One of the few Nintendo 3DS games that were showcased during Nintendo’s E3 2012 presentation was the new Paper Mario. It has also been given a full title – Paper Mario: Sticker Star. There will be many ‘stickers’ throughout the game that will help Mario throughout his adventure. Stickers are similar to badges, which are a staple in previous Paper Mario titles, but are essential to the gameplay of the new game. From the looks of the trailer, this Paper Mario seems to be the most paper-y version of the franchise. Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be released during holiday 2012. Which Paper Mario title is your favorite?



  1. my fav paper mario will always be the the thousand year door. the game’s a fucking masterpiece. I’m sure this one will be awesome too at least a lot more awesome than that sad wii paper mario game.


    • I love TTYD and I’m certainly looking forward to Sticker Star. But I never understood the hate for the wii one. Was it the best? No. But it had clever ideas and the best writing in the series.


    • My favorite paper mario is also TTYD, which is probably my favorite game ever. But I DID feel that the wii one did have a pretty good story, even though it’s gameplay wasn’t up to par with the other two.


    • I agree that TTYD was brill and defo my favourite!! But Super Paper Mario was good and different and a nice thing to try, but in the future I hope Nintendo stick to the original gameplay like they have for this new game, for example a possible future Wii U paper mario, it should be similar to TTYD gameplay


  2. In the words of NintendoCapriSun, SO HAPPY! :D

    This, Pikmin 3 and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are now my holiday (assuming there are no delays).


  3. Meh nintendo i expected better since ur console gave u upper hand smh as much of a nintendo fanboy i am…it hurts me deeply to say microsoft epically destrory rape won at e3 :(


    • Microsoft had the worst press conference out of them all. What did they announce? Smart glass? Okaaaaay… Wreckateers? How does one “epically destrory rape e3” with that? Nintendo brought out a whole new console. Sure it wasn’t the most informative press conference, but now you’re just nitpicking. Douche.


  4. Hopefully this game returns to the more strategic style of TTYD instead of the more platform based Super Paper Mario was! Please Nintendo!


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