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Different Wii U Models Available At Launch?

According to Nintendo France executive Stephan Bole, Nintendo is thinking about offering different models of Wii U at launch. Because Wii remotes are required for Wii U’s multiplayer games, Bole explained that a Wii U model that is bundled with a Wii Remote may be sold alongside a Wii U model without Wii’s motion controller. Nintendo may be including a Wii Remote with the Wii U console for people who are not familiar with the original Wii.

117 thoughts on “Different Wii U Models Available At Launch?”

      1. Developers DO have the kit, otherwise they wouldn’t even be able to work on game titles for Wii U’s launch.

          1. They do, its previously been said that they have enabled it but runs the system at a lower frame rate to cope

            1. Iwata said it cuts the framerstes to 30fps. Which is hilarious because thats the native for most 360/ps3 games

                1. I know, its stupid. I mean, the WiiU can run 3 seperate screens at the same time, with almost unnoticable lag, and it’llrun at 1080p, and 30fps. But clearly its weaker than a ps3

                    1. If its motion plus, then yes please, i only own one motion plus controller, and if any games use it like the Zelda Battle Quest in NintendoLand, i’ll need it

                      Does anyone know if theyre re-modelling the Wiimotes to have motionplus as standard, and more importantly a build in rechargable battery?

                        1. They should make a model available with some proper storage space. I’d pay an extra 100 bucks for some real space.

                          1. Not sure about the battery thing (though they should do), but they discontinues the original Wii Remote in favour of MotionPlus ages ago.

                            1. Okay, awesome. The pro controller is rechargable so i hope so, but can always buy a decent recharge pack

                                1. Multiplay doesn’t mean 2 people, it means many players at once. Yes the Wii U support 2 GamePads, but the Wii U itself will only be shipped with 1 GamePad and 1 Wiimote in the package bundle.

                                  You’ll most likely see separate package for buying a 2nd Wii U GamePad so you can have 2 people use one at the same time.

                                    1. Hope theres a possibility of it being bundled with games like Rayman and Ninja Gaiden 3, especially NG3. Depends how comfortable the pad is, but dont want to use a wiimote sideway in a multiplayer, never liked it, felt a bit uncomfortable

                                    2. That will be sold separately. (If they included it with the Wii U it would just bring the price up and not everyone would want the Pro controller)

                                      1. Im hoping so. The black one looks so much better, plus it’ll match my ps3 and tv. Also scratches and marks will be less obvious

                                          1. I’d love Platinum! (Like the Gamecube) I still have my platinum GC, and I just love electronics in platinum! :)

                                              1. Should clarify though:

                                                Nintendo said just about all Wii games and accessories will be compatible with the WiiU. That does not mean, however, that all Wii U games and functions will work with original Wii peripherals, if you know what I mean…

                                                Like the Wii, some games required the Wii Remote Plus, some games may require a specific type of controller.

                                              2. They said most current Wii peripherals can be used, duno what wont work, but yes, Wiimotes will work as well as the balance board

                                                1. I’m pretty sure they said at E3 that all original Wii peripherals will work with Wii U including Wii Balance Board and such.

                                                  1. Ohright, ok. I only own 1 motion plus anyway as far as “add ons” go, and that was just for Skyward Sword

                                                    1. Without MotionPlus, you wouldn’t even be able to play games that have it because it does a calibration check when games load up.

                                                      1. I know it does, i played Skyward Sword, calibrates more than Garrus, but i do have the Zelda motionplus controller, but still only 1, its why im hoping they do a package. Wouldnt mind NintendoLand being packaged with 1, if it doesnt come with the console

                                                    2. If Wii U games require a Wii remote, then a Wii Remote should be included with the system.

                                                      This system has too many controllers for its own good. <.<

                                                      1. It doesn’t have too many controllers at all. the Wii U GamePad is an extension accessory add-on for gameplay.

                                                      2. They don’t require one. At least most games won’t, they’re just there as an option. For example, Rayman Legends lets you use Wii Remotes, which you likely already have, in favour of buying another 3 Wii U Pro controllers.

