Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 Coming To Wii U?

Paul Gale, who first reported on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, is reporting that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is coming to Wii U. Gale claims that Mercury Steam will be providing a “safe” port of the game which is also coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Playstation Vita. The development studio will apparently be debuting the game at E3.


  1. I didn’t like Lords of Shadow very much, but enough people did to warrant a sequel I guess. I’d much rather have a retro-style Castlevania game on the WiiU.

  2. I’d rather have a 2D, side-scrolling Castlevania game. Or a Metroidvania style would be better. I liked Lords of Shadow, but I want the retro feel of Castlevania on a home console.

  3. Whats the point of releasing the same game on the PS3 and the Vita, surely the whole point of a handheld is to make games you wouldnt see on a console.

    1. Some people like me don’t have time to play on console but have a PS3 and Vita. We still want to play console games but don’t have time to sit down, so with the VITA we can play those games on the go.

      1. Who the hell cares? This is MY NINTENDO NEWS… not My Sony news.

      2. Really, he’s the troll? He didn’t say anything bad, but you, the insecure fanboy, had to be an idiot about it.

    1. Imagine Simon Belmont as a playable character in the next Super Smash Brothers game. Using his whip and throwing bottles of holy water would be cool.

  4. Not Lords of Shadow…. I personally didn’t like that game. Castlevania really ought to stay 2D

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