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Epic Mickey Producer Says “The Gamer Is Always Right”

Warren Spector, the creator behind Epic Mickey, originally planned for the franchise to be a four game series. Spector had at least three new cycles of “innovation” to introduce to Epic Mickey, the latest of which is the co-op aspect of the forthcoming Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. Spector also said that he could not accuse players of misunderstanding the original Epic Mickey on Wii because “the gamer is always right.”

“People got it just fine, but to be honest, nobody is going to say ‘No, I don’t want everybody to love my game. Of course you want people to love your game, but if you can’t have that I would much rather polarize people and have people love it or hate it, than feel it was just alright.”

89 thoughts on “Epic Mickey Producer Says “The Gamer Is Always Right””

      1. errrr no. NINTENDO FANS ARE THE BEST! Least we appreciate great games not generic shooters./…



            1. He is a normal fan and he is interested in news about Nintendo.
              Beeing a fanboy means something compleatly different -_-

          2. hahahaa that shut u up u fucking spastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA U R SO DUMB ITS LIKE OMFG HILLARIOUS! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FAG!!!!!!!!

        1. All Fanboys are idiots. Nintendo *fans* are fine…as are Sony and Microsoft fans. But the Fanboys (not fans) for all 3 are a pain to even talk to.


            1. Agreed, Nintendo fans aren’t idiots. Nintendo fanboys are idiots though. There’s a massive difference between a standard fan and a hardcore fanboy.

                1. Hardcore fanboys certainly helped Nintendo get by, but I believe they could’ve survived without the short-sighted, over judgemental, ‘everything Nintendo does is gold, even when they make mistakes’ part of the fanbase. It’s these people that are probably holding the company back, by advocating the idea that Nintendo need not ever try too hard.

                  Don’t get me wrong, other fanbases have this problem too. Doesn’t mean the Nintendo fanbase should have it as well.

                  1. But Nintendo doesnt make mistakes. I still play my Virtual Boy everyday while wearing the power glove and listening to the Pokemon the Movie soundtrack LMAO

                    1. “Nintendo doesn’t make mistakes”

                      It’s fine if you like the company, I do too. But you’re ignorant if you truly believe that.

                      1. I’m not ignorant, I was making a joke based on irony by listing all of Nintendo’s past mistakes. Its true that I want to buy a virtual boy, its not because it has anything good about it. I simply collect systems. I tend to forget though that my computer lacks a “sarcasm” button and people can’t sense it just by reading text. Meh bad!

            2. i agree totally i love final fantasy so id say imma fan but i relly dislike FF7 fanboys ya know lol

            3. I would say even fanboys are fine, what pisses me off is when they are rabid. I consider myself a nintendo fanboy, but I NEVER discourage people from playing other systems. Why would someone want a company to fail just because they don’t like their products? Or waste time and energy to make fun of it with no reason or rhyme? I suppose I just don’t get it. As long as gamers are having fun and gaming, thats all I care about.

              1. erm cos we want Nintendo to have money to invest in amazing games and hardware? competiton is bad. I want Nintendo to be a monopoly just like with gameboy!

                1. Monopolies aren’t good in the least, it discourages creativity. Good example is Microsoft Windows. Compare Windows 7 with Windows 95 and its barely any different. WIthout strong competition, it can do as it pleases and everyone has no choice but to go with it because Macs are too expensive for old tech and Linux is “Too Hard”. Besides, not all gamers like Nintendo, so why deprive them of their choices? Isn’t that limiting freedom based on personal preference?

                  1. I agree except that nintendos monopoly on handheld gaming devices certainly didn’t hurt innovation, so there are exceptions to the, “competition is best for innovation” theory.

                    1. In fact, consider that in a competetive environment, it’s sometimes easier to play it safe and make what you know will sell, when in a monopoly environment people HAVE to buy your product so you can be as innovative/crazy as you like.

                      Interesting thoughts indeed.

                    2. exactly! Nintendo is NOT MICROSOFT so do not even compare. Microsoft products have always been stale. As a web developer I should know this working with shitty IE . Nintendo has always been the bestt with handhelds without/very little competition…

                    3. Those are interesting points that I failed to consider. Especially with a company like Nintendo who just purely love gaming. I will still stand my “choices for the masses” argument against monopolies though.

              2. ya that makes sense lol i should probably restate my last post lol i dislike RABID fanboys :) (im being serious)

        1. Considering the Wii outsold the PS3 and the 360, “the majority of gamers today are stupid as fuck” is a profound thing to hear a Nintendo fan say.

          1. Except the HD twins sold 130million-ish between them, and the different, individual console sold 95million-ish, so actually the majority of gamers are playing one of the HDtwins.

            1. thats pretty woriying for sony and xbox if it takes 2 consoles to narrowly defeat the wii ;) The wii sold near 120million I believe…

            2. The PS3 & the 360 are not the same console. They may be more similar than, say the 360 & the Wii, but they’re still different consoles, both being HD enabled was seen as the logical thing to do and Nintendo took a risk by deciding not to do the same (which resulted in both good and bad side effects)

              His point that the Wii outsold the other consoles still stands.

      1. these new gamers only care about m rated games, graphics and not to forget shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters after shooters and more shooters.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe they are fun to them, but the hardcore expectations of two-thirds of the modern day consoles are closing new gamers’ minds to the wonderful casual experiences! Games like Mario, Sonic, and Kirby are great, challenges , but meant for fun…. however, when played a certain way, casual games can also feel hardcore. (games like Pokemon, Zelda, and anything with bonus stff to unlock and/or online leaderboards.)

