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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo revealed yesterday that it plans to launch Nintendo 3DS XL, a new version of Nintendo 3DS with 90 percent larger screens. When it becomes available across Europe on July 28th and North America August 19th, the new system will create even more immersive entertainment experiences for users, delivering a wealth of games and video content that can be enjoyed on the go. The system will retail for $199.99 in North America.

Nintendo 3DS XL features an updated form factor and will be available in Europe in Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black. The new system’s battery life outperforms that of the original Nintendo 3DS, and it comes bundled with a 4 GB SD card, which owners can use to store content such as downloadable games and videos from the Nintendo eShop. With upcoming titles such as New Super Mario Bros. 2 being available as digital downloads as well as boxed retail games you will be glad of the extra space.

Even with the addition of the bigger screen, Nintendo’s aim was to still make the system available at a reasonable purchase price. Because of this, and because so many fans already own a previous handheld, an AC adapter will not be included.

Nintendo 3DS XL launches on 28th July in Europe alongside New Art Academy, a new entry in the Art Academy series. The larger screens of Nintendo 3DS XL mean users will have even more room to unleash their creativity while enjoying art lessons that teach real-world drawing and painting techniques.

100 thoughts on “Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo 3DS XL”

    1. Nintendo may be focused on a certain audience but dude, they need to think before they rush 2 new consoles to store (i know the 3D XL is the same as the 3ds but just bigger) still its like wasting time when people with 3ds’ are anxiously waiting for games as good as mario kart 7 or something to that standard of game. With the price drops on the 3ds this year here and there and promotional deals alot of people since christmas have just recently got there hands on a 3ds. So why release a bigger version?? Not very good marketing to me, plus its only like 30-40 dollars more than the orginal console, which is bullshit it makes everyone who bought a 3ds feel cheated or fuckin used. Nintendo are only after there own self-intrests and it makes me fucking gag. Nintendo has lost there touch and I cant stop ranting about it Ive been ranting since nintendo direct ended im fuckin pissed. To top it all off we have to wait til august for NSMB2 and prob December for Luigis Mansion which are the only 2 awesome looking game coming out this year for 3ds (kingdom hearts is stupid) and animal crossing when ever it comes out here in the U.S. which I dont give a fuck about cause that game is creepy and for babies, So we feel fucked for buying a 3ds and were fucked on games til august, how are we suppost to feel. I hate xbox but it seems like playstation is calling me home. Nintendo has had its day, ill always love the classics but this modern day nintendo marketing is sloppy and down right dispicable!

      1. Calm down. Nintendo is just offering more options to those that want them. I’d be a little mad if, say, they decided to inlude an extra circle pad and triggers. But seriously, giving a bigger screen is OPTIONAL. They COULDN’T have done this in the original model, for Christ’s sake.

          1. Good. Don’t waste your money on it – if you’re content with normal 3DS, don’t bother with 3DS XL.

      2. Why is it people can afford to upgrade to a new ipad or iphone once a year and not throw a fit but get all up in arms about this type of situation from Nintendo? Anyone that’s a Nintendo fan should know by now that they will continue to release new iterations of their handheld systems. They’ve been doing it since the GameBoy way back in the day.

    2. I would upgrade if it had the second circle pad. As it stands right now, there is no way I am touching this thing.

  1. What I find interesting is that they chose not to include a second circlepad on the new redesign of the 3DS.
    Are they going to launch an EVEN BIGER add-on for this system too now?
    C’mon Nintendo, just add the darn second circlepad…

    Even though bigger screens and battery life and cool new redesign is reason enough to buy this new one, I’d prefer it if they just added the second circlepad…

          1. And thus you get cheap games, while Vita gets the quality games.

            lol, if you think they’re going to water down masterpieces because of Nintendo’s idiocy.

            1. Kid Icarus Uprising used one circle pad and it turned out great. But I don’t think the touch screen aimer would work elsewhere

              1. I found the controls to be dreadful, that isn’t the type of game you try to use the touch screen to substitute an analog and call it a day.

