “FLCL Game In Development For Wii U?”

      1. anyone who found Fooly Cooly entertaining, seriously i found more sustanance in BOBOBOBOBOBO than Fooly Cooly

        1. You should relax, broseph. Also I’ve watched both, and the substance in FLCL is cleverly hidden, like Dark Souls.

    1. I can only hope you’re joking.

      That aside, how would a FLCL game even play? I can guess mech battle, but FLCL was never really about the fighting… interesting to say the least.

  1. Well this would be completely weird if it happened. It would never see a Western release ever, but still. FLCL was just nucking futts.

    1. actually dude, flcl got a WAY bigger audience in america then japan so It’s quite possible they would send it here! but that leads to my questioning on why they would make it in the first place ._.

  2. OMG, yes! XD I could see them doing some pretty cool 4th-wall breaking stuff with the two screens (and perhaps the panoramic view).

  3. Holy TOONAMI (is back bitches!!!!!)… is that true that Fooly Cooly is coming to the Wii U?!!!!

  4. this would make me buy a Wii U although it seems unlikely. Then again the last series Gaianx animated was just before development is rumored to have started and we havnt heard of any other projects from them. It would be interesting if someone got in contact with some of the English dub cast to see If they’ve heard anything about it

  5. gameplay, you’re the kid running around doing whatever he does, I only saw a few of the 6 episodes, so like 2 or 3, and then some stuff happens, and then robot mech battles in a 2-D fighter style. IDK, I think 2-D fighting would work well for this. Add in a few cut scenes and Fourth wall breaking techniques into the Utablet and some new “episodes” with things like his brother returning or other such stuff. Maybe control vespa lady Haruko for some stuff, this could be a cult classic. Me sense something japanese this way comes :D

  6. Fooly Cooly was like the weirdest anime ever… Make me a clannad, angel beats, or kanon game and I’ll buy it in day one!!

  7. hmm how would they make action puzzle strategy scrolling or rpg??? well one things for sure they will be hilarious innuendo jokes

  8. Ah FLCL . Love the complexity of it and the insanity :D . Also the music selection rocks.
    “Naota: By the time I realized it, I had already swung the bat. My palms still sting. I wonder if Haruko like this all the time. ”


  9. That would be so very awesome. One of my favorite Anime’s on one of the most anticipated video game consoles (for me anyway)

  10. Ubisoft employee leaks a massive load of Wii U info!


    >There will be pre-intstalled software on Wii-U, just like on 3DS
    >Their developers have lots of vrsions of the console (???)
    >Wii-U’s line-up is amazing
    >What happened with the 3DS won’t happen again
    >Nintendo asked Ubisoft to release a high number of titles at the launch
    >Ubisoft’s line-up is this:RaymanLegends, Assassin’s Creed 3, Just Dance 4
    >Killer from outer space will be aviable a few weeks after launch
    >Lots of Tech demos will be sent to Ubisoft, just like Zelda’s one of the last E3
    >They showed Ubisoft a lot of new features, some we still have to see
    >Graphic card will be aRadeon HD 6770
    >After Dream he went to eat (???)
    >A lot of Dev-kits were sent to Ubisoft
    >One of them was 4GHz
    >The 6GHz one was from 3 months ago
    >Rayman Legends will come out on Vita as well, just likeRaymanOrigins
    >Xbox 8’s graphic card will be more powerful than Wii-U’s
    >However, Ubisoft isn’t developing on Microsoft’s new console yet
    >Ass Creed 3 on Wii-U runs at 60 fps, with 1080p, against 360’s and PS3’s 720p
    >This developed decided to leak these informations on Mario’s castle because, by going in a more populated forum, he would have risked too much
    >Wii-U’s launch price will 450$
    >After what happened with 3DS’ launch, however, Nintendo decided to lower Wii-U’s price: the final one hasn’t been confirmed yet, but apparently it will be about 350-400$
    >He doesn’t know much about First Party
    >Crytek, EA and Valve are working on Wii-U
    >He doesn’t know much about Valve, but he head that they are making someone similar to Steam and Portal’s franchise
    >No informations about the online store
    >Ass Creed 3 will be playable both on PS3 and Vita
    >He didn’t see much about gamertags
    >There will be achievaments
    >He knows something about 3DS and Wii-U interaction, but he didn’t want to say more
    >Wii-U’s interface will be the most customizable interface ever made by Nintendo
    >Rayman Origins’ demo for 3DS wasn’t made by Ubisoft, it was made by another team
    >He decided to leak these informations because he loves Nintendo’s new console
    >At E3 we’ll see something more impressive than these news

    >Wii U has 2GB of RAM, 560MB of that are for the OS
    >supports DX11, they managed to port Unreal Engine 4 on it
    >less powerful than Xbox 8
    >2 tablet-pads are supported
    >Release Date: 23 November
    >Ubisoft will bringRaymanLegends, ACIII, Rabbids Party, Killer Freaks, The Avengers and Just Dance 4 on it
    >That little button under the D-Pad on the left of the controller is somehow linked to theWiiVitality Sensor
    >No Analog R2/L2 unlike 360 controller/DualShock3


    So, what does that mean anyway?

    1. It sounds sorta like ‘Furi Kuri’, which means breast fondling, though the title Fooly Cooly itself has no meaning. The entire show was a commentary on puberty, I wouldn’t be surprised if the furi kuri thing was intentional.

      1. Its the Romanization of Furi Kuri, the pun is definately intentional. Of course, because “R” and “L” are the same letter essentially in japanese, when it was translated into english it was Named “Fooly Cooly”.

  12. Never saw the appeal of FLCL. The animation quality and artstyle just kept me from ever being interested. I did bring myself to watch one episode start to finish, though. I just didn’t like it.

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