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Wii U Price, Release Date, Details Leaked By Ubisoft Dev?

A developer claiming to be from Ubisoft Milan has posted a batch of Wii U related information on an Italian message board. The developer believes that the price for Wii U will be between $350 – $450, and that the system will launch on November 23rd. Nintendo isn’t expected to reveal pricing or a release date until sometime after E3.

  • Wii U supports DirectX 11 and is already running Unreal Engine 4
  • Wii U will support to touch-screen controllers
  • The console has 2GB or RAM, 560MB dedicated to the OS
  • The launch date will be 23 November
  • Launch price hasn’t been decided but will be between $350 – $450
  • Rayman Legends, The Avengers, Assassin’s Creed 3, Just Dance 4 are all on Ubisoft’s Wii U schedule, with Killer Freaks from Outer Space set to arrive weeks after launch.
  • There are currently multiple versions of the console with developers
  • Graphics are powered by the Radeon HD 6770 chipset
  • Assassin’s Creed 3 will run at 60fps at 1080p, compared to 720p on PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Wii U will come with pre-installed software
  • Crytek, EA and Valve are all working on Wii U
  • Valve are working on a digital distribution platform and Portal ports
  • Wii U will support achievements
  • Wii U’s UI will be customisable
  • The new button has some link to the Wii Vitality Sensor
  • The trigger buttons won’t be analogue

284 thoughts on “Wii U Price, Release Date, Details Leaked By Ubisoft Dev?”

      1. I’m looking at the Italian forum where the supposed Ubisoft developer posted. There doesn’t seem to be any proof he is who he claims, but, if he’s trolling, he’s doing a good job.

        1. It wouldnt suprise me if they were trollin, I mean VALVE! Yeah right, i cant imagine portal, left for dead 2 or TF2 being on the platform AT ALL. But if so, the “yes” level is at aprrox. 9001

          1. … Why not? It’s just another market for them to tap into. If they are really making Steam for it, it would be a great idea to release all those classics.

          2. Valve didn’t make anything for the Wii simply because of it’s lack in power. Valve will likely publish new games for the Wii U and they might port older games.
            If Portal 2 does get released for the Wii U, I hope it comes with the Sixense DLC(which was free besides the controller cost.)

            1. All valid points, but another rumer that sounds too good to be true, is that crytek is doing something, and crytek specifically said that they were NOT doing anything at the moment.

      2. Yup, last time ubi announced their games for this year they said they were only releasing 2 hard core games for the wiiU… plus why would a 3rd party developer know the price of a console? release date I understand, but pricing sounds a little fishy.

        1. The two hardcore games thing is still intact. One is Assassin’s Creed, the other is unannounced. Rayman, Avengers, Just Dance and Killer Freaks are casual or bridge titles.

          And I guess it makes some sense for a third-party to know the general price range for the system…

            1. I second that Supersmash. I really don’t see Killer Freaks as a casual game. Evidently, it’s a hardcore (soon-to-be M-rated) video game.

            2. We are so fucked up if we still believe there are something called “hardcore games”… if it is for blood, lets call them, mature, period. There are CASUAL players and GAMERS and the difference relies in the time spended in front of a console…
              Most shooters this days are played by everyone, so yeah they coud be called casual when you don’t have to be a veteran to enjoy it… in my humble opinion

              1. Actually I see “Casual” and “Hardcore” being dependent on the gameplay. I say, if the game gets pretty hard at times, it’s hardcore. If the game isn’t really even stressful and mostly a quick game, it’s casual.

              2. As someone who studies Game Studies in college, the “hardcore” designator has to do with the level of time investment and interruptability (how easily you can interrupt the game). For example, Cooking Mama requires little time investment and you can interrupt easily. Whereas World of Warcraft requires a huge time investment and it might be hard to interrupt (i.e. raids).

