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Nintendo Says ‘It’s Hard To Understand Wii U Until You Play It’

Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta has confessed that it’s hard to understand the Wii U until you’ve played it. Scibetta says that it’s important for Nintendo to give fans hands-on time with the system before it’s released.

 “It’s hard to understand the system until you get your hands on it.”

“A big part of our strategy has been and will continue to be trial, getting it in as many people’s hands as possible.”

“When a publisher creates a game experience that is custom… that’s when you really see the magic happen.”

50 thoughts on “Nintendo Says ‘It’s Hard To Understand Wii U Until You Play It’”

    1. No Nintendo… you just do a very poor job of explaining how great the console is for both core and casual gamers. Take a page out of Sony and Microsoft playbook and get it done.

      You already have the casuals… its the core gamers that are laughing at the console and reconfirming their pledge to XboxNext and PS4 due to the poor showing at E3. Loved ZombiU demo and the interesting way the WiiU controller was used to create a immersive game experience. Nintendo needs to do more of that.

      Important to CORE gamers:
      Core Games: showing a few ports of games they have been playing since last year does not cut it.
      Online Capabilities: nothing was shown during the E3 press conference
      AAA Developer Engines (this shows future proof hardware): Nintendo never confirmed if the WiiU is capable of handling Unreal Engine 4.0 and/or CryEngine 3.4

      This is just a few of the “?” that need to be answered by Nintendo and it has to be done quickly.

      1. Nintendo is a humble company. They work for the people, not to compete. They naturally have to compete sometimes though. This keep the company in limbo about what kind of info they want to release before a console is released.

      2. ^ THIS. I swear he’s true. Nintendo didn’t show what wii u can do so far even on E3. I don’t know why they’re hiding! Anyway we’ll find out when it will come out in november for sure.

        1. Thats just the thing… we do not know. Nintendo spend majority of the time showing stuff that will appeal to the casuals. The casuals get it… WiiU is for family and kids friendly. They need to focus on the group who do not get it and that everyone else.

      3. I’ll start at the top. They perfectly explained how it will be for both casual and normal gamers. “Here, it plays games, and you can play it with this neat controller”. That was explained, and that’s all gamers need. The ability to play games.
        Not sure if you saw the microsoft conference, but I doubt many will ‘reconfirm their pledge’ there. The ps4 is a long way off, giving the wii U plenty of time to establish itself.
        Remember that A) there are still a couple of months until the release and B) it’s still incredibly early into the console life to punch out a bunch of titles like ZombiU which really use the controller in a way that knocks people’s socks off.

        1. That’s assuming everyone played those games. Remember, a large number of people who bought a wii probably haven’t played those games. They’ll also be bought by people who may not have bought them on whatever other consoles they own, so it’s not like there’s no purpose for them. Core games will of course come, but most likely revealed closer to launch, since Nintendo stated that Wii U is constantly changing to fit developer needs. If this is true after E3 is another question though.
        2. By online, I’m not sure if you mean gameplay or network, but gameplay-wise, ghost recon online is going to be released, so I’m guessing it’s functional. Network-wise, they’ve explained a few things in the first conference, but I’m not sure what wasn’t said.
        3. It’s definitely possible that they didn’t confirm it because they couldn’t run it, and they wouldn’t want to list stuff it can’t do at their conference.

      4. Nintendo stated that there was no way they could have shown everything at E3, even with the pre-E3 presentation, and that they’ll show the rest in upcoming opportunities.

      5. Actually a lot of my friends want ZombiU, and most of them are Xbox freaks. Some of them want Pikmin 3 as well, and they wanna give NSMBU a go. Just saying, the fact that they say that is very abnormal for them, they’d never buy a Wii. But they are interested in the Wii U.

  1. I’m pretty sure nobody really understood the DS until its release, then it became one of the best gaming platforms ever. I think it will be the same with the Wii U, which looks a lot like the DS philosophy applied to a home console

  2. I don’t think it is that difficult to understand – I just don’t think they are properlly utilising it to prove that what it is is actually worth it (and not just add functionality to it akin to a gimmick). I think it has potential and I have many ideas of how it could improve gaming, but right now it isn’t there (hopefully they have something up their sleve and they just didn’t talk about it because E3 just happened at a bad time for them to properly show things off).

  3. Didn’t they say that about the DS and 3DS?
    Ahh well, if their is something Nintendo does right, it’s convincing us, the gamers, that they’re still worth investing in after all these years!

  4. Non-Specific Action Figure

    Well i was on e3 and yes your right Sickr its hard to explain but when you play it your mind is blown the wii u Gamepad is very light and zombiU has some pretty good graphics and pikmin was just amazing looking forward on the Wii U

    Together Wii U.

  5. I can’t wait to get hands on time with this sexy thing. I think I’ll cry when I get it Wahhhhhh

  6. I’m sick and tired of everyone calling anything different than usual a “gimmick”. It isn’t a gimmick! They just stuck everything possible on the Gamepad and there letting the developers do the rest. How awesome is that!!!

    1. If the GamePad was a gimmick, then all other controllers would also be gimmicks, making consoles gimmicks, making games gimmicks, TVs gimmicks, electricity a gimmick, technology, knowledge, life, planets, stars, the solar system, galaxies, the universe, everything. Everything would be a gimmick.

  7. Is that all the Wii U and its controller can do from what we saw at E3 this year. If it is it isn’t impressive…:p

    1. Mii too!!!!! I’m glad they chose black to be the system color.I just can’t wait.I want Kingdom Hearts 3 soooooooo bad(and the rumor of the collection too.)

  8. You’d have to be pretty daft to not understand the WiiU without having to own it.

    The same was said to lure in new consumers to the Wii console, yet once they purchased one to satisfy their curiosities most were then left to gather dust.

    Knowledge of new software is more important then knowledge of the hardware, I think.

  9. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand. I saw the potential at last year’s E3, and I’ve been fairly excited for what it might mean for gaming to have a touch screen controller. The Nintendo DS only benefited from having two screens, so why can’t console gaming?

  10. I dont find the concept very confusing, but hands-on experience would be nice.

    Oh say can you see, everyone is dumb but me.

  11. I really hate this comment. Saying it’s hard to understand makes me feel as if all gamers are idiots who can’t understand anything more than “shoot the thing”. It doesn’t help that plenty of gamers and gaming websites are confirming this. It’s a controller with a touch-screen. How is that hard to understand?

  12. Everyone keeps talking about how Nintendo didn’t explain the console well. What’s so f-in difficult to understand? It’s a new console that plays games in HD. There’s also this controller w/ a screen on it. Is this really so confusing? Is EVERYONE a retard?!?!

  13. Then they will have to get out there and get it in the hands of the public. Set up a booth in some popular stores and invite people to try it with an easy game (NSMBU) and with are hard game (ZombiU). Make sure there are knowledgeable people from Nintendo there to answer any question they may have about the hardware. That will genereate positive word of mouth. And avertise the hell out of it. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. When the 3DS was announced, I was very skeptical since I see many movies in 3D and only three were worth the 3D effects in as many amount of years. Then I played a 3DS demo station at my local Gamestop with Super Street Fighter IV. I turned around and immediately purchased the system and the game. I’d love to find a Wii U demo station with Assassin’s Creed III so I can test a AAA game I already wish to buy.

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