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Access To Wii U Nintendo Network Will Be Free

During a shareholder’s meeting, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the online network for Wii U will be free to use. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection – for Nintendo DS and Wii – has always provided free online play, so it’s not too surprising that Wii U’s Nintendo Network will also provide online connectivity at no extra charge.

93 thoughts on “Access To Wii U Nintendo Network Will Be Free”

      1. They said the online would be free at E3 2011. Us not knowing the name “Nintendo Network” doesn’t really mean it isn’t confirmed..

      2. Non-Specific Action Figure

        I see what you did there…. very specific….. oh you ☜(*▽*)☞

        Together Wii U.

        1. in my country they call this normal (netherlands)

          paying extra on top of you’re provider costs would be theft

                    1. In my country we call this “we hit it out of the park ” but you already knew that..LOL

    1. I wonder how it will be though. Will it be a major improvement compared to the Wii? I hope so! It’s free, so I can’t complain either way though. :)

      1. I bloody hope so haha. From the Miiverse trailer, despite how funny it was, it looks like a very interesting system, being able to suspend gameplay, then go online to the forum like base, then carry on without quitting the game, looks alot more social, but cant wait to get my hands on it and see what there is to do

  1. now we need dragonquest X for free! No monthly payment

    ill still buy it regardless


    1. Most likely safer than the psn. Nintendo will want to really draw people in with this feature, so it’ll make sense they keep it as attractive as possible

    1. There’s no guarantee that it will be able to fully rival Live, but then at least you’re not being charged for it. I’ve seen people who use Live who would love to pay less/nothing for a less complete online experience because they don’t even want or use some of the extra stuff a Live subscription helps fund.

      1. The only Live works better is because Microsoft know how to handle online, but its still inexcusable to charge for it

    1. I realized that ever since my Gold trial wore off and I found out you need Gold to play online. Plus, everything you pay for you can do for free on the computer.

      1. Its ridiculous and greedy. But till now fanboys have just been using the “i pay cos its better and i dont get hacked”, even though xbox has been hacked before, it just wasnt so severe. Hopefully theyll come to their sense and microsoft can fuck off out the gaming business.

        1. Live could have been hacked just as easily as PSN. But PSN was a target for the hackers. So that why it was so severe.

    1. What made you think that?
      If i get a console, i expect to be able to use it fully, same with how i expect the same from a video game.
      Xbox live is basically DLC, which is incredibly ironic.

      1. I think his making fun of the stupid xbox 360 deal, the $99 xbox that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for a few years

  2. This is something we always want when playing video games– Online gaming without paying a single cent. I’m glad the Nintendo Network is a 100% payless online source for gaming, interacting with your friends and surfing the web!!!!!

  3. Aslong as Nintendo Network is atleast a 50% improvement over the Wii Online then this will be a very good start indeed…
    But hopefully even better than 50…

    1. The main problem with the Wii was the online servers, alot of them sucked, especially in Smash Bros, but if they were good, it wouldnt be much different from xbox live or PSN, all they do play games in the end, other than that, they had the friends section, which was hardley a massive breakthrough

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  6. of course it’s free. no one in their right mind would pay for online. it’s one of the reasons why I’m a nintendo and sony guy while microsoft can lick these nuts.

    1. When you said, “lick these nuts”, i could only imagine a lions ballsack because of your avatar.

    1. The Nintendo Network is an online gameplay network which acts similar to Sony’s Playstation Network. It is the second network created by Nintendo after the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (which launched during the release of Mario Kart DS). It has been made to provide online play for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U compatible games.

      Miiverse is Nintendo’s brand new in-game social network.



  8. geez so much xbox hate here, anyways, i do hate paying for xbox live, but the reason we pay extra for fabulous online is because microsoft sold xbox at a loss for a long time, they needed something besides games to profit off of, and this fit the bill. im real glad wii u has free online! as soon as it has a few good games i will start saving up for it plus a 720.

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