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Wii U To Have Up To 12 User Accounts

The NIntendo Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Charlie Scibetta, was recently interviewed by GameTrailers and said that Nintendo is done with friend codes. Scibetta also revealed that up to 12 user accounts can be made on a Wii U console.

“Nintendo’s take on online gaming is Miiverse, and it’s a way to be social and to discover things online. You can certainly do multiplayer online, but we’re really focusing on community and sharing and discovery because that’s something that’s new and unique and fun, we think, that Nintendo’s uniquely qualified to bring. There’s actually twelve different accounts you can have on any one piece of hardware, so if you have a different account from me, you might have different games featured on there, different friends and when you turn on the Wii U it can immediately go to your profile and then you’ll have an experience that’s tailor made for you.”

54 thoughts on “Wii U To Have Up To 12 User Accounts”

  1. That sounds interesting. My family may not be as big, but I know that when my cousins and friends come to my house I won’t want them to screw up my accounts.

  2. That’s kinda nice. Would be best though if they could do something like Xbox Live and allow you to log onto your profile from another console over the internet.

    1. You know what, (and I don’t have a source for this) I’ve heard that you’ll be able to “carry” profiles on a gamepad. Now that could be good or bad (If most people only keep the one pad, they won’t wnt family to take it) but perhaps there can be something else even if it plugs into USB

    1. Probably because of the eShop. Before, the games were tied to the console, so the only way to resell a downloadable title was to sell the hardware, Now that it is tied to an account, one could just sell the account. Steam has this problem as well. People make a separate account for each game they have, and then sell the account to sell the game. By limiting the number of accounts, it can keep people from doing this kind of thing.

  3. I just really hope it’s online is as easy as Playstations 3 method. You just need to add a friend and then you can play any game with them. I hated (with a passion) that on the wii you had to exchange friend codes for both the system AND the game, that was so much more complicated then it should have.

  4. of course. friend code is outta here. we better be able to change our display name if we feel like changing it.

  5. This should be interesting. As for miiverse I cant wait. There solutions should be ineresting to see, its often hard for me to imagine how nintendo will approach common aspects of online interaction, like searching friends or user profiles. To me, nintendo means knowing itll look and feel like something unique.

  6. WII U GONNA FAIL! WII U GONNA FAIL! Haha! Stupid Nintenfags, Wii U can only run 720p, others have been running 1080p for years but Shitendo too poor to keep up! All they shown at E3 is shit for grandma and soccer mom! LOLZ! Third party just gonna port they old Xbox 360 & PS3 games to make some cash then they gonna
    abandon that little fuck wad and laugh at Shitendo’s dying faces. It don’t matter how many accounts cause only little retard who think this just add-on to Wii gonna buy it, play it two weeks and then go play Angry Birds on iShit.

    1. Lol, you do know that 99% of games on ps360 run at less that 720p but they get UPSCALED (meaning its not true 720p) Now run along and enjoy your FAKE HD games.

    2. PS3 / 360 run in compromised HD or something, Wii U uses true HD.
      I have a 360 though but I am looking forward to this console, but Live sucks ass because you have to pay. Little fuck.

      1. Whoa! You’re a fiesty little little fellow. I hope you enjoy playing fitness games with 5 year olds and soccer moms.

          1. MILFs only apear on Nintendo Commercials, Fat soccers Moms are more of a reality, enjoy it with your Grandma as well.

  7. am I the only one who sees a shit storm coming? file sharing was a huge reason why sony dropped from 6 systems sharing an accounts to 2, or did they mean 12 acounts on One system and ONLY on that system?

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