                                                          1. Depends which mulitplayer youre playing, nintendoland needs 2 that ive seen for far, for the zelda minigame. Other games dont seems to need it though like rayman and obviously NSMBU, but you never know, they might

                                                            1. Well, Pikmin 3 does also. But in general, games that use the Gamepad in your hands will also support the Pro controller.

                                                              1. I meant as in Wiimotion plus controller, not the standard controller. But yeah i know Pikmin 3 uses the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo.
                                                                I cant imagine play single player games that need the Game pad to be worth playing on a Pro controller, to much switching around.
                                                                Would only use the pro controller for smash bros, i just cant see it using the touch screen other than for off screen play.

                                                              2. your face is fake. Wii U can have bundled with different controllers. the Pro Controller will be available separately at launch.

                                                                1. That does raise an intresting point, wouldnt mind a bundle with a pro controller added, mainly just for Rayman Legends, you need pretty tight controls to and comfortable grip to play that game if its anything like Origins

                                                                1. 5?! Haha i got one bundled at launch, and then 1 motionplus with Skyward Sword (kick ass gold one too)

                                                                2. It will be a bundled option, up that the top is says “Wii U model that is bundled with a Wii Remote may be sold alongside a Wii U model without Wii’s motion controller.” So you could buy the wii u with ot without the wii remote.

                                                                  1. Some people would need extra remotes (or maybe they don’t have any) while others already have 4 remotes and wouldn’t need anymore. The Wii remote is needed for multiplayer, so Nintendo would want to include one so people can enjoy the full benefits of the Wii U.

                                                                    I have 3 remotes, but would like to own a 4th one. :) I hope that it’s a Wii Remote Plus. (I have the Golden Skyward Sword Wii remote plus! :D)

                                                                    1. Well that makes sense though – seems fine and fair. At the first look of the title I feared it meant they would do the tablet/phone technology system of having different functions for the system at different price points – fractioning the player-base like that would definitely be bad, simply giving people the chance to get a wii remote with it or not (depending on if they own one or not) doesn’t do that.

                                                                    2. wait so it might come with a wii mote but no motion plus with it? i needed to get a motion plus but im too lazy to buy it…

                                                                    3. LoL New Wii U (Includes WiiU Gamepad, Wii remote+ Nunchuck, WiiU Pro Controller, Sensor Bar, Audio/Video cables, AC chord, Money Printer, Space Laser, Time Machine, GameBoy Horror, F.L.U.D.D.)

                                                                      *batteries sold separately*

                                                                      1. F.L.U.D.D was cool, even if it was a little annoying, “Mario!Mario!Mario!, you, can, suck, up wawter, using, the, right, trigger, button”
                                                                        Hope it comes back for a few levels in the next Mario game

                                                                    4. i swear ive been saying since they announced wiiU pro controller that they need to package it with the wiiU…ill gladly pay 400 bones for a wiiU console with wiiU gamepad and controller pro and nintendoland….wouldnt even think about id just preorder

                                                                    5. As long as one is a ‘fully loaded’ bundle that includes 1 of each controller + Nintendo Land + a BUILT-IN hard drive. I would rather have one with everything than needed to buy extra parts later.

                                                                      1. Why a built in hard drive? If you ran out of memory youd be buggered. External hard drives are cheap as hell these days anyway, and you can plug them into your laptop to get photos and music

                                                                        1. External hard drives are NEVER as fast at ones that are built-in + I don’t really want an ugly hard drive hooked up.

                                                                          A hard drive will be essential if you are going to buy games online.

                                                                        2. in fact make 3 options wiiU console with wiiU gamepad only and add 2 other options for 50 bucks more to buy wiiU console with either wiimote or wiiU pro controller…but all of em should include nintendoland with basic minigames unlocked and make dlc available for like 1.99….