        2. I disagree. Yes there are fans of shooters, but there are still fans of plenty other things, If there weren’t, Nintendo wouldn’t be in business. Also, what’s wrong with shooters. There are plenty of shooters that are fun. If its because they are ‘M’ rated, then that’s just as bad as people complaining about ‘E’ games. If its cause of COD, then why let one series “taint” a genre. That’s like having a person say all 3D platformers are bad because Bubsy 3D is a bad game. There’s not even much wrong with COD, other then rereleases and fans. Hell, its not like Nintendo doesn’t rerelease the same game but with different graphics and level design.

          1. The difference is that COD is a blatant rehash, and a yearly one at that two with enormous hype from what seems like everybody. And anyways very few, if any Nintendo franchises are milked like COD and some other franchises. At least Pokemon is every few years, and the other franchises releases normally feel like very different games.

            1. See here’s the thing though. Mario isn’t. Galaxy 2, while great, feels identical to Galaxy. Don’t get me started on the NSMB series. Seriously, that line of games is the most unoriginal… ahh whatever. But anyway, Mario does get released frequently. One Mario platformer has been released every year for nearly seven years. Seven. Years. That’s not including the spinoff games. Trust me, Mario games get plenty of hype. Also for Pokemon, don’t forget the third version that is released every gen except 5. That is a true blatant rehash, tweaking very little and calling it a brand new game. Also, being released a little less frequently than a year doen’t excuse the game. Anyway, I’m not trying to sound mad, I just enjoy discussing

              1. To be honest though, and as a pokemon fan myself, we have alot of event/special/amazingly bred pokemon that we wouldn’t want to get rid of, but we would still like to replay the story, and I’ve always found that the third version is so amazing for just this facet.

          2. The problem isn’t the FPS game itself, its the fact that so many are released and very few of them are actually what would intrensically be considered a “good” game. I suppose people are frustrated that they are being released in droves while other types of games are being pushed to the background. I’m personally not a fan of them either, but can you blame the companies? Its what sells right now, what a majority of the american public wants, so in order to satisfy customers and make money they have to make them. I get the feeling that sooner or later the public will tire of them as they did with platformers in the 90’s and we will see a resurgence of other styles of games. Just give it time, can’t imagine people buying and loving Call of Duty 32, return of the zombie ninja robot dog aliens from the future. Actually, that sounds fun……

        3. Only if it has multiplayer, mind. Vanquish, a pretty fun and well-made shooter, didn’t have multi-player (because it was built around mechanics that wouldn’t work in multiplayer, like slow motion) so it didn’t sell well.

        1. It’s this thing called sarcasm. You don’t seem to get it.

          ….also what the fuck, that’s a seriously fucked up thing to say to someone.

          1. got problems kid!!!!!!! yeah u got problems!?!??!?!?! what yeh u got problems!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!? yeh yeh yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If 10 mins of Nintendos E3 conference is wasted talking about a crap Mickey Mouse game I’m gonna be furious.

          1. And let’s face it. Power of Illusion is the one to look out for anyway. Good old fashioned 2D platforming set in the 80+ year history of Disney animation. Should be awesome.

      1. Don’t doubt the mouse! If you enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine, you may enjoy it, especially if you grew up with and/or know about old Disney references.

    2. I can’t agree. Today most parts of gamers wants master graphics, an easy game or a shooter. That’s shit, I must say.
      In other hand, yeah, you have to do some things to get a public. The problem is the public you are aiming. And on that point I agree with him. I still prefer to polarize the public than making an “ok” game. Then you can’t just say “the game is a shit”. Well, you can, but probably you’ll have other people that loved it. And I think this is the people that count, not everyone. And as I said, people’s taste today is a shit.

    3. In essence, he is correct yet wrong at the same time. It’s that he commends those who actually give games like these a try and tell him faults, but also praises. The part where he is wrong regards how the gamer is “always right”. While I do agree, there are sensible people who will actually give well thought out criticisms and accolades, there are also people who tend to be less sensible and more neurotic.

      Nowadays, there are people, like on this site, who will libel one another because of differing opinions and/or just because they want a rise out of the people with what they say. These people are hardly credible. In fact, I also can bring in fanboys, the ones who praise every single thing a company does – whether it’s a pot of gold or not – and will actually attack another person, more or less, for their differing opinions. Granted, that’s mainly the other person just trolling, but in some cases; the fanboy WILL be the troll.

      Anyway, he can be correct there are gamers who “are always right” because they actually have common sense and the intellect to actually know what’s right and wrong in a game or what can be helpful. He’s also incorrect in that regard as not every game has a brain in their head and spew nonsensical statements and whatnot.

      1. ^This. I understand people can’t afford all consoles, but can people please understand that people that like different things. No one company is better than the other, they all have strengths and weaknesses and people that say the company they buy games from is better than another is just annoying and not true. Its an opinion. Now I’m not saying you can’t enjoy one company over another, but just understand that its your opinion, not fact.

        1. My two best friends are fanboys: one for Nintendo and the other for Sony. I have all of the consoles, including the 360, and I understand how stupid they sound when they argue. They’re both great companies. None of them “suck” but occasionally they both do release poor games.

            1. That’s your opinion, you are entitled to that belief. But, I believe they both send out pretty good games, especially in the first department. But, please, don’t let your bias against Sony, if you have any bias of course, cloud your judgement.

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