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Eve Online’s Lead Designer Refuses To Play Boxed Retail Games

The designer behind MMO EVE Online, Kristoffer Touborg, wants console makers to offer all of their games digitally. Touborg believes that gamers should not be required to leave their homes to purchase a new game because it may be sold out on its release date.

Touborg’s company, CCP Games, will be releasing the MMO Dust 514 as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3.

Nintendo already confirmed that Wii U and Nintendo 3DS retail games will be offered as digital downloads. If it is successful, perhaps we’ll see Dust 514 on the Wii U’s digital store.

“The fact that consoles are retail based is super restrictive. It’s terrible.

I really hope that our game, Dust 514, is successful so that other console developers will be attracted to digital distribution as well – because that’s what keeps me playing PC.

If I have the choice of walking down to the store and buying a full price disc like I did in the 90s, or just opening my Steam account… I’m going to open my Steam account.

The second that changes is when I’ll start playing console games again, and hopefully Dust 514 will help bring that change.”

41 thoughts on “Eve Online’s Lead Designer Refuses To Play Boxed Retail Games”

    1. You know why digital games don’t work? You need to download them. There’s two things there. A.) You need an internet connection. B.) You need a fast one. C.) You need either a credit card, or a points card (Which would make you go outside. D.) If your account gets hacked, you don’t have a physical copy. E.) I’m an Analog Man.

  1. If that game is on Steam for the U (let’s hope Nintendo gives Valve the go-ahead), It’s a downloadable must buy.

  2. Wii u is the console for him. Nintendo will dominate! My body is ready for you e3. Smash it as always! Proud to live in this digital age, this console age were magic lies in the innovation of nintendo and their awesome games!!!

  3. I think the option to buy any game digitally should be there but I would not use it very often.

  4. well of course he wants all games to be digital only. that’ll give complete control over the price. besides, you don’t have to go out to buy games anyways. you can just buy them online.

  5. I refuse to buy games digitally only unless we have a better infrastructure and a better way to get our games like avoiding HDD crash, etc. There, I gave my 2 cents on the matter.

  6. Mel FUCKING Gibson

    I hope that Dust 514 is the WORST SELLING GAME EVER!!

    Just because they are too fucking lazy to go to a game store, i wont be told how i should buy my fucking games!

    If i want a BOXED RETAIL COPY of a game, then i will go to a fucking shop and buy it.

    Because i am not a FAT LAZY BASTARD like the Eve developers so FUCKING OBVIOUSLY ARE.

    Dust 514 LOOKS FUCKING SHIT anyway.

    I hope it FUCKING BOMBS and makes these FUCKING BASTARDS bankrupt.

    I dont care if they read this because they are probably TOO FUCKING FAT to walk through their office doors and come after me anyway.

    FUCKING BASTARDS that they are!

    1. Eve online is an online game and you require an internet to play it.

      Dust 514 is the same, the game is based off the series and what happens when you play the game is it interferes with EVE.

      Makes sense selling an online game online.

      But if the game was not all online or not online, then I want to buy it at a game store.

    1. Nintendo is planning to have digital downloads for not only Wii U… but also the Nintendo 3DS.

          1. …. It would overload the ram within minutes of booting up.

            Game pushes the ps3 to the edge. 3DS couldn’t run it, heck the vita can’t run it combat wise. You can only do character management.

            I know this cause I’ve been in the beta for months. Game is beyond anything anyone has ever done on a console.

  7. why buy a game digital and u cant get money back because its sucks u will be rip of there.
    unlike retails u can return it if not like.

  8. I’ve been buying and playing cartridges and discs since I was born, and I don’t have any problem. I still think that Nintendo games especially, which don’t use patches and updates, are the most complete gaming experiences.
    I’m certain Wii U (1st party) titles, when they truly implement online Multiplayer, will not forfeit the single player game and will release a fair amount of content at the beginning. I imagine plenty of add-ons will actually have to do with “classic stages”, deals like that.

  9. I refuse to go digital. Anyone remember the 2 months downtime the Playstation Store had? That provides a case against digital. Having only one location to purchase games is bad for consumers and businesses alike; you can’t return games and businesses like Gamestop aren’t able to supply them to customers who lack internet. Plus, there’s something to be said for collector value.

    Touborg is just a lazy pig. It’s not that bad to walk, bike, or drive to the store to buy a game. A free-to-play game that profits from microtransactions is doomed to fail. This is the first time I’ve heard of Dust514, and I know for sure that I will NEVER download it.

  10. Digital’s too much of a risk, plus I enjoy actually going to a store. They do have things other than games and I like to look around. That’s the point of a store, it’s not like a vending machine that only sells one type of product.

  11. This guy just sounds lazy. How hard is it to walk to the store? Does he have to cross a treacherous mountain filled with Orcs and Balrogs? There are way too many faults with digital distribution that prevent it from becoming the standard. Maybe in the future but we’re not there yet. Leave luck to heaven.


  13. Reblogged this on Shouting Over Pixels and commented:
    Count me out of Dust514. I hate MMORPGs anyway. Depending on microtransaction for the success of a free-to-play game is a stupid, yet risky business move.

    Touborg is out-of-his-mind insane. He’s completely out of touch with the gamers of today. Without physical media, the consumer loses. There is no way to rent or return digital titles. In fact, going digital only is bad for businesses and for consumers who lack an internet connection. The videogame industry has thrived on physical media, and changing it over the digital will cripple it.

    Please tell me that I’m not the only one who remembers the fiasco over Anonymous hacking the Playstation Network and causing 2 months of downtime for the store. Creating one central hub for commerce is just a nightmare waiting to happen. Downtime will cause developers to lose a lot of money. Digital downloads should be reserved for smaller games (aka what I reserve hard drive space for).

    However, if there is an expensive old game that costs over $100, then count me in. I’m all for making older games affordable.

    1. i compleatly agree on my psn account i got mgs,ff origins,ff5,ff6,ff7,ff8……each for 10 bucks lol i like getting rare old expensive games for cheap but i would perfer to have physical copys of games but thats just me ^_^

  14. It makes sense. EVE-Online is an online game. I got the game through stream.

    So it makes complete sense that Dust 514 is a downloadable.

  15. That’s great – if you didn’t have slow as hell internet like I do. I’m studying in a country where 1 Mbps is the usual speed and cannot download long games without waiting forever and a day. Digital download-only games will severely affect my gaming.

    I also like having copies of my game that can’t just disappear. Or lend. Or show off. You know.

  16. Wow. Hes just trying to do us a favor by letting us stay home. What do we get? Complaints! Humans are NEVER satisfied.

    Oh, and for all those people who are missing their good ol’ days about walkin to the store to buy a game, open your damn eyes and see that this ain’t the 80’s. Its fuckin technology and we live in the future. Have a problem? THEN FUCK OFF AND GO READ SOMETHING ELSE!

  17. I want to pay for the box, CD, paper manual easier to read than pdf and, of course, gorgeous illustrations in front and back of each formentionned.

    I prefer to have a nice looking Wii U box in my shelves amoung many other console game, that just a crappy looking icon in my Wii U Home screen.

    As many like to say : Shut up and take my money!

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