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Team Ninja Insists Ninja Gaiden Wii U Will Be Much Better Than Other Versions

Team Ninja head, Yosuke Hayashi has insisted that Ninja Gaiden: Razors Edge for Wii U will be a much better game than the controversial Ninja Gaiden 3, which appeared for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Hayashi says that with Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge, Team Ninja simply intend to make a good game.

“The concept for the Wii U version of Razor’s Edge is for it to be its own action game, an action game that doesn’t try to be anything else. It just tries to be its best.”

“We looked at the game industry and how things were shaping up, and we felt we couldn’t get left behind,” he shares. “And we had to advance ourselves. And that was the idea behind some of the changes in NG3.”

“We re-examined what the series was, what the game was, what people want. We’re going back to rethinking what the series means.”

101 thoughts on “Team Ninja Insists Ninja Gaiden Wii U Will Be Much Better Than Other Versions”

    1. I believe it when I see it… How about showing a video proving your claims of improvement (this also includes visual fidelity and immersive controller usage). Otherwise its just hot air coming out your mouth.

      1. They have. The game has dismemberment, weapon customization and more spells. That’s good enough for me since none of those were in the original version.

        Don’t believe me? Do a search on YouTube.

  1. Look… The Wii U version of a game compared to a PS3 or 360 is of course gonna be better. The question is if it will be as good as the PS4 or 720.

      1. zax is on bath salts

        your so f@cking dumb @ TRUTH……..No it will not look as good as a console that is 2 years away….that like saying will mario wiiu look like mario wiiu2??

        1. It shouldn’t be really be that far behind if you compare the rumored specs for all three consoles and go by what developers say. Ntm, this is a port AND a launch title so I wouldn’t expect anything amazing.

        2. THe xbox3 is only supposed to be 300 bucks with the new kinect plus kinect glasses ect , so it will most likelybe weaker than wii u when it comes out next year . Read that 50 or so page scan and i assure you its gonna happen. Just because something comes out later means nothing . Also wii u will atleast be 300 usd

          1. ^ this

            Tbh, not only is it a lie, that they really havent improved the graphics, i really cant imagine this working for the hardcore market. I mean, i sure as hell wouldnt want to pay for kinect built in, and the glasses? I already wear glasses when i play games, cos i have bad vision, so that takes me out the market. Personally, i hope that it comes out, because itll flop, big time

              1. I tried contact lenses before, never again.
                But yes, i also fail to see how it works. And if it did, it would be damn expensive, not to mention that only 1 thing, not even added on kinect 2.0, the bluray player, and everyrhing else. Its silly.

          2. in normal coditions wiiU is 6 years old console with this power.Its 1 time more powerfull witch meens nothing.ps4 and xbox3 will be 6-7 times more powerfull.the wiiU should be on par with ps4 and 720 but nintendo did the dumpest thing.They just made a console witch is par with ps3 just a little more powerfull and a new controller.thing about it.wii should be on HD so the gamer could be with nintendo’s site.Now the gamer is not interested with the wiiu and if u dont believe me as mister sickr over here and tell him to remind u an old new from here.

    1. It wont be far behind, at all. Its just too expensive to make drastic improvements. The main improvements, which the WiiU is doing, is making 1080p native, rather than 720p, as well as 60fps. That will already make the game look better, you can tell if you look at Assassins Creed 3 comparison videos.
      Other than that, they may buff up the GPU a little, and add more RAM, i know the WiiU has apparently 5 times the RAM the 360 has.

      The big deal with it, is that Nintendo havent promised incredible graphics, Sony said, from the mouth of their CEO, “i dont think the graphics will get much better than what the ps3 already does”
      But Microsoft have been lying saying they’ll have “Avatar graphics”, which is fucking obsurd, PC cant even do that. Thats where Microsoft will fall, because like Peter Molyneux, and what Sony did with the ps3, they promised things that they simply cannot deliver

      1. If they DID have Avatar graphics, so much work would go into creating games that take advantage of graphics that gameplay would suffer as a result.
        It’s happened more than once before, and if Micro made a deal that big out of their next console’s graphical capability, it would assuredly happen again. Only worse.

    1. XD thank you so much.
      any one who thinks that this game will be any better on another console is obviously delusional.

      unless they rework the whole game from the ground up and change the story, it’ll be the same shit, on a diffrent toilet.

      1. I dunno, man…
        From the reviews I’ve read, it’s apparent that there are a lot of things aside from the story that were actually MISSING from the game, on the PS360 versions, that past installments had.
        If they add in the missing bits to improve the overall game and they aren’t lying about the dismemberment returning among other things, then they may just keep their word and make this the best version of the game.
        We shall see when it comes out, though.
        Like you, I’m not holding my breath, but you HAVE to admit that it would not be a BAD thing for the Wii U version to be better than its counterparts, if only for the sake of pleasing fans by making the game fun to play through.

  2. I could tell that when i watched a gameplay hands on and he managed to die. That doesnt happen in the 360/ps3.
    But yes, epic dismemberment, all the weapons, the bow, the magic, the difficulty.
    Looks like Ninja Gaiden to me.