                1. so u want games to be extremely easy? sure the controls were hard to get used to, but the game lasted me longer because of it

    1. I’m surprised Nintendo hasn’t added a second stick. Historically, it has had absolutely no trouble causing divisions in its own install base by releasing part-essential upgrades (Expansion Pak, Wii MotionPlus, etc.) so I don’t see why this, seemingly overwhelmingly desired upgrade, hasn’t been implemented (yet). I mean, those with older systems can just buy the Circle Pad Pro.

      Meanwhile, there’s probably a wealth of pseudo-home system ports being held back by developers purely because the controls wouldn’t work and no one wants to make a system exclusive title anymore (I realise that last sentence is a tad over-generalising).

        1. But they could buy the fucking CPP. That idea is terrible. They don’t need to change how the CPP is used now, but we wouldn’t have to lug around that ugly add-on

    2. Well the 3DS XL is just supposed to be another option for consumers. Not everyone will wanta 3DS that size. If they added the extra circle pad it will be the “superior version” in a sense and those who wouldn’t want that size of 3DS would feel inclined to do so. Nintendo could just redesign both, but its still a bit early for that and they did say that a redesign isn’t even on their minds. I wish Nintendo will add it, none the less.

      1. your right 3ds xl any biger would make the 3ds wii u game pad size or a laptop may be nintendo needs a 30 inch 3ds powered buy a fussion battery for 30,000 light years and youtube suport

  2. HeWhoShallNotBeNamed1

    I’m sticking to my 3DS not because I don’t like the design or whatever reason but because, man, because we’re poor.

  3. Nintendo only makes these stuff because people are stupid enough to buy it.

    It’s the same crap as when Microsoft releases Xbox Slim or something and Sony does the same.
    It’s called business, no one is forcing you to buy anything.

    And sure I can understand many feel somehow cheated but I don’t think the games themselves will look as good as in the normal one and you cannot pretend you didn’t have a good time with your machines before hearing these sort of news.
    If I had money to spend, I’d rather buy new games instead than changing from normal to XL ;p

    1. Well, go to youtube and watch some thraillers of 3DS games in full screen (720/1080p) and you will see that’s not problem a bigger screen, in fact it could be more imersive.

    2. soo what i have a old comadore 64 gaming console 1.08 mhz cpu 64 killobytes flash storage a 3.5 inch color screen 20 pound comuter resolution 320 by 240 soo i dont need realy fast cpus high end graphics or care about 640 gegabyte 4,600 rpm hard drives

    3. K.I.G. From Fanfiction

      I bought a 3DS XL, and I love it. I am a gaming fan, and I have to say, I do like this product a tad more than the original 3DS. Now, before you go all hater mode on me, just know that this is simply my opinion. It’s just what I prefer to use. And for your information, the people who bought 3DS systems are no dumber than you or I. They just chose something different, and as a fellow human being, it is your job to respect that.

      P.S: I ‘wrote’ this using my 3DS XL. It is not stupid… and neither am I.

  4. Its funny how people couldn’t wait to get a 3DS XL and now its been announced and people are starting to bitch that it doesn’t have a 2nd circle pad and that its just the same as the 3DS only bigger… *facepalm*

  5. Looks ugly to me…But in terms of them actually releasing a 3DS XL, I think it’s okay. I remember them talking about possibly releasing an XL version of handhelds in the future, and saying they wouldn’t be available at the same time as the regular sized one. Of course it doesn’t make use of the extra space to have a second analogue stick or anything, but the fact is that this isn’t meant to be the 3DS’s replacement. Just like the DSi XL it’s for people who just want a bigger screen and perhaps only want to play at home so aren’t worried too much about portability. However I am kind of disappointed with the decision not to include an AC Adapter because that’s ridiculous, they could have provided one instead of increasing the capacity of the SD Card…I think this is the only acceptable new handheld for them to make at the moment, since it’s just for people who want something bigger, it wouldn’t have been a good idea for them to release a new console with dual analogue sticks.