        2. I think it is more than a third party, bro. I think there is partnership instead of a contract. And Ubisoft is a hidden owner or actionist or something of Nintendo Next-Gen console… just thinking

      1. Dude why do u respond with the same lame line? Go get a Girlfriend or something and claim down…..he said he was first so what….is ur feelings that hurt? SMH

  1. All that sounds amazing and plausible, considering what we’ve heard so far. I’d love to see Assassin’s Creed in smooth 1080p and 60fps on it (the framerate drops in Revelations on PS3 were annoying me) and Portal ports — hopefully people who already have the games on Steam won’t have to buy them again, but I’d probably re-buy them anyway. :P

    And that Radeon 6770 is about twice as powerful as the 6670 the next Xbox is rumored to have! :D Also eats quite a bit more power, but that can be dealt with.

    1. Also, that same Radeon HD 6770 (HD 5770 re-brand) is 44% more powerful than the rumored HD 4850 GPU and it uses a ton less power.

    2. the best part about the 6770 is that it says on the box that it supports up to 3 displays. so , in short, this pretty much confirms support for 2 WiiU pads

        1. oh wow lol even better. i doubt that they would support 5 dipsplays, seeing as using more displays hurts performance, but 2 controllers would be enough for me, but it’s nice to know that they do have the option of doing 4 controller, but it would probably hurt performance.

    1. That’s true. But I hope it just means the hardware could support DX11, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be the software for it…

      Because these are some exciting rumors.

      1. WiiU will never support DX11. DX is a Microsoft tecnology. EVERY console, except xbox of course, use a OpenGL instead.
        And OpenGL rocks!

        1. What I mean is that they could be saying that the GPU – Radeon HD 6770 – has the hardware to support DX11. But of course the system won’t use it because it’s by Microsoft.

            1. Skype is also freeware and can only benefit from more supported platforms, which is why it’s still on iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

    2. DX DOES run on consoles. The 360 ran DX8 or 9. The original Xbox also ran DirectX. That’s where the name came from. The DirectXbox. They dropped the direct x from the name before it launched, however.

    3. Do you know what Xbox stands for its directX box The X from DirectX thats where the Name Xbox comes from idiot google it and you will see that console have DirectX in them that is used by all graphics card you tech noob I build gaming computers from scratch and I know what I’m talking about

      1. “I build gaming computers from scratch and I know what I’m talking about”

        Lol you make that sound very difficult. I put together my build to, does that mean I get to waggle my dick about it like its something special?

          1. Got a point there. You can google Wii U specs and look at some of them they are from nintendo and clearly say directX 10.1 And those are from last year. I think as long as Nintendo has the money , ms will sell. Its not that serious. Plus they’ve aquired mobiclip, and are working with Bing on some stuff so they’ve got something big planned

  2. I know it 2 weeks till E3 and alot of BS rumors will be coming now till the press conference.
    But for the love of god please let all these things be true!!!

      1. LOL…. I can see you saying “on your own bitch” with Wii U controller in hand and EPICness on the HDTV screen.

            1. superior and ps3 in the same sentence. as long as the dual shock is there default controller that is so far from truth.

            2. Which when launched cost 600 and 6 years later still overpriced and still not turning a profit… So u lose biaaaatch!

            3. ‘Overpriced’
              ‘Superior PS3’

              Uhh… So, the PS3 – at $599, with 720p support, is less overpriced than Wii U with 1080p support..?


        1. hmm, well most consoles when they debuted were around the $450 mark, so stop whining, they’ll probably go with the lowest they can go while still making a profit which’ll probably be $350

          1. Your point is correct – but also completely irrelevant to what I said. $450 is a pretty large sum of money for video gaming, regardless – I said that not wanting to spend that much doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate. All you’re talking about is…that this gen of consoles were initially very expensive too? What does that have to do with anything?

      1. You need to understand the amount of tech and power put into this console. With all the things it can do, you better be lucky it’s not 500 – 600. I’m picking it up day one cuz I got it like that anyway

        1. ps3 suck wiiu rocks we and u tooo

          Exactly, Plus is rumoured that it will have an extra wii controler an the streetpass card and……
          Included games

        2. It’s worth nowhere near 500-600 though. We aren’t “lucky” that they’re not pricing it at that level, they wouldn’t even be able to release it for $500+ without people going apeshit, that’s some massive overpricing.

