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Ubisoft: Wii U Launching November

GameXplain interviewed David Martinez, Rayman Legends’ engine architect, during E3. Rayman Legends will be a Wii U exclusive launch title and, according to Martinez, will launch in November. Watch the video above and skip to 5:50 to hear Martinez reveal the information regarding Wii U’s launch. Nintendo confirmed that Wii U will launch by the end of 2012 but could it be released as early as November?

48 thoughts on “Ubisoft: Wii U Launching November”

      1. Non-Specific Action Figure

        One if they said the launch date they will be fucked and then fired do you see why the guy was so nervous about that question? yeah his fucked :)

        Together Wii U.

  1. “Hey, this guy asked about the WiiU’s launch.”
    “We can’t reveal anything, just troll him or something.”
    “That’s kinda mean”
    “Hey… it’s your job you’ll lose.”

    “Uh, I think it’s around November.” *Trollface.*

    1. The world ending has been debunked after researchers saying that the Mayan’s never predicted the end of the world 2012, the predict that the world would change this year and not end.

      So enjoy your Wii U because the end of the world won’t happen in our life time

    1. Lmao. They said “holiday”, so I think what you just said is pretty obvious. Although when they say it’ll be available for the holiday, they mean BEFORE Christmas. So November makes the most sense.

  2. awesome ad libbing honestly he said “i think” thats not a definite answer. thats the assumption everyone is already making so this video gave nothing away at all!

  3. it would be very wise of nintendo to release it right before black friday. why? because in all of the confusion people are gonna buy the newest whatever even if it isn’t discounted and they will sell MILLIONS just purely based on the fact that it is black friday and it has the name wii slapped on it. it would be foolish for them not to.

  4. Nice buy feb 2013 we shud have a new game being release(the launch launch window reggie said). My guess is they wana keep what retro working on till TGS.

  5. It would be safe to assume the all through-out this holiday season we will be throwing many monies at Nintendo. I can’t wait to ignore my friends and family during that time and focus primarily on WiiU :D.

  6. I feel sorry for the guy :(

    Poor guy is going to get fired, and yes I believe this is the true release time for the Wii U because the evidence is pointing towards that anyway.

  7. u remember the zombiU demo? well i ve heard from a friend that he saw the demo and he said that “in playstation 3 would be better than that sh..(i cant insault my console).well i hope the graphics werent finished yet

  8. “As early as November”

    …Nov. is the second to last month of the year…how the hell is that early?


    1. Why would he lose his job? He doesn’t even work for Nintendo and even if he did it’s not enough to lose his job over.

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