    1. hi there i have both 3ds 3ds xl 3ds xl 3d is way more intense 3d and i ran both of them today i notice 3ds xl also went e-shop few seconds faster then 3ds and games load faster too

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  7. Some Perspective:

    [Nintendo] predicts a 37 percent jump in sales of the 3DS, together with the introduction of its new Wii U console, WILL HELP DRIVE A RETURN TO PROFIT THIS FISCAL YEAR.

    source –

    Australian Suggested Retail Price is $249.95 Australian Dollars.

    source –

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  9. It really depends on how much extra I have to pay if I trade in my used 3DS for it. I could probably afford it, but, I also want the Wii U…

  10. I don’t know what the fuss is about…I don’t feel cheated…I bought what I wanted, when I wanted it(I got the limited edition zelda 3ds)…Nintendo releasing the same thing with a bigger screen just gives people who haven’t picked one up more options and different price points, which is good for attracting more gamers, and thus for getting more games made…I don’t see the problem

    1. I was starting to worry that I would never find an intelligent person on the net ever again. I thank you.

  11. I don’t a 3DS yet. But it doesn’t look as nice as the smaller model’s design. AND it doesn’t come with an AC Adapter?? Not sure what I should do.

    1. just buy a ac adapter i dont think you will spend more then $25 for a power adapter i think i have seen them from $15 too $30 on internet sites

  12. Why would anyone get this thing exactly? You already own the 3DS, this adds absolutely nothing to that besides a bigger screen (which I might add doesn’t have a better resolution). That’s it. nothing else. It doesn’t even come with a fucking AC adaptor. Not to mention, the fucking WiiU is coming out the same fucking year. You fanboys must have a ton of money to burn (or your parents do but I digress)

    1. Calm the fuck down, faggot. It COMES with the AC adapter. And use some common sense. This is for people who DON’T already have a 3DS, or people who want to buy this one too. You don’t HAVE to buy this. People would GET this IF they don’t have a 3ds yet and prefer the bigger screen than the original, OR they JUST. WANT. IT.

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  14. the original 3DS’s design was cool and edgy, the XL looks like a fisher price toy and is way too big for me :L

  15. okay, im confused… so it wont feature a built-in second circle pad ? because thats the only thing that would make me purchase this..

  16. They just realized their share holders are pissed and losing money as stocks decline so they pull this “get money quick scheme” to better their favour. I’d rather buy a new “slim” 3DS with circle pad pro than this ugly pastel behemoth!

    And yay for Fire Emblem :)

  17. After seen NIntendo Direct and the new 3DS XL i was thinking ..Um what color should i choose. The reason why i held back was because of the battery life. My train ride is over 1 hour long and sometimes they are delays so it total i do 4 hours of travel to and from work. So with this new battery it will do the job(yes i use my brothers 3DS and i can drain the battery pretty quick. since i use it for gaming and multimedia purposes =lots of pictures,movie watching and even as an mp3 player.) :D

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  19. Good to here the adapter will be included in NA then. However, this has, sadly, killed my plans to get the purple 3DS, and the XL series doesn’t look like it’s metallic… darn it.

  20. If/when it comes in white, I think I want it. The current colors aren’t all that appealing though. If I sell my current 3DS to someone it’s not going to set me back too much… So, why not?

  21. I swear… to fucking god… the pure white one better not be Japan exclusive. I was disappointed that the white dsi XL didnt come out in north america, then disappointed again with the white 3ds which probably wont come to north america either.

    1. The issue is its 90% larger screen is no 90% larger resolution…. its going to stretch the image and look fugly.

  22. What’s the problem? I’m going to upgrade from the 3DS to 3DS XL, just like I did from the DSi to DSi XL. I know they did not add the extra circle pad, but the 3DS XL is a larger model of the 3DS! Besides… can’t you buy the Circle Pad Pro for your 3DS XL?

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  24. Well I guess some people without a 3DS yet would want it, but I like the old design better, and I’m pretty happy with my 3DS…XD With 90% bigger screens, though, will they stretch games like they did with the DSiXL? That…in 3D?

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