      1. The only reason that the Vita hasn’t sold more is because of the lack of games. The same mistake that cost the 3ds vast amounts of sales at first. I doubt that Nintendo will make that mistake again. Watch it launch with numerous A+ titles. Mark my words.

  3. “The trigger buttons won’t be analogue”

    that’s just horrible .. no Super Mario Sunshine 2 then ._.

          1. Let’s just all hope there is a cooking mama with the wii u pad and remotes that can grab stuff from the tv and the tablet controller, if we are just thinking out loud of new games. I’m just kidding though.

      1. the gamecube had pressurized trigger buttons. this allowed the buttons to do different things depending on how hard you pressed it. Like in SMS, barely pressing it allowed you to squirt and move while holding it made Mario stop in place and aim

    1. We dont need any analog triggers are you telling me you want those chunky gamecube triggers on the back of that sleek tablet that would just suck . Plus buttons are faster anyway

  4. Portal ports on Wii U? I have two words I would like to ask both Nintendo of America (and Nintendo of Japan) and Valve– got steam?

  5. Very interesting. sound legit. I like the ram and the unreal engine 4 thing. still gonna wait for E3

  6. I really wish this was true (other then the price though but 350 isnt bad) Well the Radeon HD 6770 is much much better then the previously thought to be Radeon HD 4770, that gives it more power, and its DirectX 11 not 10.1

  7. If any of that is true Nintendo have won E3 this year.

    That all sounds amazing, but I doubt it’s true. And nintendo will not confirm or deny so we’ll have to wait until E3.

    Hearing that they haven’t decided pricing yet leads me to believe, again if this is true, they wont announce price at E3. Surely they’d already be set on a price if they were going to announce it at E3.

    1. nintendo is gonna win e3 anyway bro….ps3 probably has some games that will get everyone excited and xbox will have kinect stuff…but we all know people are waiting on what nintendo has to show us…but i heard ps3 is coming out with an upgradable system…which is gonna be awesome and long overdue

      1. Look over here! This guy has the ability to predict the future! oh wait, no he doesn’t. At least wait until E3 before you go about talking bad ABOUT Sony and Microsoft’s E3

    2. some retards think Microsoft is going to win e3 with kinnect…really.
      64% want graphic over everything how sad.

  8. I suspect that DirectX 11 is a little off, somehow I get the feeling that the Wii U will be running OpenCL or OpenGL. –– Also that 60fps for Assassin’s Creed 3 at 1080p sounds a little sketchy, I get the feeling there’s screen tearing involved, look at PS3 for example, there’s quite alot of games out there trying to run natively at 60fps but has alot of screen tearing in games.

    The Wii U coming pre-installed with software, there’s no doubt about that, Nintendo always has pre-installed software people can use. – The 2Gb RAM for the Wii U might not seem accurate, however it would be great if it does have that amount of RAM memory or more. –– What I would like to know is how much disk space will the Wii U have and will it be upgradable if need be?

    1. I think rumored space will be like 8gb of internal flash but you can use an ext hard drive or USB flash drive. I prefer the internal flash, they are bit more reliable, I think in one of the other rumors WesternDigital will be releasing an optional hard drive for it (external)

    2. But then you gotta take notice that the Wii u will be the first console that enters the next generation, meaning that AC3 at 60 fps sounds like it could be possible

    3. Do you know what screen tearing is. Screen tearing is when you pass a display refresh rate example 60Hz is 60FPS let’s say display Refresh rate is 50Hz your game runs @ 60FPS then you see screen tearing I know this because I build gaming pc.

  9. As much as I will pray this is true I’m way too skeptical.. At least we only have 2 weeks to go for the big show

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  11. “Wii U supports DirectX 11 and is already running Unreal Engine 4”

    Now THIS is the one news I can truly rely on! I wonder what future game running on Unreal 4 will be coming to the U…?