                                                                        3. I already own 7 wii motes! I dont want them included with the Wii U !
                                                                          They better include the Pro controller instead!

                                                                        4. I really hope they include a Wii Rememote with motion + in the package, that way I can buy Skyward Sword from the start. I’m dying to play that game. Gots to have my Zelda. Leave luck to heaven.

                                                                          1. I got that package, its a pretty badass controller. Its also the only motionplus game i have. I hope they use it more with WiiU, i never had incentive to buy it for anything else

                                                                        5. Nintendo should make a “Nunchuk +” attatchment for wii remotes for Wii U. They took a step forward with the remotes, I think they need to make the nunchuks a little better as well. (I’m not the only one who keeps accidentally doing spin attacks in skyward sword, am I? ) Also, to keep developers working with the best possible tech and so we won’t have to settle with inferior controlls, Wii U should only use wii motion + remotes instead of those old crappy ones.

                                                                          1. the problem with that is that everyone would complain that they need to buy an accessory for their wiimotes

                                                                            not that i don’t think it would be better that way, but it’s unlikely

                                                                        6. I think they should just have two models for the two colours:

                                                                          Model No.1 – Wii U console, Wii remote, Wii U GamePad, NintendoLand, (Maybe) 32GB SD Card

                                                                          Model No.2 – Wii U console, Wii remote, Wii U GamePad, NintendoLand, Wii U Pro controller, (Maybe) 100GB Internal Harddrive

                                                                          1. A WiiU with at least a small hhd would be good, because if its anything like the wiiu, youll be able to use an SD/external hdd and transfer content between each other

                                                                        7. Interesting if this is true. I was originally gonna sinc one of my four wiimotes to the WiiU, leave the other three wii remotes to my Wii and have my friends and I play at least most of the WiiU games I will buy with the Gamepad, two pro controllers and one classic controller pro. If a Wii remote is bundled with the WiiU at no extra charge I may just buy that bundle and keep all four of my wii remotes to my wii. Guess we’ll see what happens with this.

                                                                        8. “Nintendo may be including a Wii Remote with the Wii U console for people who are not familiar with the original Wii.”

                                                                          Yeah, for all 2 people on the planet who don’t know what a Wii is. :P

                                                                            1. Would make the WiiU pointless, the makn event of the console is the WiiU game pad, can imagine it being used too much for the pro controller to really be an easier option, like ZombiU for example. Im sure the pad is easy to use anyway, looks very ergonomic.

                                                                              1. True, but I’ve never really used my Wii for motion control orientated games. I’m happy to just have a decent game like a Xenoblade. I’m just looking forward to the new games the Wii U will offer (smash bros/marios/zeldas etc). Hopefully the controller will integrate nicely rather than being too gimicky…

                                                                            2. THANK YOU! :) I have my original Black and SS Gold Controller so I’m good. plus it’ll be cheaper. and I can use that money towards a Pro Controller.

                                                                                1. Mother of God…
                                                                                  That’ll shut up whiney fanboys saying “wheres my Zelda, where my Metroid, where my Star Fox”

                                                                                  1. I think the separate packages would be too complicating and I don’t really see the point. Sure, some people already have Wiimotes but they aren’t that expensive and could it really hurt to have another one? Not only that but it will also confuse buyers which one to get and they will probably unknowingly go for the cheaper one. I can’t imagine it would effect the price much anyway…

                                                                                  2. I will be getting the package without a WiiMote if there is one, even though I already have three, I don’t see any reason to get a fourth.

                                                                                      1. I already have a Remote Plus (the one that came with Skyward Sword) and I got a Motion Plus (that I got with Red Steel 2). So even if the Wii U requires Motion Plus, I’ll only need to buy one, and they’re really cheap on Amazon last time I checked.

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                                                                                    2. I already have 4 Wiimotes because I was a good little consumer and thought of my friends. Please don’t make me buy a 5th. Why should they worry about the Wiimote needed for multiplayer games when the original Wii came with one controller and no second… or even a nunchuck.

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