    1. And isn’t Nintendo publishing this version (which is provably why they’re able to improve it in the first place)? Awesome and hilarious at the same time. Who would ever think that Nintendo would publish a Ninja Gaiden game? This could be good, and a sign that Nintendo is gonna be doing a lot of third party exclusive publishing. And working with Namco Bandai on smash bros, Nintendo is eliminating the walls between them and third parties and this can only lead to greatness.

      1. Yeah they are publishing it. I mean i played NG1 and 2 (Sigma, have a ps3), and i never really liked it as much because it was just odd with the purple blood and no dismemberment, but the gameplay was great, and this looks exactly like 2, just more refined.
        Hope theres a little Nintendo reference like the Super Mushroom in Tekken Tag for the WiiU.

      2. Well, they DID say that their game plan for this gen was to strengthen their ties with third-party developers.
        When you think about it, this would be an obvious result of that commitment.

    1. No doubt. The good news just piles on top of each other everyday, and theres not even a release date and price yet.

  3. if they really do improve the game a lot, then i will for sure buy it. it wasnt really bad as its own game, but as a nija gaiden game it was pretty dissapointing

    1. Im glad i stopped myself from buying it, kinda wish i didnt buy Arkham City too, looks so much more interesting on WiiU, same with Mass Effect 3, im curious what theyll do with that. Touch screen partner commands, would be fantastic.

  4. I’m looking forward to this game. This is the only game series I ever saw on XBox that made me want an XBox. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. It’s a big claim considering that Ninja Gaiden 3 on 360/PS3 didn’t get good reviews. It was reviewed as being mediocre at best and awful at worst. But maybe Team Ninja will make big enough changes in the WiiU version to make it better. Maybe

    1. I was sceptical at first, but when i remembered what pissed people off about 3, and what was missing and compared it to this, this looks as though it has it, so will buy it, mainly because i love NG, just so much fun.

    1. hehehe…if you are asking if the controller is backwards compatible with the wii is just because you´re admiting that wii U is definitely a new console…troll epic fail!

    1. Why would a company want to purposefully make a bad game? First of all, Team Ninja developed Ninja Gaiden 3 that way because they felt a need to follow Western industry trends. Their apparent answer was to cater to Western audiences. Unfortunately, general critical and fan reception deemed NG3 pretty mediocre compared to previous NGs. In response to this, Hayashi and TM are, or have, fixed NG3 for the Wii U. So no. they didn’t want to make a bad game. They just were following a different ideology this time around. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    2. How to explain… Ninja Gaiden 3 was like Tales of Series, they released a expensive Beta in a plataform for cash into the Otakus of the franchise and them using the funds to release the superior Version in the ‘main console’

    1. Cry when the WIi U version will have like 82 on metacritic instead of a mediocre 59 like the PS3/360 versions. lol

  6. they should close ninja studios after the disasters of metroid other m and this ninja gaiden apart from other titles..

    1. If it weren’t for Tecmo-Koei and Team Ninja, there would be no Ninja Gaiden… ESPECIALLY the Dead or Alive series. We need more Kasumi, Ayane, Tina, Hitomi, Hayabusa, Hayate, etc. !!!!!!

    2. Don’t generalize. The fact you didn’t like Other M doesn’t make it a bad game. It was better than all the Metroid Prime series IMO, except that it lacked the extra content that Prime did have.

      1. You got to admit that it also lacked a lot of the massively open world areas and a great deal of the exploration elements that made earlier Metroid titles, including the Prime Trilogy, as great as they were.
        I will readily admit that the third-person-action in 3D was fun and worked well, but it was still lacking a few key ingredients.
        It was a game I enjoyed that could have done better. That’s my judgement of Other M.

    3. I didnt like Other M as much as Prime, but it was still good, just a bit dumbed down with the dodge and then auto aim. And then there was the writing and voice acting…
      *black guy turns up* “Yo Samus, remember me?” errrmm no?

  7. anyone want to tell mii how is ng3 is bad in the first place(ps3 & xbox 360)?….just curious that’s all.

  8. And here’s a look at Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for the Wii U. In the Nintendo published title, developer Team Ninja have added more blood, guts, and dismemberment than Jason Voorhee’s body count spree!

  9. Well it better be. I was really excited for this game and was going to buy it day one but then I saw all the reviews about it and got a little worried. This news brings me encouragement though.

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    1. Tyler… get you head out of your ass. Nintendo is a video game company. They make games on their own game systems– Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS… and coming at the end of this year– Wii U. Your comment is invalid and out of context. In other words– You lose. Good day sir!

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      1. This is how it went: When Atari first started out, Nintendo wanted to release Mario Bros on it and did so for the sake of partnering with Nintendo.
        But then, when Nintendo wanted to sell them some of their NES tech to help improve things, Atari backed out to try and make their own, newer system, which flopped horrendously.
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          1. Second edit: Seems I missed a detail; Nintendo only loaned licensing rights to Atari for the Mario Bros game. They only acted as the publisher and did not actually make the game themselves.
            So, yeah, Nintendo didn’t MAKE the Mario game for another system….

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      It’s not happening again, so quit whining and go get the proper system for the games instead of crying for what you can’t have.

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  17. last metro’s graphics are fucking great! i hope wiiU will have the best version (and better version than ps4 and 720)

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