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  13. Seems legit …and fishy at the same time …most of it seems true except for direct x running on it ..seems abit WIERD nintendo has DX in the wii U ….but the rumor could have some truth behind it …I HOPE IT’S TRUE !!! PLZZZ !!! RADEON HD 6770 IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE RUMORED CHIP TO BE IN THE 720 …and 2GB of RAM would be great …but seems abit too good to be true :(

  14. :O Did you People notice it says 350-450 IT SAYS MINUS :O so they pay you 150 to buy it trolololololololool :3

  15. Hopefully it’ll be closer to $350 than $450. The latter is fine for you younger ones who can just beg their parents to buy it for them, but being a student I’m barely getting by on my part-time job as it is…

  16. Well there’s a card for the graphics people. If this is true then Nintendo may be able to get into some of that ps3/360 fanbase afterall. Infact I bet they will if this is true. Hands down a next gen system and well worth 350$-400$ I just hope if its all true they give us the price at E3 so I can start saving.

  17. It’s completely fake. I went through the forum, and the guy left after being asked to verify his words.

  18. I like the achevments, I want the priceing to be same as frist wii if possible, hmmmmmm. Sometime in december so I can get enough money to buy it :3 it sounds so awsome though can’t wait

    1. Are you fuckin retarded, you sound like a prissy bitch that wants everything his way. 250??? Gotta be mental and high at the same time

    1. Most reports are saying that it’s complete garbage. Alot of people seem to be doing a lot of wishful thinking on here. I’d love this to be true but it just runs too counter to what developers have already said and to what Nintendo typically likes to do.

  19. For people asking about DirectX11 I think what he was trying to say is that the system is capable of running it. Not Saying its running it directly. But i hope all this stuff is true. Time to save up and get rid of my wii and xbox :3

      1. Only if I can transfer my VC titles directly from nintendo to my Wii U via some form of cloud save then I actually might trade in my Wii but i still play GC titles so I might not be that able to do so,

  20. Wow so excited!!! Nintendo you will rock E3! I will support you guys and buy the Wii-U when it comes out. I also want to try out the games.

  21. I’ll pay 450 I don’t give a shit other people pay 700 dollas for a fucking phone that only lasts you a year so 450 is nothing compared to that

  22. This sounds very plausible, but I’ll take it with a grain of salt until I hear it from Nintendo. I hope it’s true though, cause I like what I’m hearing. Leave luck to heaven.

  23. Sorry but this sounds like a bunch of lies. If you go to the actual source the original poster makes further claims that the CPU runs at 6 Ghz and that the GPU sports a Radeon 6670 chipset. As much as I wish this were true it is incredibly unlikely, especially that bit of BS about a 6 Ghz CPU. I bet we will see a Quad Core 3.0 to 3.2 Ghz CPU and the GPU will be from later 4000s models or early 5000 series using 1.5 GB of RAM.

    1. maybe he just just made a mistake and ment 3ghz because after that he says it is now at 4ghz which is possible since its a ibm power 7 cpu and can easily clocked at 4ghz.

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  25. I’ll have to buy the console this year even! God bless Nintendo. If all this is true i want to see a lot of people shutting their mouths. And throwing such a machine one year ahead of competitors … hehehehe

  26. It may even not be 100% true, but better to hear this rumor than listening to Patcher talking shit as usual from Nintendo.

  27. This is going to cost a fortune in England. They never charge a direct conversion rate. Currently $450 is £284 which is more than reasonable, but considering the 3DS was $250 and £230 here, I think I’ll end up paying well over £300 for this. It’ll be worth it, but it sucks that i’ll have to save so much money for it.

    1. Yeah that’s pure bullcrap. You guys should speak up in mass and get that changed. It shouldn’t cost any difference here or there.

  28. Fake, the mystery button is a marker for the nfc not vitality sensor. A developer in the know wouldnt make such mistake.

    1. You are aware that there are 2 buttons right? Plus, it hasn’t been confirmed if one of them is for the NFC.

      1. Read the original source, the kid was talking about the square beneath the dpad, and Ive got better sources that imply it is an nfc marker.
        And yes, it was a kid making stuff up and everyone believed him lol.

