First Footage Of Arkham City For Wii U

Batman: Arkham City was announced for Wii U during last year’s E3. The footage that played then was from other consoles and not the Wii U. Warner Bros. announced that Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition will be coming to Wii U. Check out the first video of the game for Wii U above. Warner Bros. promises that the game will make use of the Wii U GamePad and there will be new content in this editiion for Wii U.


15 thoughts on “First Footage Of Arkham City For Wii U

    1. Damn that was the worse E3 showing by Nintendo in many MANY years. They were the those for the three. Sony won this one hands down. What was Nintendo things… I thought they said the focus was on core games. No Zelda and no Metroid (not even a trailer)… WTF!!!


      1. I’m with you on this.Nintendo spended almost a half hour talking about what they talked about on sunday i was like WTF man.I know the Zelda and metroid is going be there but i would have liked 2 see em. It was BADDDDDDDDDDD!


  1. I’m glad the Amored Edition of Batman: Arkham City will be on the Wii U. Nintendo needs better games for hardcore gamers… less casuals!!!!


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