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  30. i’m wondering how a Ubisoft employee would know about what Crytek, EA and Valve are doing, but oh well

    rumors are just rumors, can’t wait until E3 :x

  31. This has been considered fake. It says that it’s powered by Radeon HD 6770. Why would Nintendo tell third party developers exactly what the GPU is based on? Also, it says it supports. Also, it says it supports Directx 11. That is owned by Microsoft exclusively. Nintendo uses OpenGL.

    If Nintendo was going to lower the price of the system, why did they tell third parties? More importantly, why would they tell third parties what the price is going to be instead of retailers? And we know EA is going to support the system, at least with sports games, but why would Ubisoft know what Crytek and Valve are working on or if at all.

    Don’t believe this crap. This was made by someone taking advantage of the hype. We will get more of these until Nintendo themselves give us the info we seek.

    1. are you being serious? every console has a third party design there gpu and it is always based off of third party gpus that you can buy for your pc. for instance, the ps3 had a gpu that was based off of the 7800 gtx pci-e, it wasn’t specifically that card but it was based on it. and they’re saying that the chipset is based on a card that currently supports direct x 11 so you can understand the level of graphics that they are talking about. and another thing, it’s not like developers don’t talk to each other. im not trying to prove that this is 100% true, but your reasons for completely dismissing it aren’t very good.

      1. I agree with elgato.

        Yes, the GPU is based on something, but that “leak” is too specific for a custom GPU. (but “powered” was the word used). Based on a GPU vs based on an architecture are two different things, using words “HD6770” and “chipset” doesn’t seem credible.

        PS3’s GPU was a late addition, they had little time to do more customization, that’s why it closely resembled a PC part. Take a gpu, disable some ROP’s and replace the memory controller.

        But a more custom gpu like X360s Xenos was based on the R3XXR4XX/R5XX family, but it looked nothing like it. Instead it had unified shaders like R6XX(which is still related to R3XX and was originally suppose to be the R4XX) but even then the difference is still greater than what you see with PS3s RSX vs nv 78xx. So, no one can call it a X800, X1800, or even a X2800.

        If they were gonna have something close to a HD6770, why spend nearly to 2yrs working on it?

        DirextX again too specific for something Nintendo won’t used. Why not just say openGL since they are comparable.

        It sounds like previous rumors and some crap fans want.

        1. you’re not getting it. both the 360 and the ps3 have chipsets based on ones that are manufactured for the pc, a dev kit, for example, resemble a pc because it is built up of parts that the consoles chipset are based off of. the only minor differences and slight speedups in the clock-speed on the console end of things.

    2. I was hoping someone had posted this. That’s one of the things holding back Linux/Mac gaming… no DirectX. If he had said OpenGL 4, it might have been plausible.

    3. You’ve made a good point about it. I highly doubt Crytek and Valve are working on for the U at the moment… but we know that EA including Ubisoft, Epic Games, Gearbox, etc. are supporting the Big N. All those rumors will be vanished 2 weeks from today.

      1. Why would you doubt Valve? So far, The Orange Box was ported to Mac, 360, and PS3. Steam to PS3 and Mac (A 360 version was rumored to be held back by Microsoft). Assuming that the Wii U is at least on par with this generation, there is no reason for Valve not to work on the Wii U. Plus Gabe has gone on record saying that he and Valve were interested in the Wii U.

        1. I’m not doubting at all, captjc. I clearly said, “…not at the moment.” Valve is gonna add an army of DLC for the Wii U. The only question I have in mind is will these games be available on the Steam app? I hope it’s a yes on either or both.

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  33. Great, it is Sony pricing all over again.
    No one is going to spend over 350 bucks unless they will get discounted when they trade in their old Wii for a new one.

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  35. I don’t think a Nintendo gaming console will cost more than 425$. It will most likely come for 350$ or, 400$.

  36. this will not be 350 to 450 bucks. think about it. nintendo already said they wont make the same pricing mistake with the wii u as they did with the 3ds

  37. I’m italian. I’ve read the original post in a little-known forum. It sounds fake. And you forgot to quote that he said WiiU supports only 2 pads due to streaming reception and the CPU is 6GHz.

  38. Well, if the Wii U does so happen to release this year, I know what I’ll be selling my Xbox 360 for!

  39. Oh man, this is sooo Fake, it’s just a accumulation of previous rumors with some BS added to it.
    HD6770 really? It’ll obviously be a custom chip. Otherwise, what has AMD and Ninty been doing this past 2yr if they’ll just use off-shelf parts(with a few tweaks).
    Direct X? so now Nintendo is suddenly abandoning proprietary and is willing to pay license fees to MS?
    Didn’t Crytek comment on this already, as of now, they have no plans on WiiU(“fat” chance comment).

    Fake or Not, I hope it doesn’t trigger an investigation. An Anony should never tell where he/she works, ‘cus it’s just trouble(another reason why i think it’s fake).

  40. wait this is some BS….because WIIu is not suppose to be running the Radeon HD 6770 chipset…. thats the chipset that the next xbox suppose to be ruuning WIIIu is supose to be runnning ati 4000S chip set wtf i hate when people TROLL……

  41. I actually did some research and found out that the WiiU will use a AMD HD Radeon 6000 series GPU.
    So I believed the GPU part and all other rumours.
    Till I read:crytek,EA and valve will work on wiiu games.
    How could an Ubisoft employe know that?
    And why would he mention it.
    But yeah we all know that EA and Valve is working on wiiu games.

  42. I love everything but the launch price. At 299 I’d buy a ton of games. At 450 I’d buy 1. Sales would be rather low if the system came out at 450

    Other than that, I’d be ecstatic about Unreal engine 4 running on it

    1. We already know for 100% that the price of the wiiu will be between 300 and 500 euro/dollar
      I’m guessing 350 euro/dollar but I hope 300 euro/dollar the I can buy an game.

  43. Eh, I’m a bit skeptical of this. The fact the forum poster’s name who was supposedly responsible for this news was literally ‘developer1’ makes me think it could easily be some troll or kid pretending rather than an actual professional in the industry.

    No seriously, this is the source:

    Note the person posting

    But I’d be pretty happy if much of this did turn out to be true.

  44. Although the source is a bit more reliable than an completely anonymous, I won’t believe this until it’s announced.

    Some of the rumors seem too good to be true, while other parts don’t fit me. The price for example is to high for my budget.

    Also, less related to the rumor, is it just me or does the controller looks somewhat small?

        1. Thanks… that buttload of salt really works. That 15 year old Italian red herring should know better than that. At least we’re 12 days away from Nintendo’s most epic conference at E3.

  45. if Unreal 4 belongs to epic, why would Ubisoft know of this? unless they are investors…

    seeing as sickr is going to be posting more and more of these damn useless rumors ima stop coming untill after E3, I want to be surprise at what they announce, not know what they announce. Untill then Bitches!!

  46. These rumors seem pretty good to me. I wouldn’t mind forking over an extra fifty bucks if it meant being able to play two Wii U tablet controllers. Can’t wait until E3.

  47. I only believe part of this there was mention of direct x 10.1 (from actual Nintendo devs) The custom UI is definitely a plus. The price sounds right (I was planning on $350-$400 anyway) I think we ALL knew about the built in games (to show off the systems features right out the box) I heard before this at my local G.S that they were goin to switch from Tuesday to resolve shipping delays because that’s when movies and music are also released. But I’m sad to hear Killer Freaks won’t be a launch.

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  51. idiots. Someone we are actualy 100% sure from Nintendo already has said
    ” I can’t name the exact price but the Wii U should be around $300. Any higher and we run the risk of not selling “

  52. hi there yeah 2 gb ram not 1 gb or 786 mb ram soo that means we could get 16 gb or 32 gb flash storage verses 8 gb internal flash storage

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  55. We already know the Wii U is gonna come with one of the best Radeon graphics cards. Also, even if people will say it’s too cheap, I figured the Wii U pricing would be rom $250-$300. Also, if the Wii U has achievements i’m sold.

    1. There is a very strong possibility the Wii U (especially in selected titles) will have Achievements.

      1. im all for that custom UI Ilike to use funny photos for wallpapers. In_game music would be awesome too (which i think is mutitasking)

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